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  1. kiwi k

    Ohh Shit

    Determination got me thru it Cas and i now know thru extensive research, if the need arises again i can get most parts to rebuild in less than 2 weeks, not that i'm looking to do that for a while as it's built better now than when it was new, not sure if it's because it mass produced or bad workmanship, but i think more quality control would stop most manufacturers rogue engine issues IMO .
  2. kiwi k

    Ohh Shit

    Extremely happy after 2 days slow rebuild this afternoon "The Phoenix" was whole again and starts easier than before and just sounds so good (to my ears) and tomorrow i'll do the ground break in
  3. kiwi k

    Ohh Shit

    Wahoo state of play by midday today and all other ancillaries back on tomorrow and back into the frame with all being well a quick start up later tomorrow afternoon, then it will be into a long but needed break in period and onto round 2 with hopefully a longer running time than before
  4. Paul last i heard was that phippsy will be back teaching very soon, as yes Jock is right he had a serious bike accident, if your on Faceache send them a message Mrs Phipps will reply giving better waiting time, its Fly Cloud 9
  5. kiwi k

    Check the PPG weight range

    plus when and who you train with will also be able to give good advice about equipment, some are dealers and might try push you into certain makes but most understand peoples wealth differences
  6. kiwi k

    Check the PPG weight range

    You could post your county location and go from there, due to health i'm still going thru training and it'll be 2yrs this July, my cost of training is something i can not disclose on here as there's more to it (extremely cheap), but dependent on location it might not cost you as much as you think, patience and practice help greatly help in our sport. Should also say most of my training is done at the weekends.
  7. kiwi k

    Carb Springs Maintenance

    Just pre flight checks and regular maintenance and possibly carry a spare/s just in case it does snap,
  8. kiwi k


    Not necessarily David they are all to fast vanishing as we speak, and most probably not bothered about lost history and the Guys and places that made us Great.
  9. kiwi k


  10. kiwi k


    Come on Guys get behind this please as its a very good cause, and Publicity is happening on this so a BIG plus for our sport.
  11. And Dan's BHPA rated trainer so he's a good start just for a chat and go from there
  12. kiwi k

    Breaking in a My19 Moster185

    The person what trains me sells bulldog paramotors and complete paramotor without harness gets bolted into a metal frame, and not had 1 yet overheat during break in period, but they are always attached with Stopwatch, rev counter and temperature gauge.
  13. kiwi k

    Breaking in a My19 Moster185

    Dan, you'll not regret getting the Moster engine plenty of grunt and extremely reliable (in most cases), Starting the engine off your back is purely the safety side as numerous accidents have proved, do the run process as advised with right Oil quantities, but try finding a tree in a remote place so as not to cause problems, unless you can make a steel framework to hold it steady and have a friendly field you could use. IMO trying to do break in whilst wearing it has more safety aspects than i care to find out, as there's easy ways to do it and the whole process takes about 2 hours. Just my opinion.
  14. kiwi k

    Check the PPG weight range

    GB007 i fly Uni 1.1 28 and i'm 90kgs but fly No reserve and a very light paramotor, the closer to the weight limit the better and more safer the wing, slightly over top weight is OK also, but dependent on your location and experience your welcome to borrow for a test flight if that would help. Uni is beginner to inter and reasonably fast so gives plenty of hours before upgrading to faster or more agile wing.