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  1. alan_k

    Ok here goes...!

    Brilliant Rich, good one.
  2. alan_k

    Bailey V5 ignition coil and CDI

    The flywheel is nothing like the one shown. It is aluminium with fins to give forced air cooling via the cylinder shroud. One of the common faults is the thin spade connector on the CDi that is the output to the ignition coil. This has approx 200V pulses on it and unless it is tight with its mating female connector it can develop micro spark erosion. Always make sure this pin is particularly tight when mated.
  3. alan_k

    Bailey V5 ignition coil and CDI

    I replaced my original failed stator recently. My guess is that Bailey just cut off the redundant power coils as a weight saver.
  4. alan_k

    Places to fly round the West Midlands

    Hi Steve, I would love to offer you use of the field but the landowner would rather keep a low profile as the field is used for other activities occasionally, so has restricted PPG to just me, sorry. GeoffW and I fly some times from a farm near Bridgenorth, another pilot there would be no problem.
  5. alan_k

    New hobby.

    Hi Barry, there is plenty of kit for the larger pilot and coming on this site is a very good move as most kit for sale on here is of known provenance. Another very respected source of 2nd hand kit is CMParamotors, http://www.cmparamotors.com/ However the advice above is very wise. Get some training and you will understand a lot more about what is needed and whether it is a sport you want to pursue. There is quite a lot to learn to become a safe and proficient pilot. Good luck in your endeavours.
  6. That's wrong Andy, given a constant load resistance.
  7. Well yes that's the way it's done. i agree some can look 'under engineered' but weight has to be taken into account as well for a backpack.
  8. alan_k

    CRF450 F1 engine?

  9. alan_k

    Residual evening thermals - A cautionary tale

    That was a pretty big collapse and I'm in the dark as to why exactly it happened. Anyone know what type of wing it was, reflex or not? I'm guessing the air was pretty unstable, it looked it from the previous minutes footage. So too much thermic activity at the time to be flying (safely)? I have never even had a tip tuck but then I fly a reflex wing in calmish conditions. Thoughts anyone?
  10. alan_k

    Ok here goes...!

    'Still loving it'. That goes without saying, I am still loving it after 526 flights 😎
  11. alan_k

    Ok here goes...!

    Good times, you will nail them eventually. When coming in to land prepare yourself mentally to run a few steps.
  12. alan_k

    French PPG

    I know, and you can have up to 82 horse power for PPG!
  13. alan_k

    French PPG

    PDF added.
  14. alan_k

    Newbie: Loughborough

    Hi Lee, best thing you can do is come to the PMC summer Fly-in, see the entry on the right hand side of the screen under upcoming events for details. Simon and Colin (PMC instructors) will be there along with lots of pilots of various experience levels. Everyone likes to talk PPG and are all really friendly. See you there.
  15. alan_k

    French PPG

    An interesting publication from FFPLUM (the microlight association of France). PPG comes under the microlight umbrella in France for those that didn't know, plus you need a license for PPG if you live there permanently. microlight2019_1.pdf