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  1. Fingers crossed Cas booked in to go so hopefully this year i might actually make it , and by then all my other Machinist parts should be fitted too and all Anodized to match the lahurvely Vitto orange gold colour
  2. BIG thanks Nicksee that was the whole purpose of doing the Diary type posts. Having been there and realized how different it can be to what we expect, really now at the stage i am each flight does not phase me and it just so easy launch and fly, but this is the time were nothing must be rushed and each launch is another learning day.
  3. True it does Cas but by eck do it Fly better and hopefully shit loads more reliable
  4. And here is Triggers broom now engine refitted to frame and yes i have test flown it and now feel i have more confidence in this engine and not worrying about if it will get hungry and try eat itself , and also it being slightly wider both sides is not an issue either . Plus i should of said in previous post the aluminium motor mounts were made to a specific length in relation to the vertical bar thickness and the finished prop mounting face to keep it at exactly the same original distance.
  5. Yeah great news last night frantic rummage in garage to find 4 penny washers and two M8 bolts right length to get me flying ready, Only chucked it together and bolted up to do a new years day flight shakedown to make sure everything is as should be, So headed to Wingland today to pick up a prop from Chilly (Mike Chilvers) and do said flight and yes i was glad i did was epic start for the new year. More pictures to follow after i have finished milling and having all alloy parts painted or Anodized. Fly safe and hope everybody else gets their new year flights very soon
  6. Well been busy last couple of days creating loads of swarf whilst making a handful of aluminium parts, started with one flat aluminium bar and one round bar then as if by magic chopped them up and worked a bit of magic, and ended up with a complete Moster motor fitting kit to my HE Titanium frame took almost two days but i'm pleased with end result.
  7. My balls ache i have scratched them too much ☹️ and i'm almost bald so pulling my hair out is over, the Pheonix runs lovely for approx 2 minutes then smokes like ferk, tried different carb No difference and completely stripped engine down and done crankcase reseal, replaced carb gaskets and a few pipes, But whatever i do it still smokes and forgot i even cleaned out all petrol and started fresh incase i had mixed wrong 😉. and i have 2 sets of barrel and pistons and get exactly the same smoke problem whatever set-up or cinfiguration i run Arrrgggghhhhh😥 So now i have given in and now gone over to the dark side and bought a new engine to fit into my frame, pictures to follow later
  8. Might have to rename "The Pheonix" to "Trigger's Flying Broom"😉 55 hours young and just fitted Another piston but this time gone the whole way and fitted Barrel as well, all back up and running but not had a chance to go for a test flight yet but Sundays looking good 😁.
  9. We are mainly a UK based group so USA trainers not to plenty on here
  10. Nobody is picking on you just saying more alternatives you have only picked Top branded best known. R ultralight T rex. Fly products. Simplify. Elite paramotor. HsCom paramotor. Minari poland paramotor. HEparamotores. Macfly. Flymecc. Pap. EVO aviation. just a few
  11. Sorry but i gotta agree with Si Steelmesh you have not even scratched the surface there's poop loads more out there
  12. Well last minute Facebook post several of us invited by Turbo to go for communal flight June 21st, so that evening trundled to the seaside for a trial flight with fellow fliers, and everything worked as should for most of us ( I wasn't the fallen one), short compact take off field but plenty of on tap grunt gets my fat Arse out of any field (as long as wing is set-up directly into wind as should be), flew up and down coast for about 50 minutes in the cool sea breeze so Lahurverlyy, Only hiccup was on landing approach coming thru the tree's to see big yellow van with back door wide open, Ok you guessed it tried kicking it shut but wrong line but did shut it as frame hoop clipped it , and No damage to van but slight kink to horizontal spar (soon fixed) and to everyone's surprise i still landed on my feet and turned round to drop wing perfectly . Just so addictive and now truly hooked as can't ever get enough flights plus need to finish new frame for my Bailey motor so i can get longer XC's and really start going places Thanks for Reading Kiwi.
  13. I'm biased and i'd say Universal 1.1 everyday as it's beginner to intermediate and holds good resale value, but above all excellent XC wing and still agile plus fast as well 75% trims 25% speed bar.
  14. Rich each flight just makes it more exciting and hopefully we get better and better, well done hopefully the rain will stop soon so we can do it all over again.
  15. Its now totally official i hate Paramotors or should that be i hate not being able to Fly and Not because of the weather . Didn't even make a month thought all was going well until i finished flying on Saturday May 18th, Sunday got up 4.30 so i could travel 90 minutes up the road to make a XC with a few friends (good intentions), rocked up to the field unlocked the gate really looking forward to a longer than normal excursion, pulled everything out then go to start paramotor and Nothing Flash starter not engaging , ripped it apart to find another broken main spring yes another as only replaced it 10hrs previously.
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