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  1. Its not a Sky Cima K2 so according to a famous American instructor its a 'deathtrap'
  2. I know this (I have followed threads) but couldn't resist the joke
  3. Would love to join you at your flying field but you are selfish bastard and wont tell anyone where it is
  4. Yes you ARE bored, the only answer to both questions is YES
  5. After 11 years I would imagine it has been sold.........
  6. Its Dell Schanzes long lost cousin
  7. The Mipfly is in essence a Linux computer with all the advantages and disadvantages of Open Source. I am not sure where you get the idea that a random phone could 'effortlessly emulate' a device that is built for a specific purpose with sensors chosen for that purpose.Emulating is worthless without accurate sensor input and most phones dont have accurate enough sensors, why would they ?
  8. This topic has drifted so far from the original (2 years ago) that its almost worthless. https://www.mipfly.com Had a look at this last year at Parafest and was impressed by the clarity of the screen and the abilty to customise. Its primarily a PG instrument but very useful for PPG
  9. I suspect he is referring to people who take a tandem flight first, I know quite a few people who have seen PG/PPG flying and thought they would like to try it only to decide its not for them after a tandem flight.
  10. A couple of hours south of you is Airways Airsports who have a very professional set up and good rep https://airways-airsports.com/
  11. Body mounted leaf blower ? Tell it like it is ! External turbo charger for the car
  12. My local club has closed all (primarily PG) sites. Below is the statementy justifying this. Have to say I agree with them Covid-19 Response from the Pennine Soaring Club Committee Considering the escalating seriousness of the current Pandemic, requests from Mountain Rescue Teams, advice from the Police and authorities, the Committee feels it is inappropriate to continue free-flight activities from our sites. The reasons for this decision include: • any additional stress on the health system and emergency services currently is irresponsible; • paragliding is a highly visible activity and while all are being urged to avoid all unnecessary travel and contact, flying anywhere would cause a very bad perception our sport to the general public, authorities and landowners. Despite paragliding being an appropriately socially-distant activity, the travelling, fuelling, chatting and socialising are not, so to protect the future access to our sites we are closing all sites within our control with immediate effect, and urge all members to respect the spirit of this decision by putting away their equipment and avoiding the temptation to fly anywhere. We will constantly monitor the situation – rest assured the committee contains some of the most active and regular fliers in the club, so we don’t want to stop flying for any longer than necessary. However, the alternative of having the activity being banned from above may result in permanent loss of access. Please remember: flaunting this suspension could lose us (you) our sites. Please also draw attention to this to any of your mates who may not be members, no-one will distinguish between members and non-members.
  13. Any chance of a photo? This sounds imteresting.
  14. There is an app with lots of GH exercises which is quite good. I think it may have been on a website as well. For Android
  15. ' This funnel cloud never made contact with the ground and therefore could not be classified as a tornado ' As soon as I saw the word tornado mentioned I packed up and went home
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