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  1. Absolutely no idea. Back in Dec 18 I did a PG to PPG course with Simon and had a great week. Good accom, good teaching and good company (and recommended by a friend !). Something has gone wrong but no idea what. I do know that at the time Simon was talking about relocating to Turkey but apart from that everything seemed ok.
  2. I have no idea what an AMP license is !!
  3. A friend of mine (a mechnical/hydraulics engineer) saw one Dells videos and looked at the Flat Top design. His conclusion was that it looked dangerous unless you came down vertically, too much risk of one of the tubes breaking free and puncturing the thigh. Of course this was purely his observation from the video but I would love to get the frame properly stress tested to see how true the claims about this type of frame are.
  4. Paragliding crumple zone ? Or are you referring to an airbag ?
  5. Those look like snail trails ! Do NOT want to mess with the slug that left those
  6. Not that your biased of course (Disclaimer: Im a PAP owner)
  7. >Meaning, I stop using trimmers, so actually pull them in tight almost to the stops! Happily a simple misunderstanding, for me trim out is the opposite, what you describe I would understand as trim in
  8. I dare say they have heard it all before, G-OBBLE, G-ONNACRASH, G-WIZ etc. May be a fun compo to come up with better ideas than mine
  9. That is probably the most understated remark you have ever made. 'Douchebag who would keep a hundred psychiatrists employed for many years' would be most other peoples reaction
  10. Paramotor Engine Store, Jln.Asia Afrika No.288A Bandung, 40261 Indonesia Try and find and find a satisfied customer, I doubt you will. Skyads.aero had a spate a while back of extremely cheap motors, all originating in Indonesia, probably the same people.
  11. Its not a Sky Cima K2 so according to a famous American instructor its a 'deathtrap'
  12. I know this (I have followed threads) but couldn't resist the joke
  13. Would love to join you at your flying field but you are selfish bastard and wont tell anyone where it is
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