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  1. We are mainly a UK based group so USA trainers not to plenty on here
  2. Nobody is picking on you just saying more alternatives you have only picked Top branded best known. R ultralight T rex. Fly products. Simplify. Elite paramotor. HsCom paramotor. Minari poland paramotor. HEparamotores. Macfly. Flymecc. Pap. EVO aviation. just a few
  3. Sorry but i gotta agree with Si Steelmesh you have not even scratched the surface there's poop loads more out there
  4. Well last minute Facebook post several of us invited by Turbo to go for communal flight June 21st, so that evening trundled to the seaside for a trial flight with fellow fliers, and everything worked as should for most of us ( I wasn't the fallen one), short compact take off field but plenty of on tap grunt gets my fat Arse out of any field (as long as wing is set-up directly into wind as should be), flew up and down coast for about 50 minutes in the cool sea breeze so Lahurverlyy, Only hiccup was on landing approach coming thru the tree's to see big yellow van with back door wide open, Ok you guessed it tried kicking it shut but wrong line but did shut it as frame hoop clipped it , and No damage to van but slight kink to horizontal spar (soon fixed) and to everyone's surprise i still landed on my feet and turned round to drop wing perfectly . Just so addictive and now truly hooked as can't ever get enough flights plus need to finish new frame for my Bailey motor so i can get longer XC's and really start going places Thanks for Reading Kiwi.
  5. I'm biased and i'd say Universal 1.1 everyday as it's beginner to intermediate and holds good resale value, but above all excellent XC wing and still agile plus fast as well 75% trims 25% speed bar.
  6. Rich each flight just makes it more exciting and hopefully we get better and better, well done hopefully the rain will stop soon so we can do it all over again.
  7. Its now totally official i hate Paramotors or should that be i hate not being able to Fly and Not because of the weather . Didn't even make a month thought all was going well until i finished flying on Saturday May 18th, Sunday got up 4.30 so i could travel 90 minutes up the road to make a XC with a few friends (good intentions), rocked up to the field unlocked the gate really looking forward to a longer than normal excursion, pulled everything out then go to start paramotor and Nothing Flash starter not engaging , ripped it apart to find another broken main spring yes another as only replaced it 10hrs previously.
  8. Dave i think you'll find M141 is a solid spacer not rubber and is or was yours mounted with washers and spacer as in your above picture?.
  9. Dave, regulation dictates we have to be minimum of 500ft above people animals and structures, and 1000ft if population or gathering more than a 1000 people, but there is an exception and that's called take off and landing, and not knowing the situation was an emergency and a legitimate reason for such low flying. Most try to steer clear of low flying over anything or anyone for safety reasons and noise, but in this instance not having witnessed the event there could be more to it and its easy to comment without knowing the whole scenario. And IMO you'd be better of trying to communicate with said offender and just explain how you feel about him and his actions and ask if he could rethink about his flight path, but he might have a genuine reason which we know nothing about
  10. Contact Parajet and go from there. or i think Andy shaws team at green dragon mend harness's
  11. And to be honest i think everybody should at least have a flight be it Tandem or Solo as we get the most gorgeous of views, but its not for everybody and i respect that. And possibly your back ground may of not helped you with you insight into our sport, but look thru crash records of us slower users of the sky and the percentage of material failures i believe is low, more crashes caused thru pilot/s error or wrong equipment advice given or misuse.
  12. Thought thru Clive you are a qualified BHPA pilot ? to which your covered insurance wise. So if you've got a free bottle of wine not that i do not owe you beers already for transport services
  13. It's better to be on the ground wishing you were flying than be flying wishing you were on the ground. Commercial flying is not a sport IMO, i drive for a living and we also have a rigorous pre-drive check list even on hand over or exchanges. Motorcyclist all my life and done Skiing and only had 1 accident my own fault many years ago because i learnt from others mistakes. And at No point did i say that i'm against safety checks. But your questioning 1 small part of our equipment saying " if ONE carabiner suddenly failed.....you will fall from the sky in a hurry ". Some Acro pilots carry two or more reserves not because of equipment failure but because of the situation and possible incorrect deployment needing to deploy another, most normal pilots carry a reserve but Not all choose to is that right or wrong?, Our safety and others is ours as we are the pilot in command but to try and cover "but if what" incidents we would need so much extra equipment were does it stop?. Mechanical, Non mechanical, electrical the list goes on.
  14. Dave my understanding on Carbon versus Wooden comes in varying information, the trainer who taught me who's used both would say wooden s generally best in damage limitations (wood disintegrates easier) and causes less damage to machine or person, as carbon stays sharp and turns lethal in most crashes. But he always said if beach flying carbon was best and was his choice but inland flying wooden, and he said carbon spins up fractionally quicker but marginal, and fuel usage not noticeable and he's got years of experience including competition flying at high standard, and yes even he gets it wrong and has destroyed a Prop this year Last month at our field there was an E-prop on warm up made a weird noise, and on inspection it had split open on tip outer edge without ever having had impact, you'll never get that on Wood and most of us were curious to of known what might of possibly happened if he was in flight. This is just my two penneth.
  15. Ian it's a small world half my family live in Fort Dodge but i'm UK British, all i'll say is do your homework and be very weary of the likes of Capt Fister and Super Dell, if possible before buying any equipment find local fliers and just go for a chat. Over here we're very friendly and possibly expect same over your side of the pond, don't be in a rush to buy anything seek training and gain advice through them and existing fliers, you can easily spend lots of money if you get it wrong and will. Motor choice has numerous factors like flying style and intended use xc's etc ? So do as you are and ask around get as much information until your happy and then if ready make hopefully the right decision.
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