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  1. 400 mile 6.5hrs here but still worth the drive just for the Parabolox talking
  2. Hi, yes Paul is still in business but you can only contact them Tuesday to Thursday's but progress development has stopped, most are very reliable but the odd few do have problems as all products do.
  3. Just going to add this NOT that it helps you now but broken aluminium starter mounts normally only break after something has been replaced in the starter, and when refitting it in most cases people do not hold the mounts with a spanner before tightening the four securing bolts, and this in turn either loosens the aluminium mounts or they tighten up causing failure later.
  4. Only a video of event would give anybody a clue of what you may or did do wrong, if you have local fellow fliers that might observe your take off or even capture it on phone or camera, then there might be a simple explanation or something your doing wrong. Are you trained or self taught ?
  5. Would it not render themselves also liable for Naming a certain person as a Hooligan Trainer when you have No proof and reads like he i guessing at a maybe ?
  6. Hadders i am not surprised you get a Floating for ever landing when your on a 24 Solo, as it has a standard 130 and experiened 160kg max and you at 10 stone including gear allowance you would possibly only just be top end on a 21mtr, Dudek wings tend to fly better when to the upper weight end proven by my instructor numerous times, just my input and thoughts but good to hear others reviews of it.
  7. Stu can i ask on the flight time side on your app does it start as soon as you leave the ground ? and keep logged until we reset it please ?
  8. Hi, Not sure where you are located guessing out of UK but Martin who i fly with sells odour kits for some Paramotors, possibly to expensive to ship to you but you night get the idea and be able to buy necessary items to make some identical or similar for your make of paramotor, Check them out here in his shop https://proppg.co.uk/shop/ols/products/proppg-engine-blanking-set
  9. Not true but once you have done it a few times you will just start to learn why and how
  10. So it was purely down to minute adjustment on Low screw , slightly rich just means slightly more fuel burn but saves from wrecking the motor
  11. Having seen mixed reviews and now Steve you admit to using it for a long period of time , i think i will fit mine over the winter as sounds like it could help with my intentions of competition task flying, especially if leaving me for more hands free usage and my thinking is Cruise can be good on XC's
  12. all i will add is if you had the aluminium gussets welded into the lower frame rails chances are you have strengthened that area , but you will of forced the damage or bending to another area the frames are designed how they are for a reason and mainly to bend or break so as not to hurt the pilot , i know you think your improving your destruction rate but you could be making it to rigid and not helping yourself.
  13. use a set of molegrips but protect spindle with strips of wood then keep twisting until it free's up, is that a thread i see in the end or an allen key recess ?, if it is threaded the get a long bolt which screws in and then try making some sort of slide hammer arrangement, i will add if you can get a bolt into the thread do not leaver or use force against the eye as it is only aluminium and may break
  14. You may of heard it before but you start of with two bags one in each hand , one a bag of luck and the other a bag of experience and you need to fill the bag of experience before the bag of luck runs out , if anybody has video watch it and see if your doing silly mistakes that can be corrected. And like most trainers will tell you it is a marathon NOT a sprint, if you do not fly today there will always be a tomorrow and other days
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