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  1. Depends on the engine and type of starter installed. Si and Trev starting my engine by your method will only break you. Mines got a flash starter and needs the piston to be at BDC before pulling or it will just lock up and kill your attempt at starting. Plus some need certain amount of Primer bulb pumps to assist also.
  2. kiwi k

    Central Lincolnshire pilot

    Hi Regis, we regularly fly at Winglands Airfield, Green dyke, Gedney, spalding which is not to far away from you.
  3. You could try DT propellers http://www.dtpropeller.com/en for a shipped price.
  4. Andy your probably in the Minority most of us do not spend more than 2 months flying abroad so BHPA is fine
  5. The other week there was 11 of us flying of which 4 are scared of heights, And most admit they are only frightened until they're feet leave the ground and sitting in the seat properly, So No big problem and you'll be glad you did it. Dependent on previous experience (Not directed at you GB007) but BHPA have an alternative entry basis, yes you need to show handling and basic knowledge of understanding thermals and weather conditions.
  6. Training could also depend on who you are close to and how far you'll travel?, as legally you do not need training but i would advise for it,
  7. Alan K did you train with Si ??
  8. kiwi k

    Wanted Parajet

  9. kiwi k

    Dudek Univeral vs Ozone Roadster 3

    Most fliers i know who had Uni's all moved up to the Reportair xc's and agility is what they were made for and are rock steady. plus on Facebook group. Dudek Report-Air Paramotor Wing £2,200 King's Lynn, Norfolk Dudek Report-Air Paramotor Wing In size 24 and in Earth colours. Weight range 95-130kg Only 55 hours and all the stuff you get with a new wing including Rosette Bag, stuff sack, riser bag, Motobag rucksack, strap, speed bar, windsock, and log book with spare line, repair tape etc. The Report Air in my opinion is one of the best wings I’ve flown. With great stability and economy for those long XC flights, but no slouch when it comes to turning. Easy to launch and land. Superb wing and only selling as I have another new one in custom colours. These wings are £3,225 new so grab a good low hours one for only £2,200 ono. Message me, Mike Chilvers or text 0778554437 (Big possibility this will be removed soon as currently 2 people interested in it) Just so you aware his is Not my wing
  10. if your on facebook message Andy shaw (green dragons hang gliding and paragliding) their in Surrey, he's normally got some purely for GH'ing
  11. kiwi k

    Paramotor transport in a motorcycle

    Says the Man who use to squash all his flying gear into a Triumph spitfire at times .
  12. kiwi k


    also spotted there's a Roadster 2 28mtr on skyads at good price.
  13. kiwi k


    Not mine but cheap enough plus depends on your experience https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ITV-Dakota-Sport-XL-Paramotor-Wing-Dudek-Gin/273542977055?hash=item3fb06e961f:g:UDoAAOSw7pZbaD8Y:rk:37:pf:0
  14. kiwi k

    Stolen paramotor and wing

    Now shared to "UK Paramotor group" on Faceache