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  1. Latest update from this year including https://www.scoutparamotor.com/update-best-paramotor-engine-ever-4stroke-news/
  2. I fly a Moster but XC's is were i am looking to go so this engine if reliable and puts out anywhere near the expected figures, will be my hands down choice and yes i know the wing choice also comes into the equation
  3. Guarantee this will not be for sale very long
  4. Tim Paul messaged me earlier to see if i was going to be at one of our flying club locations during this week as he will be there with said engine , but big possibility the day he has chosen is no good for me , current suggested thrust figures and fuel consumption with overall engine weight make it a game changer .
  5. Mark easy question but loads of answers as previously asked weight ?, then there is style of flying ie :- leasure, xc, ?, and yes i own a Paramania wing and find launching easy either forward or reverse, but more thirstier in flight than my Dudek which launches and lands 80% better (IMO), plus new design's do fly almost by themselves now and technology has even decreased overall weight so a win win situation.
  6. Danny will be back and he is not that far away from you
  7. Very Sorry to those that have read and followed my Adventure but been lapse again which i did not expect to happen . But it came down to being a key worker and weather crap when i was off meaning i actually lost the love for flying and made worse by seeing and hearing others flight reports . But thankfully i was royally kicked in the rear and forced to fly to which it worked i have now got back into it . Bit annoyed about fly ins getting postponed and cancelled and now not able to go to PMC july fixture, but currently looking for a van to convert to day van come mobile garage for my Paramotor so onward's and deffo Upward's
  8. Danny there is a Mobie number just ring him
  9. I have a moster engine and fly Uni 1.1 28 and i tend to weight shift by putting right leg over left, but last flight did use tea line and found out bottom knot needs moving down slightly, but i was trimmed out to 15 and this was to gain level flight , but keep meaning to try the upper loop to see the difference. But IMO i will adjust the tea knot as can be applied or undone as torque steer not a problem at lower throttle use
  10. And that it exactly what everybody else goes by only some tend to use 710 more because it seems not to carbon up crown ans head so quick as 800.
  11. just go on their web page bottom left and Skype and talk to Dana always worked for me
  12. I will give him another nudge tomorrow as just realized he has NOT got back to me again until i came on here very sorry Toppy
  13. Numerous times people have mentioned this and several times goes down to incorrect fuel mixture , only other thing i would ask is oil Make your using and ratio percentage ?
  14. Messaged Jim again just now and he had forgotten so going in garage in next 30 minutes, so hopefully by end of day should be good news dependent on price i can beat him down too
  15. Sorry Mark yes they did and if it is any consolation they fit exactly right
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