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  1. Sanjeev i had and have No intention of Flying just morally wrong, but curious what Flying school are you referring too ?
  2. I thought that also but possibly not many reporters on the front line so to speak, and possibly more important news to convey currently than some eedgit going for a short flight
  3. Obviously confusion comes easy to you , plus i am Not sitting on any fence the Straight answer is No, and yes i know it is currently not illegal to Fly But morally IMO it is , Does that help happy to or do i need to go further
  4. i will say yes there is people out there who have flown not that most are going to admit too it now that they know how most feel about it
  5. i knew of this and had forgotten so all TWATS trying to convince the rest of us by walking across the road to fly and what harm are they doing:- In response to the questions raised about can we/should we fly I’d like to offer this. Last year an unnamed pilot enjoyed a perfectly legal flight. During this flight he completed a controlled landing in an open space completely without incident. Concerned members of the public saw this and unknowingly thought the pilot had crashed as he went out of sight behind terrain and called it on to 999, with the best intentions in the world. Due to the nature of the call police fire and ambulance attended the scene in numbers. Luckily one of the first responders flew ppg and after speaking with the witnesses was able to scale down the response somewhat. Despite this the area still had to be searched, just in case, with and ambulance was on standby. There being no trace of the pilot, who was probably at home enjoying a cuppa after a lovely flight, the police helicopter had to attend and search the area again from the air. All this took HOURS, even though someone in the know at the scene knew it was probably pointless. Still it had to be done just in case the person had been injured and lay somewhere out of sight. So think of the cost, 8 police officers, two ambulances and crew, two fire engines and crew, a bloody helicopter and crew, plus all the support staff involved in getting those resources on scene. The pilot was not traced, and did nothing wrong, wasn’t irresponsible or flying dangerously, and more than likely completely unaware of the cost in time money and resources expended due to his flight, again legal and blameless. And kept to a minimum due to a ppg pilot being involved. This ISNT an isolated incident, there have been several, all with no injury involved. Given the rules, which are now enforceable due to new legislation, do not allow us to fly. And a real life example of how a safe legal flight can hit all emergency services hard. Do we really need to be debating if we could fly by claiming it’s exercise, or I have my own field, or it’s not fair someone’s cycling, horse riding etc. Or DIY is more dangerous etc. No what should be happening is people saying yes it’s shit given the weather and desire to fly, but we’re doing our bit to beat this and backing the nation by not even risking the possibility of a strain on resources. Not only that if your stopped and challenged by a police officer out risking infection, whilst your flouting the rules for a jolly. They will no doubt and quite likely impose the highest penalty they can cause your clearly taking the piss. I hope this just makes it clear that you don’t have to get hurt or end up in hospital to drain resources. Come on pull together, stay safe and stay home, get your exercise on the ground and get in better shape for when we can fly, maybe with easier take offs due to a few less pounds carried. Thanks all. Your honestly know what the true responce to you justifiying why you think your doing NO harm going for a short flight.
  6. People Stay Safe Stay alive and if possible Stay Home, TODAY is NOT a good day to DIE or possibly KILL others.
  7. PPPssstttt i heard the other day there is a crazy american called Gucker Tott who is attempting it very soon just needs to perfect the Launching of his new wing think iirc it was a Dudek Warp but has a few teething problems getting it to Fly
  8. Toploader on my first flight i totalled my paramotor after panicking and too much info, 15-20mph straight into the ground as my head was struggling to take in all the information (but this was my own problem), and after that and the complete rebuild i sorted out my head and couple of weeks got back in the saddle (so to speak), and the second landing was 100% better as i analyzed my first attempt and took it in and vowed to learn from my mistake and moved on, and after that on third attempt i decided i would be better not hearing my instructor and went totally solo on Landing which proved to help, but not advisable to do this really and best to listen to your instructor, plus in honesty i could still see him going through the landing hand heights as he was directly infront of me. I treated and still do that every day in our sport is a School day and as long as you learn and improve from your mistakes then it is Good.
  9. Not attending on the Friday which looks like the Best Flying day but it will be what it is , but will be just good to meet new faces and talk parabolics
  10. Mr Curious here So i will just ask it outright, is it just me or have some of you also been outside wearing and starting your paramotors just because you feel the need , Yes i am getting itchy feet and desperate to Fly again but most of us (Not the Abroad Holidaymakers) who seem to be in Weather crapiness must be chomping at the bit . And more gloomier is the fact of the Fly-inn just around the bend and weather very VERY unpredictable at the minute .
  11. It might just be me but on my third flight under instruction after the other two i just turned the volume off, as i felt it was too much information and seemed overload so just wanted peace and quiet and even managed to land properly
  12. None have a word with your trainer because if your thinking of getting ahead and kiting down a local field you could be developing bad habits, and also possibly putting yourself in danger unless receiving guidance from an experienced flier
  13. sabusabu if your desperate and need new contact Nigel at ukppg as he was doing Simonini engines and spares but if you have a part or identification number on the old one just google it, as most flywheels are standard parts and usually fitted to scooters but just takes time to track down which one their on and then trawl ebay or contact relevant bike breakers.
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