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  1. You're not meant to know me thinks.
  2. Went for a walk at the local country park instead of flying. Was nice to enjoy the tranquility from the calm conditions in an alternative fashion. Stay strong everyone.
  3. To be honest I am surprised there hasn't been a notam issued. All the smaller aerodromes have been shut apart from essential and emergency services. I have been wrestling with this question for the last few days, I am desperate to have a nice flight but the waves of hate and derision that would be generated by non flyers seeing PPG is really not worth it. Joe public will get pissed off once the restrictions are lifted and every pilot takes to the skies, but at least they won't be able to call us all dickheads then.
  4. No notams to stop flying, yet? You don't foot launch a Cessna so I don't think so
  5. Both myself and Geoff went to our respective fields yesterday but the gusts didn't die down sufficiently. If I had become airbourne I'm sure it wouldn't have been comfortable. Hoping for acceptable condition on Wednesday afternoon.
  6. Class. Love the 'case histories' at the end.
  7. Yes I did at a PMC summer fly-in, landed, sorted and off again.
  8. Good post, the drizzle put me off so good one to get off the ground. You have to look at the surrounding area, trees particularly, in a '3D' fashion and imagine how they can disrupt the wind flow. I have been caught out by rotor in my very early flying, fortunately without mishap. With greater experience you can anticipate and allow for some rotor if have to get into a tight space. Come in higher and always be prepared to add some power, also if you plan for a go around and instead achieve a good landing it is a win-win.
  9. Well glad I didn't venture up the field as it stated drizzling quite early on. Oh well ........
  10. Was hoping to get a cheeky one in tomorrow morning, however it has been drizzling virtually all day. The field is going to be wet so I shall give it a miss. Does anyone get so desperate that they don't mind having to dry the wing out afterwards?
  11. There is the Bailey hornet plus others about. Norbert used to fly a twin cylinder direct prop drive for many years, about 320cc and heavy but very reliable, trying to think of the make, JPX 320 perhaps?
  12. Bailey V5 is indeed 20hp and I don't mind the weight, you get used to it. I also have a moster based paramotor that I've done six flights on, there is quite a difference having that extra 5hp.
  13. It rather depends on if you wish to actually paraglide (BHPA) or just go directly to paramotoring. I trained for paramotoring without any previous paragliding experience and have nil desire to free fly. If you go down the BHPA route you have to learn to paraglide first in two stages (I believe) before you then progress to paramotoring. Cut out the middleman and go with the PMC.
  14. Tiny Tach's are all internal battery. They last for years and years.
  15. I don't believe it to be a problem. Always test your kill switch before you take off>
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