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  1. You could try Parabatix.com or on facebook.
  2. Double post. You'd think I knew how to use a computer by now..
  3. Nobody wants others to crash, plus some of these look very old, but find me a video with a worse commentary. It is beyond dire!
  4. Welcome to the skies Steve, an old timer here. Sounds like you have a had a really great introduction to the joys of paramotoring, keep up the blog as it's always interesting to read of others experiences. Sorry to hear of your fathers rapid demise but take it in good heart that something good has followed.
  5. What a stunning flyin, so much thanks to Simon and crew for putting it on. 1. Excellent location (quite local to Geoff and myself for a change) 2. Excellent company, fab to see faces old and new. Plus the usual craic and aviation banter. 3. Excellent weather, flyable every day. 4. Absolutely stunning fireworks display on Saturday evening, even more thanks to Simon and Casey for helping out. We setup next to the tape so had a ringside view of events. A shot from Friday: Showing some lovely ladies and unfortunately one old fart. Having the location next to the river (I originally thought it was the Severn but realised it was the Avon) I had bought a cheap dingy the week before. A shot of it being launched: Just had a short time on the river, going around in circles for a little while. A narrow boat was coming the other way and Geoff and myself were wondering what side we should be on, turns out it is the same as for aviation, pass to the right. Geoff is not shy in coming forward so asked if we could have a tow,the answer was affermative so we had a tow back to the launch point. Lots of fun. After our first flight on Friday, the inevitable post flight beer, lovely: A new member to our midlands posse is Damian, now on around 10 flights since training some while ago. His enthusiasm is quite infectious and to be honest he is making it look quite easy under Geoff's excellent tutelage. Damian coming in to land: Talking of landing, I had a little cock-up coming in to land on Sunday morning. The though process was to come in low over the fence so I wouldn't have too much of a walk back across the field. I cut the motor before the fence then hit sinking air, then had a sh!t me moment when I realised I wouldn't make it over the fence, I yanked hard on the left brake and had an 'arrival' in the adjacent field. Good thing it was quite soft. (EDIT On reflection it wasn't sinking air, it was pilot error. I cut the engine when still on a little power and too soon, resulting in a more dynamic descent. Oops!) Fortunately nothing was damaged, many thanks to those that lined the fence to make sure I was OK, I was on the radio affirming the same before I took off the headset to let them know everything was OK. A take off from the same field got me airbourne again and blow me the floaty air second time around had me half way across the field on the proper landing. A great time was had by all, plus a lovely photo posted on Facebook which i will finish with: Probably my best side.
  6. I'm always properly dressed, you're not refering to my dingy photo are you? Always have outlandish trousers on mate.
  7. I say I am looking for an open field and I need landowners permission. Always face to face. Then go on to explain what is involved in PPG take-off and landing, adding that no damage is done to the surface and I have 3rd party insurance. When it comes to benefit for the farmer/landowner the offer of an occasional bottle of malt is usually most welcome.
  8. until

    Right I'm ready for the riverside fly-in, just got hold of a new 'toy' to while away the parawaiting.
  9. Matt I use EasyVFR for my moving map and airspace awareness. It is a free app that you update the airspace data on monthly at no cost. If you have an old phone that has GPS you can run it even without a SIM card, so it is dedicated to PPG. The battery lasts longer that way as well. I do always carry my regular phone for communication in case I need it.
  10. That sounds very limiting if you are completely surrounded by trees. Engines do fail and you don't want a tree landing. It sounds like you will need to travel to more open country to enjoy the sport.
  11. Pictures or it didn't happen. You never mentioned the kilt..
  12. Get proper training. Don't buy any kit until you are at least part way through your training and you know this sport is for you. You should have an idea of what sort of flying you want to do by then, this can influence your future purchases. Don't rush things. If you have any doubt about a flight, don't fly.
  13. Yes once the velcro is opened on the ground you can re-do/tuck it away so the tip steer toggles are just held on the magnets. They are plenty strong enough. Your thinking on the speedbar is correct, depends how you want to fly the glider. If you have trimmers and speedbar active then you should only use the tip steer
  14. Great progress! I fly a Solo and I would say get up to a decent height then try 1/2 then full trimmer out, you'll feel the extra speed. Get used to the trimmers before going for the speed bar, I don't use speedbar as the Solo flies fast enough for my needs. The tip steering is fantastic, once you are above 500 feet you can park the brakes and just use the tip steer.
  15. This is the recommendation from the Simonini manual: We recommend using a semi-synthetic oil (for example, BARDAHL with API TC specification) that, although inferior to a pure synthetic, remains mixed with gasoline in the tank for a longer period. It grants good lubrication and longer life to engine components. During the running-in stage, use an oil percentage of 3,5% and then move to 3% once the stage has been completed. The gasoline must have an octane number not lower than 95, in order to avoid preignition phenomena. Carefully mix the fuel oil in a tank is appropriate and it is better, once mixed, to use it within one week. Do not use vegetable or animal oil. DO NOT MIX DIFFERENT TYPES OF OIL. We do never recommend using Castrol TTS Oil. None guarantees by using this oil will be applied. So looks like 33-1 after break in.
  16. Check for any splits in the fuel line and primer bulb. Any air bubbles in the fuel line?
  17. I have had a good result asking at local club/establishments, in my case a golf club. The lady on the enquiry desk was a local and knew of a possible field and also recommended getting in touch with a local stable owner. It seemed counter intuitive to be speaking with someone that provides services for horses, that are a problem to avoid normally, but it turned out he had a suitable field. You need to ask anyone you can think of that that could have local knowledge of land and land owners. Good luck.
  18. Unfortunately yesterday I lost permission on the field I had been using for the past 3 1/2 years. In hindsight I couldn't have expected it to last forever, the original landowner who gave me permission died 12 months ago and the remaining family are not now in the area. There was a frontage of houses across the busy road some distance away and I have been flying a lot recently. Complaints came in.. However the crushing realisation that I had nowhere to fly from (permission being sort for a shared site elsewhere) redoubled my efforts this morning to search for another. With some concentrated digging, even approaching one of the golf clubs in the area (that was a no, unless MI6 can assist as they did for a Boris landing), the information gleaned led to singular permission on a new field that is closer to home. Yippee!
  19. I can only apologise from afar for the noise disturbance. I am not one of the pilots in your area but do take noise disturbance into account when flying, as I think all pilots should. The recommended approach is to take off and leave the area and also not to fly the same routes over and over. The disadvantage of flying a powered paraglider is that the acceptable weather window for flying is limited, generally to early mornings and evenings, hence the activity at this time.
  20. I'm guessing it is either aluminium or polycarbonate sheeting of some kind.
  21. Microavionics LED stobe. Brightest on the market, needs 12V supply/battery. In stock at CM Paramotors https://cmparamotors.com/
  22. Unfortunately a couple of the biggest dickheads on the paramotor scene also have rather large exposure on YouTube. Most PPG pilots will quietly get on with helping others with the same passion for PPG flight.
  23. The modern wing such as the Kougar 2 (2014) and the Dudek Solo (2019?) have specifications that include an extended weight range for trike use, whereas other modern wings don't. I have never understood this, can anyone enlighten me? I was always amazed at the very wide weight range that Paramania wings were specified over also.
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