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  1. hmm, check all fuel pipes connections..and then double check.. run the engine look to see any air bubbles.or get a squeezer bottle part to fill with water and a tiny bit of fairey liquid.while on tick over. secure frame . at idle squirt fairy liquid at fuel connectors.and look to see any bubbles. check wire connectors at the coil. and all electrical wire connectors that may be loose. that may cause any problem. check the tube connector that comes from carb case. alloy cast.squirt fairey there too. and look. renew spark plug . double check coil. take cylinder top off recheck re tighten. or tighten. .update 11/1/19 have you checked the parts i mentioned? these are my ideas.....
  2. hi i use to live in glendale az. near lake pleasant years ago. ask tucker gott? or go on face book area az.
  3. flying is abit like life ..... it has its ups and downs ..
  4. hmm, go to flypapuk. and demo afew wings.and ask questions ? concerning a wing or wings. weather ...... permitting
  5. to the country near chequers. uk . and then meet up with .......... ? i dont get out enough....
  6. been busy with work. 3rd flight with the wing.changed the magnets to gin. far more stronger. the oscillation as seen.. wing cost £4,000 i expect alot more from ozone!!. they say they designed this wing for ease of use?? if i choose a xc .i dont want a wing that oscillates... full stop!!. ive brought this wing if i pick up on anything iam not happy with .. i will speak up . i will not keep it to myself. but this is from me. others may think different... for a £4,000 wing thats smaller .less materials used.and should be better the other ozone wings... so they say??? hmm, anyone know the ozone paramotor testers by name ...?
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