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  1. That is fantastic. A really really good hack. Inner A line, let lines drop over risers then one last (obvious) twist, brilliant.
  2. Looks like the martians have landed. Really pleased it was a great day. Too foggy all day yesterday at my field, drat. Managed two flights this afternoon, YAY!
  3. Welcome to the world of PPG. I haven't flown one but the V King is slow in comparison to most PPG wings. If/when you find yourself flying with others you will get left behind and everyone will moan that you are too slow (humorously of course).
  4. It's basically patience. Hold the riser up above your head so you can see the lines going towards the wing. Hold the A, B, C risers down a little as necessary to see where each individual line is, then you should be able to see if some are twisted.
  5. With exposure to the line arrangement you do get used to the way they should lie. Tangles now take a maximum of 30 seconds to sort out. Whatever you do don't start disconnecting them.
  6. Top tip. If you have a choice of field don't choose one near a canal. The weather started very foggy this morning at home, cleared by lunch time but has remained foggy with limited visibility all day at the field, bugger.
  7. You can postpone the purchase of a reserve. Your instructor will only be sending you up in benign conditions whilst training. If that's not the case I would consider changing your instructor. Some pilots don't fly with a reserve, me included, it's all about choosing when not to fly. I would probably be classed as a cautious pilot regarding flying conditions. I you have a doubt about whether to fly err on the don't fly side. I prefer to think about flying tomorrow rather than lying in a hospital bed. I will abort if the wind is too switchy, knowing if I really wanted to I could get airbourne. I have been to the field once and decided I just didn't feel up to it, no specific reason, so went home.
  8. Bit like joining the local renegade hood but running away when any fight is likely. I agree about eliminating the major causes.
  9. It's just that it is a lovely part of the world and my flying mate is down there a lot. Having the motorhome just makes it more attractive. Good to know there is a big local contingent.
  10. Yes folks put on plenty of thinner layers. One of my instructors told me you can't be overdressed when flying in the cold.
  11. Never mind Cornish pilots you may have a couple of regular visitors from the Midlands with having your own land.
  12. Matt that's a fantastic post and most excellent plan. You seem to have heeded all the general advice for a newbie. I do hope the weather plays ball and you can progress at more than a snails pace when you get back from Spain. Yes and we are all cool dudes.
  13. Love the inclusion of a PIC for timing control. I have done PIC programming in the past, my best was a controller for an amateur television repeater station. Plus a simple video graphics generator in a second PIC.
  14. I'm so excited I've wet my pants. Not flow for 2 1/2 months. (Fibbed about the wet pants)
  15. Rich - kudos to you for putting that up! Jay, make sure you have a name tag around your neck so we can see just how anxious you are 😁
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