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  1. Take on the mindset that you 'run into' the air, not 'being lifted'. Put another way don't stop running until you are actually airbourne.
  2. Fuel mixing isn't super critical, the best container to measure the oil is a baby's feeding bottle, as these have to be accurately marked by law. Putting 100ml into a 5 litre petrol container gives you a fuel mix of 2%. Regarding how to start with ground handling I would strongly recommend that you travel to meet a proficient pilot or instructor to get the basics face to face.
  3. No, I have replaced one already on this machine last year (hence I'm getting ticked off). You need to pull the rotor off which is the difficult part, then all is revealed. Bailey fitted a new one recently and I have only had 5 hours flying, so I have sent an email.
  4. Looking now like it is a stator coil failure (AGAIN, this is ticking me off big time). The resistance is only reading about 1/2 of its original resistance.
  5. Well I suppose you could say they are all unexpected, but this one particularly so. I had found a failed plug on my last attempt to fly so had ordered a couple of spares and fitted one to the V5. Took off about 5:20pm and was expecting to have an hour and a half flight, lovely conditions. Had just fitted a brand new spark plug.About half way around felt a couple of little mis-fires, then a couple more. Thought I would go to max revs to gain more height, I was at around 1000 feet.Lots of misfiring up to max revs then 1 second later silence (To put in aviation terms the donkey stopped). This sounds terminal I thought, gave it one pull on the starter but nothing. I was near the river Severn so middle of nowhere, looked around for a farm house with at least a car outside, spotted one and a suitable field opposite. Adjusted to slow trims for max glide distance but still had loads of time to descend, a little S turn to get into the field safely and I was down.Folded the wing up then went and spoke to the farm occupants. Initially they were up for giving me a lift but then decided with the late hour the animals had to be fed before dark. No hassle, friendly people so I called my mate Geoff and he came and rescued me. I am guessing the new plug has failed, I will be investigating later.Now there is a tale for round the camp fire in the future.
  6. That is quite a surprise Andy, just wondering if you are much below the rated weight and what sort of weight of water you took 'on board'?
  7. When I was under tuition I asked the instructor about the layers and clothing in general. His reply was you can never be too wrapped up when you are at height. So far I can't contradict that, in 12 years I have flown in shorts twice
  8. Congratulations on the kit. Fresh Breeze is a well respected make, I had an earlier one as my first motor. A memorable phrase as said by an instructor 'when kiting don't f*ck with the wing, make love to it'. What he meant was use smooth inputs on the controls, hope you get the feel for it quickly.
  9. I'm sure you know this Andy but for the benefit of the newbies: I always have it in mind that when the temperature is high the power output is reduced a little due to less dense air. It is noticeable given the same TO wing/configuration.
  10. Stunning, quite jealous really.
  11. Unfortunately you could be a bit under for your all up weight. You are only allowing 36kg, that needs to include motor, wing weight, clothing, instruments, reserve et al. You would need a Universal 31, fortunately modern wing designs are a lot easier to handle.
  12. Learn about the weather and fly in benign conditions is the safest bet. In 559 flights I have never had even so much as a wing tip tuck. I am probably on the cautious side of piloting but still absolutely love it. I have only suffered minor cuts and bruises in all my time flying and usually learn something from the fact.
  13. The head is generally a good bit below the top of the cage, so I would think there shouldn't be a problem.
  14. I use a BHPA logbook more intended for free flight, even though I am not a member of the BHPA. I record flight number (currently 559), date and time of launch, wing, place of launch, motor type, flight duration and total hours. Rough description of area flown, anything interesting/unusual and finally max height. Good to have a reference of all your flights.
  15. That's fantastic that you got the flights in. Great that you are now a PPG pilot I got two epic flights in with my flying buddy but now will have to wait many days for the weather to play ball again, same for all of us unfortunately. Love the look of your camper trailer, keep us informed of your excursions.
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