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  1. Newbies ( want to fly a paramotor? )

    If you are interested in paramotor training, new to the sport or just the site. Please introduce yourself in here. We can help you to find a paramotor instructor near you, or a club if your already flying.

  2. Paramotor Training Blogs

    Paramotor training blogs, Start a thread with your name and post away. Contains some great blogs from day 1 of training, buying a paramotor, to first flight. Please try to keep the content on topic, not too social and focused on the task you carried out. Training Blogs are designed for reflective learning and the sharing of experiences.

  3. PMC Training Courses

    Details of specific paramotor training courses being run by the PMC.

  4. Events

    Paramotor Club Fly-in at Oxford!! 11,12,13th of September. All welcome.

  5. Paramotoring Videos & Aerial photography

    Embed you favourite YouTube PPG clips (clean please) Anything related to filming from the air with a paramotor. Your space!

  • Upcoming Events

    • 12 July 2019 Until 14 July 2019
      This year we have chosen Cheltenham Spa as our location for the RDA, PMC main summer event. It honestly is an amazing venue!
      Of course there will be Fireworks, Music, A selection of food vendors, 24-hour fire pit, and 24-hour licensed security. (more to come ) 
      What's this RDA thing???
      This year, the PMC has chosen to support the RDA (Riding for Disabled) which is a super cool national charity who provide therapy through horse contact. RDA research shows that riders experience significant positive change in their capacities for communication, confidence, enjoyment, relating, physical improvement and learning horsemanship.
      Because this event is a Charity event, please note the slightly different pricing structure below. 
      Full PMC members £10 in the charity pot (pretty please)
      Not a full PMC member and flying? £30 (or click > and join as a full member before the event for £30 and enjoy 3 fly-ins a year FOC!)  
      Non Flying guest, partner £25
      Children under 16 £0
      Tandem flights will be available (please PM well in advance if your keen) 
      There will be Fireworks! Big ones, it may or may not work as planned but either way, they will be big and they will go off ! lol

      Food, we have: Vegetarian and meat wraps van, pizza van, and a burger van. :
      Of course there will be a 'heated' bar, and the fire pit (you do NOT need to bring logs this time!! )  
      As always we will have the impossible to replicate, amazing PMC 'vibe' which is created by the awesome people that attend!  To quote the very first PMC t-shirt, It's the Pilots that make the Party!  (free pint for anyone that turns up that still has one of these!!) lol
      More info to follow, 200 pilots max so please ensure you RSVP (log in and use the green button at the top of the page that says GOING )
      As always, we hope to see you there!!!   PM or post a message if you have any questions.