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  1. Greenpeace activist, they'll do anything..
  2. Whatever suits Simon, have voted will be coming no matter what.
  3. Difficult decision to make Simon, we will already be in Cornwall the week before. I think 1 month would probably be better.
  4. Can't really advise on the V2 but with the V5 the graph in the manual showing suspension position for pilot weight seems way out in my experience. Try it in the 90kg + position and see what happens.
  5. Hi Andrew, welcome and I think you are already hooked. Reasonably unfit will change, reasonably apprehensive is good it will keep your wits sharp. Don't forget fields with lack of horses as well, they can be the worst. Enjoy your training with the PMC crew, I am sure you will.
  6. Pictures showing the arrangement on the Solo: First pic shows the toggle with the line running through an extra ring attached to the B riser. 2nd pic shows the bungee attache to the bottom of the risers.
  7. I actually bought the red balls (ooh err missus) and the line from Dudek. You just need a thin suspension line, as there is no weight on the line, plus a small toggle. I used a thin elastic bungee tied to the top of the risers to stop them floating away/getting tangled in anything. The Solo wing has the same arrangement though I can't get a clear picture to show it. Toggles like this would be suitable https://glidersports.com/shop/ozone-tip-steering-replacement-mini-toggle/
  8. I did the very same to a Dudek ReAction quite some time ago. It was a very good modification though not approved by Dudek. They subsequently brought out tip steering on the Nucleon under the guise ALC with a red ball instead of a toggle.
  9. Sorry Max I don't. Good luck in your search.
  10. I reality I think you are going to have to up your budget a little.
  11. Wing still available, now reduced to £1150, grab it now.
  12. I notice you have both A and A' in your hand for launch. Try just having the A (the centre A lines) in you hand,the launch should be easier. Split A's were developed for this reason.
  13. Glad you are OK Rich, we will have to start a club for those that have crashed into a fence (I have). For being clots to do so perhaps it could be called the Cloture Club. Good on the TIG welding.
  14. There is a shed load of research and development going into alternative battery technologies atm. I am sure the greater energy density will come, but don't hold your breath (for longer than 20 minutes ).
  15. I do have horses in the next field but they are used to aerial noise as I am just on the ATZ boundary. As Mark says avoid all horses where you don't know the temperament. Also if you see an exercise yard give that a wide berth, 500 feet minimum then there is no comeback.
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