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2 stroke or 4 stroke for newbie?

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Hi guys,

I am a paraglider pilot (CP level) with around 30 hours of flying and living near Leamington Spa doesn't offer any hills within easy reach... so now I really want to get into this PPG and before taking a conversion course I really want to know as much as possible about engines and wings. Looking on the 2nd hand market there is quite a variety of engines and prices and one of the questions: is a 4 stroke suitable for a newbie? I am ok (I think) with the extra weight and it sounds these are more economical and also more quiet...


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I run a Bailey four stroke, I'd say it is about the only one you will find on the 2nd hand market.

Yes it is heavier, generally comes in at around 28.5kg dry, but you generally carry less fuel so partly balances out the takeoff weight for flight.

Power output is 20-22hp (V5 V5s I believe) whereas the common Moster 185 is 25hp, the difference is noticable. If you are on the heavier side the extra is worthwhile.

Economy is the plus point at around half the consumption of a typical 2 stroke, they are a little quieter but the propellor makes the most noise.

Downside is if parts or manufacturers sevicing is required, Bailey Aviation only operates a 3 day week on Tuesday to Thursday.

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Alan, thank you very much for your answer which clarifies many things for me and somehow I was under the impression that a 4 stroke is more powerful... so now probably better to stick with a 2 stroke...

PS: on facebook PPG groups I saw at least 2 V5's for sale

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If you think you will be more towards the Tucker Gott style of flying, then maybe a two stroke for the extra 5hp... If you think you will be a little more conservative (Long lazy xc flights or camping out) then maybe a Bailey four stroke.
I have three Baileys engines with a lot of hours on them, I have never needed to touch the carbs.
Fuel pumps (£8 the last time I bought some// generic GY6 parts) Always carry a spare... if it dies just after launch, swap it.
The V5,s occasionally burn out their ignition coil £14... Again, generic GY6 part (starts missing when hot)
Besides that, they "seem" to go on for ever with very little maintenance.
They are heavy :) 

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