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  1. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the new E10 fuel. The main concern with cars is with rubber/plastic seals and diaphragms, are paramotors likely to be affected ? Super unleaded (E5) isnt that much more expensive so its tempting to switch.
  2. You could head south to Derbyshire (https://www.airways-airsports.com/) or east to Yorkshire (https://www.northernskies.uk/)
  3. Cant comment on the 'training' but the 'copyright 2010' on the website starts alarm bells ringing.
  4. Having problems with my Top80 after replacing pull start. The tick over has mysteriously gone to 6000 rpm ! Checking on miniplane usa they say both screws should be set to about 1 1/2 out. Which direction should I turn (in or out) to reduce the tickover ? Is there anything else that may cause this issue ? I have disconnected the throttle cable so its not that.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234000320045?hash=item367b81862d:g:r7EAAOSwhqdgab4W Apart from a pile of scrap.
  6. Looking for a source for new pull start cord for a Top 80, any ideas ?
  7. This got posted in a Telegram group so posting here just in case anyone can help. 'Hi All. So, I stupidly lost my brand new skytrax 2.1 a few weeks ago. It's been idle on Flarm transmit until now. It's travelled from Sussex to Blackburn. 7 updates on its way. I have last ping coordinates. Can anyone help with sharing this information to possible flying clubs in the area? I'd love to be reunited with it. TIA'
  8. Got a bridge in London for sale, could maybe arrange a swap ?
  9. Lots of info there for us to work with. Country/County/location ? Budget/experience/age?
  10. Absolutely no idea. Back in Dec 18 I did a PG to PPG course with Simon and had a great week. Good accom, good teaching and good company (and recommended by a friend !). Something has gone wrong but no idea what. I do know that at the time Simon was talking about relocating to Turkey but apart from that everything seemed ok.
  11. I have no idea what an AMP license is !!
  12. A friend of mine (a mechnical/hydraulics engineer) saw one Dells videos and looked at the Flat Top design. His conclusion was that it looked dangerous unless you came down vertically, too much risk of one of the tubes breaking free and puncturing the thigh. Of course this was purely his observation from the video but I would love to get the frame properly stress tested to see how true the claims about this type of frame are.
  13. Paragliding crumple zone ? Or are you referring to an airbag ?
  14. Those look like snail trails ! Do NOT want to mess with the slug that left those
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