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  1. Hope you are OK Andy, that's a real bummer of a time for the engine to quit. I had one at about 50 feet but that was a non event. That really is bad luck, assuming you ran the engine for a while beforehand to warm and check full power.
  2. At least something will be getting airbourne. I have a new wing to test fly and I've made adjustments to my old one.
  3. That's quite a comprehensive record you are keeping. Excellent reading.
  4. The wing is far too small for your all up weight, sorry. You are 102kg, the motor is probably 25kg, wing weight say 5kg, clothing and incidentals about 8kg. So you total is 140kg.
  5. Agreed, you could fly singly on your 28m as you will only be about 10kg over but you need a bigger wing to fly tandem. I think Andy was assuming you meant to fly tandem on the 28m.
  6. Generally yes, only use the tip steer when trimmed out as use of the brakes nullifies the reflex action. I have looked through the manual and find it surprising that it is not mentioned. I am assuming you can still reach the brakes OK when trimmed out? If not you need to lower the brake handle attachment point for safety (through the bottom pulley) which will entail lengthening the brake line to compensate. It's a pity the tip steer line comes from near the top of the brake handle, other 2D steering (Dudek) has a separate toggle that is very easy to reach.
  7. Just a bit Finally got my Zenith/Bailey V5 flying perfectly and loving it. I only had the offset blocks on the wrong side of the swing arms, doh!
  8. A field local to the site with a wonderful sun set. https://goo.gl/maps/Y52Him7p2LD2EYM98
  9. Open air recreation was a bit bumpy this afternoon surprisingly, but very enjoyable all the same. Lots of smoke in the air, no real surprise given the date.
  10. The Bailey V5 is about 20hp, the Moster is 25hp. Generally the 2 strokes will be lighter in weight also. The new EOS 4 stroke is I believe 26hp but is an unproven machine up to yet.
  11. Hi Andy, hope you get to train soon and find that you love it. At your weight I would suggest a 4 stroke is underpowered, I have both and the extra power of the 2 stroke Moster is quite noticeable, giving a much stronger climb rate. I am 2 stone lighter than you so things are in my favour for the lesser powered 4 stroke V5, which I prefer to fly.
  12. Well done on good control Andy, can't be particularly easy for you. Can be surprising what can cause an out, or switch off in this case. On a previous motor I had a very light action kill switch, I took off from a slightly muddy side of a grass runway with a bit of mud on the throttle. Shuffling around in the harness to get more comfortable at height I unknowingly caught the kill switch and the mud held it down. Only found out once landed.
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