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  1. Fancy another wing for the end of lockdown? Fully serviced with good condition report, make me an offer..
  2. Not paramotor specific but free. EasyVFR Basic https://www.pocketfms.com/EasyVFRBasicUKHelp/Tutorial/index.asp
  3. If anyone is after a 24 I have one for sale.
  4. Minor point possibly, why is the arc of the propeller so much higher than the top of the frame?
  5. Dudek Report'air produced 09/2016. 97 hours, no repairs, just serviced via The Loft with Good Condition report. All bags, speed bar and accessories. 95-130 kg. £1350, located in West Midlands
  6. Hope it all goes well Andy, there's always another time
  7. I understand your concerns on paramotor design as a newbie. However I used a Fresh Breeze motor for many years and never had any issue with chaffing netting line, that just isn't a problem. In 13 years of flying I have only had one rubber mount start to split, that was picked up in preflight inspection.
  8. Hi Angelo and welcome. Chilly is so right when he says paramotoring will change your life. I have been flying for 13 years and still love it as much as I did at the start, perhaps even more so. I hope you can get lots of flights and experience in before your planned adventure, that will give you confidence when you're flying. looking forward to sharing the journey with you.
  9. The maximum stress is almost certainly on take off, when maximum effort is required. During flying the physical demands are very small, you are in effect sitting in a chair just using your arms to pull on brake handles. You will find that the most tiring phase will be when you start ground handling the wing, it gets easier as your muscle memory and technique improve. Once experienced the energy requirement is relatively small, that's how long term pilots make it look easy.
  10. Hi Russell, welcome to the PMC. You could start by checking wing manufacturers websites, like this one https://www.dudek.eu/en/tests/
  11. Usual reason is a broken wire. How many hours on the motor? Do you have any sharp kinks in the throttle cable? Check the terminals on the wire, give a tug to see if the inner conductor is broken.
  12. alan_k

    D shackles

    Stainless steel carabiners here: https://ukppgwebstore.com/sup-air-stainless-steel-autolock-carabine-parafly-7340-p.asp
  13. Not really a unicycle, that has a seat. More commonly known as a Monowheel or One Wheel.
  14. Good to ask questions, I do the very same thing over my T/O field to gain height. There is a housing estate to one side, a forest to another beyond a second field and power lines (pylons) to another. It's not so small that it's crammed in though. You need to keep in mind that some of the circling is thus downwind with the speed involved and narrowing of options.
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