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  1. Just make sure they're properly stamped/certified shackles. https://marine.wichard.com/en/stainless-steel-hardware/shackles Richard (Never do paramotor acro)
  2. If you're into PG, you must tick off Olu, 6000ft ttb's and some picturesque xc. Along with Arcachon, St André, Monaco, Golden, Queenstown, Chamonix, they're all "musts". Richard.
  3. Used all types of battery and LiFePo4 is the best - charging, life, performance. Just a bit expensive. https://shoraipower.com/ Richard
  4. The machine is not rated for acrobatics (you may not be either). We've lost quite a few friends as a result of 'spontaneous' acro. Please don't do it. Richard
  5. Apologies, I didn't have my glasses in use when I searched Amazon. Keywords we're correct, but the result was misleading...... keywords=castrol+power+1+racing+2t&dpPl=1&. Etc Richard
  6. Ok, it has changed then. In the mid 90's you couldn't legally operate any airband radio in flight unless you had a G-XXXX registered aircraft. Guessing this change is as a result of the licencing authority transfer to Ofcom. (We can still register our aircraft). Richard
  7. It does do something - it degrades glide, but I agree there's no point on PPG, especially on normal landings (dangerous). Richard
  8. Just degrades glide (L/D) ratio. Only used for forced tight spot landings and forced top landings in strong winds on a PG. Should never be used with a reflex PPG. Echo Jock's comments on "dangerous". Richard
  9. Used to be 3 concurrent qualifications for legal UK use of airband: 1 Pilot suitably rated 2 Aircraft suitably rated 3 Radio suitably rated Has it changed? Richard
  10. Difference in speed between the 26 and 28 is only between 1.5 and 2.0 kph according to my calculations. I think the only noticeable change would be running a bit faster on takeoff in nil wind scenarios. If you're fit, no issues for the smaller wing. Richard
  11. They're just different flying disciplines. I've done both for the last 22 years and they're only alike due to the wing similarity. PG - lots of waiting around, retrieves, lots of circle turning, long journeys to sites. 0 to 4 hours flying for a 10 hour day. PPG - 10 mins from home - 90 minute flight - back home in less than 3 hours. Also need thermic or ridge lift for PG, but not this much ..... .
  12. I would be very interested if you're willing to sell as a kit. I have 3 concerns with a number of existing trike designs: 1 drag (as above); 2 'turtle' on takeoff; 3 rough ground capabilities. Will watch closely on developments. Richard.
  13. I've used http://www.airkingpropellers.com in the past. Good quality, but I last ordered one 6 years ago. I still have it and it's still serviceable. Richard. (Good flying again last 2 days).
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