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  1. On the weekend I traveled to collect a paramotor and in passing it was said, at the airfield, they look forward to seeing me again but when I learned to fly I cannot land or take off from the field unless I had BHPA training. This closed shop mentality really gets up my nose and is the reason I left the Microlight Association some 25 years ago, and at leased they had some legitimacy in law - and did they ever milk it. The agrument went 'why aren't the officials and board members pursuing, on behalf of their membership, the same rights to fly as people enjoy in the States'. After all the assemb
  2. I should quailify my statement: The above would be entirely correct but there is a grey area if you set yourself up as a professional teacher as opposed to someone that is giving flying lessons. Just because you can obtain insurance does not make you a professional teacher, ie. You need insurance to teach someone to drive but that does not make you a professional driving instructor. There is also a grey area regarding payment for lessons but that is another arguement.
  3. Your solicitor is quite correct where the person you teach is of sound mind and of age to make their (note the correct spelling of the word) own decisions.
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