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Plug ring removal

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I personally would remove the plug washer but I don't really see any issue either way that I can quantify besides the chance of the plug working itself lose more readily if the Temp pickup ring is copper... That would remain true either way.
The temperature swings may be enough to slowly compress the copper but be warned, do not over tighten, it wont help and stripping the thread would be a real bitch... Just give it the usual nip and keep an eye on things.

Any small depth of the plug change will be very small, even if the piston contacted the plug (very unlikely) it would knock the plug gap closed on the first pull and it wouldn't fire. 

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Do not remove the spark plug ring

its a one time compression gasket

even though people take em in and out without thought

the type k thermocouple is mounted to a brass washer used for its excellent transfer of heat

for ref you can remount the type k thermo couple and bolt it on to a head bolt but make sure it is torqued down correctly

alternatively any other bolt mount on the cylinder head just not on the fins

the temperature on the head will be parity uniform and a few minutes of continuous running

1/4 turn after nip on the spark plug only

hope this helps

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