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  1. No, don't do that.... Wait for a full moon and quietly bury them on the moors, pretend it never happened!
  2. I guess you never found them. Don't give in, many of us saw some headbanger floating and decided we MUST get ourselves some of that! The cost might make your toes curl at first but it needn't necessarily break the bank. There are a few training blogs on here I think.... get some reading done, do some research and have a ponder
  3. I'm not particularly perturbed by their semantics as long as they stick to the principle that a man can chose to do stuff as long as it doesn't trespass on another. There are too few escapes in life where a man can wash his hands of the nagging, the law, work, politics and immerse himself in a little touch of freedom Its either that or the bottle!
  4. I'm in no position to confirm or deny I am assuming they "informally" do. That smacks of "internet drama". I cant speak to that either way. I would consider it a trespass if the BHPA attempted to invite legislation, the logic would indeed point to something sinister / opportunistic to my eyes. I am happy to here any coherent, evidence based case that this is what is happening but its all seems a bit "speculative" so far.
  5. I think we are trying to strike a reasoned balance That where I start getting my knickers in a bunch Just to offer some balance though.... even a rogue like you has "rules" and keeping a low profile suits both mindsets I don't mean to have too much of a pop at our more formal friends... like I said, we are lucky to have the more formal element in the sport to keep the legislators off our backs but I cant be too hard on those operating on the fringe either. What has just happened in the lockdown (as bad as it was) is great for the sport, it makes us look very well controlled and disciplined and I am chuffed that 99.9% of pilots stayed out of the air... We will have to forgive the 0.1% I am chuffed that there is enough wiggle room for some scraggy little roughneck to beg borrow and slave his way into the sport with hardly two beans to rub together.... I'm not saying I approve of the risks, I am saying it was the rule bender mindset like that that gave birth to the sport in all its variants and innovations. A group of young hippy looking headbangers throwing themselves off hills in California under bamboo and twine... very cool... it also got pretty dangerous
  6. Its game over for that. There is no way to reattach those millions of fibres which are the basis of all its strength. A small chunk can be patched but from what I have seen, even that takes quite a bit of care and effort.
  7. I guess we forget that the inventors of such sports typically do so in a void of any "governance" other than the laws of physics. (A +30ft fall is a rule that is hard to bend or ignore) The busybodies "invent" governance that often stifles the practice of risk taking, innovation and self-reliance BUT Joe Daft and manufactures can engage in the practice with "some" sensible risk management. Sub70 flight in the UK is in a good place at the moment... There are plenty of sensible rules/guidance for those of us who need them and there is also "some" wiggle room for head-bangers and innovators who are cool with a touch more personal risk than might be average. Very similar to rock climbing... You are free, the stakes are high and the consequences are on YOU! I support the existence of the BHPA and its position, it forms a VERY nice buffer between us bootstrap aviators and the "law"! There is the option to escape the BHPA and go +70kg for those who prefer legally binding rules and MUCH more expense Win win!
  8. I have done drawings for a short Poly-V 2:1 with a long HTD timing belt 2:1 onto the prop but I don't like it. The poly-V belt is likely to slip before any frame damage but Poly-V belts need a LOT of tension which I am not confident in controlling with a tensioner and keeping it light (I need the tensioner because the motor is isolated from all other pullies) // the extra pully hardware will add weight that I want to use elsewhere and the Poly-v tension will put a lot of strain on my rubber motor mounts. Timing belts need much less tension, a single run would be very light and despite being very afraid of the resonance, I don't yet know how bad it will be and that I wont be able to control it with plastic idlers (at least at cruise and full power) I have been looking at harmonic dampers but there is no point until I know what I am up against so I might just have to bite the bullet start building
  9. I have just designed a HTD8 belt-pully drive that is close to 4000mm belt length with a 90 degree twist and 90 degree change of axis.... 1200mm free length which is very likely to need a few idlers to tame resonance. I am reasonably confident in its ability to deliver the power (15 / 20hp) but I am also pretty sure it will destroy the tensioner, itself or even structure if I allow it to resonate at or near 8000rpm I would consider it practical if I can get it to last for 100 hours plus // and perfect at 200 hour plus.... that's peanuts for the type of belt but it will have a relatively tortured life with the angular acrobatics. I have made a quarter size mockup with a 2.5mm toothed belt and I'm sure I can get the pully angles without stressing the belt too much but the resonance might make a fool out of me! Wish I was as confident as you and your AC Andy
  10. Let us know if it bottoms out on a hard landing...… And you will have to do us a report on how much of a bitch / or how easy it is to transition onto a trike
  11. What witchcraft is this?! Are people plucking their belts like guitar strings? That is pretty cool... I'm guessing there must be a formula for different belt types / lengths / widths
  12. More thrust, better efficiency..... You will need to modify your re-drive unless you get a variable pitch prop and a lager hoop would be wise I would love to see someone put a 160cm prop on an Atom 80 but I'm guessing you would only be able to reverse launch with such a large hoop and it would be an expensive experiment if you couldn't get it to make sense. If life was long enough and cash was no object, I'm pretty sure I would do it just for the science
  13. If its got the standard starter pulley size on it, maybe it a poor design or you are getting old like the rest of us
  14. Just had a quick rummage... it seems Simonini recommend no less than 98 octane and folks who struggle to get 98 octane have been getting by with 95 octane. It might be worth a ponder if you have been using 87
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