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  1. Blackburn Mark

    Fuel Economy (what affects it)

    Bailey's... reliable and economical (both at the top of my list) "Low and fast" would be more to do with your wing and smooooth air unless you are talking about having more power to climb yourself out of an error...? I personally become attached to whatever I am flying... hate changing wings. I am assuming any modern intermediate ought to be enough wing to cruse at 25mph ish and have enough energy retention to pull out of any minor errors while skimming
  2. Blackburn Mark

    Fuel Economy (what affects it)

    Not unless you like long xc flights... the weight is a bit of a bitch!
  3. Blackburn Mark

    Fuel Economy (what affects it)

    I did a quick calc the other night... in still air, I am getting between 40 and 50 mils per gallon which tickled me somewhere between 2 and 3 liters per hour (best calc has me at 2.2lph if I fly like my granny) 23m wing and an old Bailey V2... weighs 45kg with reserve and fuel so its not all smiles Because of the "air speed / ground speed" anomaly, its not useful to measure efficiency in distance traveled. Also, you climb rate will be the same "down wind" and "upwind"... it seems you have hung onto the optical illusion created by the differing ground speed at low level EG: the "climb angle" is steeper into wind and more shallow "down wind" but the rate of climb will be equal given the same rpm etc.
  4. Blackburn Mark

    Bailey Spares

    Took me some effort to find this, I was sure it was a Yamaha derivative... (Cylinder head Naraku Racing for Yamaha Cygnus, BW 5ML 4V) So anyone with a V4 motor... This is a "Naraku" performance aftermarket part for the Yamaha Cygnus and looks identical to the Bailey V4 heads with the chevron cooling fins (which I could not find on any other head kits) V4 parts from the piston up, will very likely fall under "Yamaha Cygnus" parts or performance parts (big bore kits etc) The crank could be anything so only a Vernier caliper will solve that part of the conundrum. Maybe you use the term "Gy6" as a more of a colloquialism than I am willing to Jock
  5. Blackburn Mark


    Ah, that's why I couldn't find anything... I thought I was losing my touch. £47 ... bit rich for a mere mortal like me. Ill stick with my idiot three notch scale.... 100% compulsory hands on = not flyable // Can eat a jam buttie = flyable // Can eat a jam buttie and smoke at the same time = bliss.
  6. Blackburn Mark


    I tried googling this... I came up empty. Any chance you could enlighten me Andy?
  7. I know what you mean 100% I wouldn't wright it off though, when I came up north, I bought a paramotor and wing out of the Loot (Classified add rag)... taught myself to fly (don't roast me, I know... very bad idea) and I fell for free-flight... I didn't get into paramotoring despite thinking it would be the dogs-bollocks. I flew it occasionally then sold it. Took me 20 years to get another and now I cant be arsed with free-flight... I have to say though, free-flight would be a bit shit if you only had 500ft compared to paramotoring at 500ft or less.
  8. Ouch… that's not promising!
  9. I used to work on Jethou (between Guernsey and Herm (ish))… one of the best jobs I ever had and believe it or not, I binned that job to learn to fly. It wasn't a terrible move as I got 15 years of obsessive playtime (free-flight) and now I bimble around on a paramotor. I will assume it very unlikely you would move (I was young and demented back then) so good luck on the getting permission. I think Guernsey have a club and special (very restrictive) permissions if my memory serves so you may be in with a chance but I'm guessing you will be pinned to -500ft and confined to specific arias. Herm used to have a couple of guys flying hang-glider's back in the day apparently (god know how) Nice smooth sea air though
  10. Blackburn Mark

    Post training exercises and things to do

    Landing accuracy takes care of itself... land short and you have to bloody walk to the van! Engine off landing from +1000ft might be a useful discipline... I keep meaning to do it but I don't like long walks with my gear. When I say long, I mean anything more than ten meters
  11. Splendid! If you manage to find a gap in the Scottish weather and you manage to get your paths to cross, let us know how you got on. I miss those early days of learning... tons of fun. PS: Don't listen to him Razzy, he is a handsome boy! (deep down on the inside )
  12. Rip his arm off Razzy… just make sure to supply the butties, flask of tea, chocolate hobnobs and tell him he is a handsome boy (even if he is as ugly as a wellington boot)!
  13. Blackburn Mark

    Bailey Spares

    The head and cylinder on the V4 look different than the GY6... are you sure they are compatible/interchangeable?
  14. Blackburn Mark

    Bailey Spares

    This was the image release by Miro on 31 Mar 2017 (240cc likely rounded up from 232cc)... very similar to the one Scott posted of the more recent version. Looks nothing like any Kymco 250 engine I have seen. It looks like the common garden GY6 which Kymco use in some of their scooters up to 150cc but with a ceramic coated cylinder much like the ones Taida sell (232cc) If you have any images of a confirmed EOS 290cc I would very much appreciate a link as that would be a "new" version of the EOS that I have not yet seen!
  15. Oh... stay away from hot gliders... you want a beginner or intermediate even if you have to pay more. An old hot glider will be an utterly crap analogue of the kind of wing you will end up flying on if you catch the bug.