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  1. ptwizz

    Radial engine build

    More pictures added to the album. The oil tank assembly was tack welded together and brazed. Both front an rear faces were machined and grooves cut for the large O rings which will seal the tank to the back face of the crankcase and the front face of the primary drive case. Bosses are fitted at the top for the oil return from the cooler and for the oil filler cap. When the auxiliary drives assembly is fitted, the main oil pump has an external O ring which seals into the boss fitted at the bottom of the tank. The upper end of the auxiliary drive shaft sit below a hole in the top of the tank. The distributor will be fitted and sealed to the top face of the tank at that location.
  2. ptwizz

    Radial Engine Build

    Off topic - Radial engine build gallery
  3. ptwizz

    2018-06-24 09.15.37.jpg

    Machining outside of supercharger housing
  4. ptwizz

    Radial engine build

    A long overdue update: Progress has been interrupted by the need to rebuild my microlight engine, following an in-flight failure and forced landing in a random crop field. No damage to man or machine (apart from the dropped valve, piston, rod and barrel!) and the landowner was more interested in taking photos of the aeroplane in his field than complaining about it. He even helped with the recovery. The radial engine now has its auxiliary drives gearbox on the back of the crankcase, containing 2:1 reduction bevel gears driving a vertical shaft which drives the main oil pump. In progress is the oil tank, which also acts as the engine mount. The tank design is a short cone, for which I had to make a set of versatile bending rolls. These will later be adapted to roll the exhaust collector ring from 38mm stainless tube. Photos of the bending rolls and the oil tank in progress added to the album.
  5. ptwizz

    Future of Drones?

    The timing of the Gatwick drone event was extraordinary, both as a distraction from the chaos in parliament and with respect to the sale of the majority of shares in the airport to a French company on the 27th December. With the tin foil hat on... one might suspect that the event could have been brought to a conclusion very quickly if there was a will to do so. As usual, there will likely be a knee-jerk response, introducing legislation which causes cost and inconvenience to legitimate users while having no effect on those with malicious intent.
  6. ptwizz

    Radial engine build

    One last photo to round off the year. A 'dry' assembly with all the 'front end' parts in place. This marks the completion of the induction side of the engine. Next will be the oil supply, scavenge, oil tank, primary drive and ignition systems.
  7. ptwizz

    Radial engine build

    New photo - the first of the inlet tracts loosely assembled. Now I need to practice Tig welding thin stainless tube a lot.
  8. ptwizz

    Paramotor transport in a motorcycle

    Yes, indeed I did! I never owned a motorcycle trailer. I helped out the guys at Freewheel https://www.freewheeluk.net/ many years ago when they needed to design a subframe for an overseas customer who had a Kawasaki Zephyr. I had a Zephyr at the time, so the subframe was designed around my bike and I had the opportunity to try it out.
  9. ptwizz

    Paramotor transport in a motorcycle

    I second the proposal for a trailer. If you bolt a sub-frame to the bike, supporting a standard tow ball behind the rear wheel and below spindle height, you can tow a conventional two wheel trailer. I have ridden this set up and it is surprising how little difference it makes to the bike.
  10. ptwizz

    Other interests?

    For me, Paramotoring has now given way to microlighting. Aside from flying, almost anything with moving parts interests me. I also dabble in a little amateur electronics. Bikes seem to be a recurring theme here - I currently ride a Triumph 1200 Tiger and I've built a few, including a Panther (British 600cc single) with a whole array of hidden features.
  11. ptwizz

    Radial engine build

    Another couple of photos added, showing the mechanism for engaging the high supercharger speed. A cable will pull on the long end of the curved lever, pulling the ends of the brake band together. When assembled, the brake band sits around the ring gear carrier shown in the other photo. I had a chap come to visit last week, who is also building a radial engine. I am not the only person in the world mad enough to embark on such a project!
  12. ptwizz

    Radial engine build

    Hi Hann, I don't consider myself patient. The engine is a hobby, so I work on it when the mood takes me and step back from it as soon as it starts to feel like work. For that reason, there is no projected date for firing up. I see Bren quite regularly on Tuesday evenings at the Old Buckenham bike night. Very nice chap!
  13. ptwizz

    Radial engine build

    More photos added to the album and more progress. The supercharger housing has been bored to the profile to fit the impeller, using a fiendishly bodged copy technique which worked rather better than expected. I have not yet bored the holes for the inlet tracts to the cylinders. The inlet tracts will be fabricated from stainless steel and I have a better chance of boring the holes to match the geometry of the fabricated parts than the other way around. In the meantime, the supercharger parts are assembled and the SU carb hung on the front, looking like it means business. In other news, I am now the holder of a NPPL(M) and my aircraft passed inspection. I may be gone for some time...
  14. ptwizz

    One of the best jokes

    As our 20th wedding anniversary was coming up, my wife asked me to get something 'to spice things up in the bedroom'. I bought her a small, potted rubber tree. "There you are", I said, "It's a latex fetish starter kit".
  15. ptwizz

    Radial engine build

    Thanks Alan. I've just completed the last couple of hours solo at the weekend, so I'll be sending off for my license this week and getting a permit on my Thruster, G-BZNP.