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  1. Any chance of a photo? This sounds imteresting.
  2. There is an app with lots of GH exercises which is quite good. I think it may have been on a website as well. For Android
  3. ' This funnel cloud never made contact with the ground and therefore could not be classified as a tornado ' As soon as I saw the word tornado mentioned I packed up and went home
  4. I did a conversion course with Simon at SkyHighPPG and used a Top80(miniplane) with a 26m Gin wing. I was happy enough that I bought a second hand PAP Top80 (from Cas on here) and bought a Roadster 3 to go with it. Not a speed demon set up but it suits my 90kg 63 year old body. Maybe I will look into something a little larger eventually but the biggest plus for the Top80 for me is that there is a wealth of knowledge out there about the motor, most issues have been resolved and parts are (relatively) cheap. OK its the VW Beetle of paramotoring but like the Beetle it gets you from A to B cheaply and reliably
  5. You dont say which ones you bought, I bought the Sky GTX (cheaper and, more importantly, lighter) The size 9 fitted from the word go, almost as comfortable as my go to Salomans.
  6. Not sure where you trained but Big Ears was a part of my training and is a relatively simple method of losing height (as opposed to B-stalls) Did you do asymetric stalls ? Its another fairly straightforward excercise that gives you confidence in your wings desire to fly
  7. Sadly FB is more insidious than that. Even with a fake name they will track your activity across the net even after you have closed down the FB page and will build a profile. Hell, they got into trouble for tracking non FB users !
  8. Hate to burst your bubble Paul but whatsapp is owned by FB. I have the same problem, I avoid FB like the plague but find that everyone insists on using FB/whatsapp which to me is unaceptable, guess I will remain the Billy No-mates until everyone sees sense and switches to Telegram or Signal
  9. You might be better off posting that question on Reddit (r/paramotor) as this is a mostly UK forum https://www.reddit.com/r/paramotor
  10. As above, can anyone reccomend a reliable tacho ?
  11. I only know whats in that thread, shame if it dies though.
  12. http://www.paraglidingforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=93746 Full story here
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