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  1. Try Eddie at Microavionics https://www.microavionics.com/
  2. alan_k

    Airband Radio in UK

    You will find he is an excellent teacher, plus he doesn't take failures, he wills you through it, his enthusiasm is infectious.
  3. alan_k

    Airband Radio in UK

    1 and 3 correct but no 2 is for fixed installed kit. A hand portable isn't classed as fixed.
  4. Hola, good to see you posting Dan 😎
  5. alan_k

    Proud Sponsors of Paranoob.

    He is rather a good ambassador for the sport, well done Si.
  6. alan_k

    Airband Radio in UK

    He does the course when he has about 6 people that want to do it. Is your 'trusty' A6 8.33 KHz compliant, if not it is obsolete and can't be used. A lot of frequency changes have occurred that now use the extra channels.
  7. alan_k

    Airband Radio in UK

    The course I took was Planespeak Aviation RT, usually held at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green airport. A really nice fellah and relaxed atmosphere. andy@planespeak (dot) com
  8. alan_k

    Airband Radio in UK

    Yes I did have to learn quite a lot. I booked up with an RT course and the instructor sent pre-course materials to learn. It was a one day course with the exams at the end. Being an amateur helped a lot in the practical whereas others were very nervous. Good luck if you do go down this route.
  9. alan_k

    Airband Radio in UK

    Yes I have. I am also a licensed amateur but I have flown from a commercial airfield on 14 occasions and still take off from a field that is right next to the ATZ. It gives a greater sense of safety plus I know which runway is in use and subsequently which circuit pattern.
  10. alan_k

    Airband Radio in UK

    Cost of course, exams and another radio. You are not obliged to be radio equipped even If you fly close to controlled airspace.
  11. alan_k

    Airband Radio in UK

    There is a grey area regarding hand held airband radios. Because they are portable they are not attached to any aircraft so don't command an annual 'license' as fixed kit does. It is 'understood' that many of these are carried in a flight bag as possible emergency comms if the fixed radio fails. So saying it is usual for a hand held radio to be used by PPG pilots, as I do. You do need to pass the operators license known as the Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence, or FRTOL for short. Search for FRTOL and you will find information on training and exams. Once passed you are up to speed with correct terminology and procedures and use is encouraged, particularly when close to airfields.
  12. alan_k

    Beach landing

    Good stuff Andy 😊
  13. Fabulous woman and pilot. The landowner of the field I fly from had seen her journey and was happy to say yes to me. We need more role models like her.
  14. Hi Stu, good to hear from you again, glad you are still flying and enjoying it. Understand your love of Faceache, I do use it but only for PPG links. Been flying for 11 years now so we are part of the old crew, respect 😎
  15. alan_k

    Starting out.

    As far as the radio goes yes. Make up a callsign and precede it with 'Paramotor' then wait for the pause as that is digested, 😁 I have a French registration so always use that. You will need to reduce revs to give intelligible transmision so you have to account for height loss when transmitting.