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  1. Due to all this random walking ive been scouting for some new launch spots. (When dont we!) Where do you lot find to launch from? Ive used many random fields and beach. Had some crazy woman a while ago having a right moan when landed. It was in a grass field by the road. Said i was disturbing the animals on her farm about 1/2 mile away. Wouldn't mind but just took off and flew miles away. Anyway got me thinking of where everyone else takes off from and what complaints you've had.
  2. Well i did last week. After a day of questioning myself i decided for mental release i should fly (even the missus said "your heads fu@ked you need to fly "!) What a flight, went over the fields well away from the built up areas. loads of people having walks and riding bikes all waving. I landed and could of flown without the wing! What a way to calm the mind. Really didn't want to land but was past sunset. Made facebook page and people where stoked, impressed at social distancing! People really cant see the issue, we are at no more risk of ending up in a &e than a
  3. I will check tension. Supposed to be tested at factory so wouldn't expect the noise. There was a noise when i first got it but was quite. Seems like a click noise to it now. Just want to be sure nothings playing up.
  4. Hi , got a new moster and has a noise from the pully wheel area. Ive added a video of noise. Engine only done 1 1/2 hrs 20190308_191228.mp4
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