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  1. Has the V4 got the 2.88 redrive or the 3.19 ? Would love to hear how you get on with a 1.50 I have looked at a DT Propellers ground adjustable 1.60 thinking it "might" be doable on the V5 (3.19 redrive) E-Props also do ground adjustable props so you may be able to tune it to match (bit pricy though // DT propellers were more reasonably priced if my memory serves me) The E-props website has a calculator to give you some comparative numbers: 1.60 @ 15000w (20hp) 3.19 redrive will give you 74kg static thrust (tip speed 0.62 ... might be noisy at takeoff power) - That's 10kg additional
  2. So the V2 is carrying about 5.5kg extra, that's not far off a full tank of fuel! The V2 feels almost reasonable when its no fuel in it so 5.5kg lighter would be pretty cool! Starter motor and sprag clutch on the V2 cant be far off 2kg and the magneto bell is no lightweight either.
  3. I weighed my setup yesterday to make sure I wasn't bullshitting.... 40kg with half a tank of fuel, no flight deck. My old legs are close to admitting defeat... Too heavy and not enough power to get me off reliably. I love the stupid thing for the reasons you mention (aprox 2.2 liters an hour) The newer V5 is a bit lighter but a bit too pricy for a skinflint. As much as I don't want to end up on wheels, I want a two stroke even less and I want to give up flying even less than that... Rock and a Hard place If you have good strong legs, do it! I guess we have the EOS quattro to loo
  4. No worries, I know how they work, I am just surprised you got it to work so well on 52mm stainless. Good luck
  5. Great stuff! Ill look forward to seeing that. I have made one myself but for smaller size aluminum tubing / used it to build a new prop cage.
  6. I'm assuming that's stainless tube... what wall thickness and did you roll those shapes yourself? I would think its pretty tough to get a curve in such a large diameter, thin wall stainless tube.
  7. That looks like the kind of thing you could hit a brick wall at 40mph and walk away from.... looks pretty heavy though
  8. Your website doesn't seem to offer any maps of sensitive arias. If you have issues with paramotors in particular, an additional tucked away section on your website that included the words "Humber Paramotors" may draw some attention from the relevant parties where you could include maps, nesting times/requested exclusion zones or whatever you chose to include on that page. Alans idea ought to work towards having people who spot them research the extent of boundaries so a map with a boundary circle and a height (forming a cylinder) might be helpful. So some sensible search terms that will
  9. Its tricky... I tend to look at maps (Google / Airspace / OS) when looking for a new spot to explore and were I need to tread carefully. There are a few places I avoid that are not marked. Both our interests tend to intersect on the same type of remote arias but it is my experience that pilots will avoid stepping on other peoples toes when they are in the know (It ruins the mindset) An idea... In any hides, or carried by interested parties, it may be an idea to have a sign that you can grab an point at any pilot when there is an incursion into your peace n quiet. Don't get angry, that
  10. That's a shame as it seems the EOS quattro and late Bailey's heads, pistons, cylinders and cams come out of Taiwan (Taida GY6 kits) You would have easy access to the best four stroke paramotor spares... They are a pricy item over here.
  11. I initially thought that... than I thought "airboat" style cage
  12. Ah.... yea, be carful! I'm guessing I would find the response a bit wild having flown a four stroke for so long but I'm thinking I would be enjoying the extra 20kg of thrust too much to let the throttle get on my tits
  13. That's typical of a highly strung two stoke... Throttle can be like an "ON-OFF" switch compared to a four stroke. You need to preempt the response to stay in front of it going turbo... I'm guessing you have learned to subliminally dance with your trigger finger Andy. Lowering compression is usually accompanied by a lower fuel efficiency (all things being equal) but I am guessing the typical cruse RPM with the XC head must somehow be inside the pump resonance... I cant see how, I guess a lower pressure shockwave travels slower giving the bottom end a better breathing timing I'm shit wit
  14. Ah, so you have no access to the old one either... ? The new one would only give you a clue as to where in the RPM range the hysteresis would be at its worst. Quantifying that would be quite the trick Like I said, it is a "safe assumption" that it is an improvement if that is what the designer professes to be the point. Besides that, it would seem plenty of people have many happy hours on such machines (even "peaky" ones) so it is also safe to assume the issue is not insurmountable with a touch of trigger finesse
  15. Why else would they bother? The response hysteresis may be gone but I doubt it... Cant see it being worse though... Id put money on it that its an "improvement". Do you have the "old" curve? Wouldn't mind a look at that
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