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  1. Mark Pugh

    Making yourself seen head to head with an Aircarft.

    There is a theory "It's a big sky", so chances of getting hit are slim. We are tiny in the sky, IF you did see a plane coming, we are not fast enough to get out of the way, so the only real option is to quickly pull wing overs and make yourself more "see-able". NOTAM's are the only real advice. Better to put them in 24 hours early and not fly...than not put them in!!!
  2. Mark Pugh

    Mark Pugh

    20th October, flying above the fog around Malvern.
  3. Mark Pugh

    Air Law

    Correct, so how do I get this added onto my Kobo?
  4. Mark Pugh

    Air Law

    No, there are other areas where there are no towns and houses, or unusual heights. It appears to show a maximum security prison has an exclusion zone up to 2200 feet and an 8km diameter column, with a Cat B prison nearby having no exclusion zone at all. In my ignorance and following my Kobo with updated airways, I would have happily flown closer to the prison at 1000 feet as it makes a great visual turnpoint. Labelled "EGR204-SFC-2200". AH, just found out, this restriction applies to helicopters only except Police ops.
  5. Mark Pugh

    Air Law

    I can see the restrictions, it's just EASY VFR shows so many more. Near airfields, every village has a surface to 1000 feet column, there are further and larger restrictions shown around certain ground structures, prisons, masts, etc. But these have never been seen before on my Kobo mini, so have a missed a setting I need to apply on the Kobo?
  6. Mark Pugh

    Away for the Winter

    Thanks for all these replies, puts my mind at rest. Think I'll keep trying to fly as late as possible; but put minimum fuel in tank so less to put through lawn mower later! I just put my first "Gallery" onto the website (27th September 2018), hope to fly tomorrow, wind direction and speed good, but ground very wet here. I'm expecting wing to dry out quickly in flight, but after landing will have to hang to dry in my garage for a few days.
  7. Mark Pugh

    27th September 2018, New Hadley

    My last flight in September with Richard. Just a "bimble" around Worcestershire, flying over the Hadley Bowling Green Pub to get pictures for the Landlord. Have to wrap up warmer for any more flights this year!
  8. Mark Pugh

    Air Law

    I have been flying with a kobo mini tablet with external GPS chip fitted to show me the "Map of the Air", where I can and can't officially go. Quite happy with this and it works well in the sunlight, also pointing me back to the landing field at all time sin the flight. BUT, recently I started using EASY VFR on my mobile phone as it shows NOTAMS in my area; but it also shows a lot more restrictions, usually Ground to 2000 feet areas, that I should not fly in. Why are the two different air maps so different? I have my Advanced Paraglider license, my BHPA POWER rating and took numerous paper exams on Air Law, but in reality I just learnt enough to get past the exam and keep out of main airways. Does anyone know why there are so many surface restrictions shown on EASY VFR App.?
  9. Hi John, did you learn to PPG? Do you still fly? I'm near Stratford-on-Avon and have my own kit but always looking for new flying partners. 07505001733, text me.


  10. Beginning to realise that I probably won't be flying every week anymore, nights much longer, less daylight, wet weather and windy. Obviously there will be odd days in the winter when everything comes together.... a day off work, hard frosts and beautiful blue skies with light breeze, but for the main part, flying may well be over for a few months. I'm new to the hobby, what do I need to do to my motor? Do I need to empty fuel tank and run it dry? Will two stroke seize up all my pipes and clog my carburettor? Do I spray WD40 down the spark plug hole? Or do I just start it up once a month and let it tick-over for a few minutes? I have a Parajet Zenith Thor Polini 130.
  11. Mark Pugh

    Would you wear a helmet?

    I like wearing a helmet, completely covers my growing bald patch
  12. Mark Pugh

    Epsilon 3

    Yes, seemed a nice guy. The revo 2 was a combination of right price, right age and suitable for a low hours PPG pilot. A few tried to encourage me to get something faster (ITV Billy) but they are so much more money and EN-C rated. Very pleased with this combination, only had 7 hours of flying so far, but don't expect to change anything soon. If I want to get somewhere fast, it will not be on my PPG !!!
  13. Mark Pugh

    Nuneaton paramotoring

    Hi, I'm currently flying in the Worcester area but would prefer to start flying in Warwickshire where I live. Anyone local flying???
  14. Mark Pugh

    Paramotoring near Stratford-on-Avon

    WOW, three months and not a single reply..... Does no-one fly in Warwickshire?
  15. Mark Pugh

    Spark Plug sensor

    I have a GP4 by gpcrono fitted to my Zenith paramotor. It no longer displays the cylinder head temperature. I require a new spark plug sensor to fit this system. It is a ring that fits under the spark plug with a thermocouple wire going to my device. Does anyone know where I can purchase this item? I go online and it's all in Italian !