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  1. Stop making us all jealous Stu .. Great that you got some good flying in, liked the fast drag landing.
  2. Thanks Andy, is the APPI syllabus used in the UK though?
  3. I believe it was 1996 that paramotoring was deregulated in the UK. This means you don't need a pilots license or a medical but you are subject to all the rules of the air contained in the Air Navigation Order. Training isn't mandatory although a lot of people think it should be, it's the first step to good airmanship IMO. The BMAA had a paramotoring syllabus many many years ago, now defunct, the two main routes now to training are the BHPA which teaches paragliding first, then paramotoring, plus the ParamotorClub syllabus which was developed with the help of a Senior Training Captain in the aeronautical industry.
  4. Just get your ass down there Jay, or wait for the spring fly-in.
  5. I used to have a very long garage/workshop so fitted what was essentially a very long curtain track from end to end. I hung my wet wing up twice using soft face clothes pegs, then avoided getting it wet subsequently. Now if I think it is damp I open it up as much as possible in the lounge, draped across the floor and seating and leave overnight.
  6. Hi Andy, I imagine that would be an even more bureaucratic problem. have you been revising with the past papers/exams available on line? Also when I took it I asked if I could take a French/English dictionary into the exam and was given permission. Bonne chance.
  7. For early motors check out Rad Aviation, DK Whisper, early motors with the Solo 210 engine, including Fresh Breeze and Adventure (French). One of the market leaders is Vittorazi Moster 185. Nice project.
  8. How glorious, good on ya Vince! (Not jealous really, hah what a fib)
  9. Of course - we're all sky demons. Seriously every day is a school day 😄
  10. Can always tell when the weather is rubbish as the activity on here is very low. I posted this 9 years ago, so for the benefit of all the new members here it is again. Green fields with unobstructed view, Man and machine plus paraglider too, With apprehension and excitement mixed, As pilot in command stands transfixed, Upon the endeavour to achieve the goal, Of leaving the ground and enlightening the soul. The kit is all checked, the engine warm for action, Lines taut it’s time to push on forward, The wing rises quickly with exigency to fly, The pull of the risers asserts its direction, A few steps now are all that are needed, Power, power, power the instructors shout heeded. Feel the lightness of footfall advancing, With each stride into the consciousness, The level of determination is all consuming, To keep the feet moving as gravity is beaten, Now airbourne the apprehension is receding, Flight is now yours, full with esoteric passion.
  11. That's excellent news Si, it is a rather special place to fly from.
  12. Excellent Stu! What trimmer setting are you using on landing?
  13. I am flying the Deathmaster 2000 24m, had a short flight this afternoon, somewhat bumpy. Can be a bit fast on landing.
  14. Hi Jay, what weight are you? What is your budget? I have a wing with a very good factory report that has a lot of life left.
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