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  1. kiwi k

    Bailey Spares

    I'd say Bailey paramotors direct Bailey Aviation,Hill Farm,Longstanton Road,Over,Cambridgeshire,CB24 5PR Tel: +44 1954 230725 or sometimes the odd spares like cage sections come up on facebook "UK Paramotor Buy/Sell Group" and there's always Ebay
  2. kiwi k

    Newbie From Norfolk

    Welcome aboard Dan and Hopefully with Mike's help you'll soon be in the Air
  3. kiwi k

    Wing Size and Loading

    Beware buying anything before training the chances are you'll learn bad habits, or the biggest possibility is you'll injure yourself if without instruction or help, you could put up location and there might be somebody close by who could possibly assist or help. If you can afford it buy a new training wing as they give more training opportunities to practice, plus less possibility of getting dragged or injured if you should happen to get wind strength wrong, many who fly from the airfield i use have them and still use them for ground training if they can't use full size wing, and several have been flying for years. Hope this possibly helps as may cost you less for the future.
  4. kiwi k

    Solo 210 crankshaft

    Darren get in touch with Dan Burton on Facebook he's fresh breeze UK and still has parts, might not be expensive.
  5. kiwi k

    Ohh Shit

    Right since my last flight i have had several more, as we turned the weather corner (No Sunny days) my thinking was ohh dear i'll end up flying less, but i was so wrong as i now fly more . The very 1st flight i took after the 1 above i had a very bumpy landing, all my own fault as allowed my brain to encourage my hands to lift after rounding out to much, (Noted i tell all the newbies when they do it on their landings) and yes as we know the wing then overshoots and we land quicker with a sudden ground impact, just depends how soon or close to ground you were to how hard the bump. My trainer now works full time so not always available as i get every 3rd weekend as a long 1 (Friday to Tuesday off), so on numerous occasions i can fly on a Friday including the weekend, which i have and will carry on doing so, IMO it has helped me as often times i'm the early bird at the Airfield so i get set up and go flying as soon as i am ready, my fellow fliers have now started calling me "fearless Dave", all because when they arrive some times it looks a little bumpy and guess were i am, yes correct buzzing around as i do because i just love getting in the air. And as i said i think it has helped as my landings are now perfected, my logic was i'm pilot in command so land and stay upright as i should, but watching my previous video's and then logging and correcting the idiot mistakes is whats helped, when under comm's training i would listen and rely on commands and felt i put in to much adjustment, well while flying silent i think i learnt to feel the brake effect better, and then taught my brain to hold hands in exact position even if i start rising, as i got told it will bleed of the speed thus coming back down to ground as should. And plus now having had loads more flights with upright landings and touch and go's working as should i can honestly say i Now know how its done
  6. With such low hours on your motor i'd get in touch with clive at Bulldog, and hopefully he'll have a better answer for you, unusual as numerous people i fly with and my trainer all have Moster's and apart from exhaust rings and the odd Carb kit they run spot on.
  7. kiwi k

    Wing and motor size

    Excellent beginner to intermediate wing Dudek Universal 1.1 easy to launch, and at your weight in flavour 28 would be just right, And No i'm not connected to Dudek in anyway .
  8. kiwi k

    Ohh Shit

    I'm very sorry for not keeping this more up to date, it was my intention to do so new people into our wonderful sport could understand some of the thoughts going thru our minds, and hopefully in some cases explain some of the problems and mental blindness we might possible experience, as i can honestly say on my path i seriously felt like a rabbit in headlights on more than 1 occasion. I will update more on my progress very soon !!
  9. kiwi k

    Polini Thor fuel starve

    IMO i wouldn't rebore unless liner is scratched or marked, all depends on how long and hot it was when damage occured, plus if you struggle getting a new piston just get old 1 repaired, i have done a few which are still going strong after numerous hours use, sort out your fueling problems and then should get many hours flying it. just found pictures last Polini piston during. Not ideal finish but was heavily detonated middle to edge as seen in above picture, and finished article below.
  10. kiwi k

    Some new Walbro tec 'Spiral Diaphragm' Retrofittable

    Likewise asked and got same answer, my input was with the popularity of the Moster 185 engines using WB variant carb, this addition to they're range could only be a good thing.
  11. kiwi k

    ignition coil for black devil

    What makes you think you can't ?, coils only do 1 thing and as long as its same rating and right design then Yes absolutely.
  12. Depends on the engine and type of starter installed. Si and Trev starting my engine by your method will only break you. Mines got a flash starter and needs the piston to be at BDC before pulling or it will just lock up and kill your attempt at starting. Plus some need certain amount of Primer bulb pumps to assist also.
  13. kiwi k

    Central Lincolnshire pilot

    Hi Regis, we regularly fly at Winglands Airfield, Green dyke, Gedney, spalding which is not to far away from you.
  14. You could try DT propellers http://www.dtpropeller.com/en for a shipped price.
  15. Andy your probably in the Minority most of us do not spend more than 2 months flying abroad so BHPA is fine