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  1. Did you buy your unit directly from AC? If so, how does that affect price, and how do you handle warranty issues? I'm so used to hearing people talk about AviatorPPG (for example) and how great they are with customer service, it makes me wonder what dealing with AC directly is like. I too live at only a few hundred feet above sea level. The type of flying you describe (fun flying, not conservative or all out) sounds like exactly what I have in mind. So the 4.5lph sounds absolutely fantastic! (Though I'm certain my wing will be bigger than 19m....probably somewhere around 26m - 28m). A
  2. I heard someone say around 5.5l/hr for them. I don't know what their set-up was or their weight.
  3. Any update on this thing, how it handles, how it compares to the R2, etc?
  4. I'm super disappointed with the extra long wait. I've been waiting since that initial video came out in May of 2017 where they revealed the engine at the beach. I was all ready to get mine in Sept 2017 like they were saying, but now it's looking like Sept or Nov 2018 before we'll really start seeing them. However, I'm glad they've put a lot of effort into making sure these things are as solid as possible before release. They could have been like Telsa and just pushed out a halfassed product. (The Model 3 is borderline junk if you look beyond the surface)
  5. 4 liters per hour on the smaller Tornado or the XL? If on the smaller, then I wonder if the XL could get 3 - 3.5 liters per hour with the proper trim setting while cruising XC?
  6. Is this the stock netting from the factory? Or did someone do an aftermarket net job? Because that looks way better than the skimpy trash they were using on the Nitro.
  7. Have you personally flown the R3? If so, how does it compare to the Roadster 2? How does it compare to the Spyder? Is its speed range pretty good? Good trims out top speed? How's the overall efficiency?
  8. What's the price difference between the standard colors vs custom colors? I'm trying to decide if I want to just pick one of the ones offered or create my own color scheme.
  9. I was strongly considering the Roadster 2 (or Spyder). I didn't even know a R3 was coming, but now that it is, it sounds absolutely wonderful. I may end up going with the R3 if they don't have a Spyder 2 between now and when I get my motor. It's gonna be either or. But typically, yeah, I prefer going with the current gen over older gen for most things. Can't wait to hear how you like it.
  10. Any word on if people in the private sector have received their unit yet?
  11. Why did you go with the 140cm 3 blade prop over the 150cm 2 blade?
  12. I believe Laurent said today was the first official shipment.
  13. Sweet! Any word on delivery dates yet? Last I heard, Eric said "End of June." Anything since then?
  14. What is the purpose of full in? To go as slow as possible? What is an appropriate circumstance to fly it like that?
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