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  1. OK anyone got a pap safari 125 and know the torque settings for cylinder head. Don't seem to find them anywhere even the manual I downloaded talks about torque the nuts up after 2 hours flying but does not tell you what too Cheers steve
  2. I am trying to get training I live in Devon and iam already a paraglider pilot pilot rated, I have all my own paramotor kit and I have flown before many years ago and iam now trying to get back into it. The problem I see is there are too few training schools bhpa and non bhpa to serve the vast amount of people wanting to learn, just look at ebay and how many paramotors there are for sale some very new. Then where to fly farmers are a bit reluctant to alow you to use there land so your left with a club my nearest is 50 miles away which the prices are going up to join because there's so many paramotor pilots in there club which there are also light aircraft that fly from the sight and they have a quoter per day that can fly from that sight ,if too many paramotors turn up the less light aircraft which is causing a problem in the use of the sight ,so they have put up the joining fees .. I am not sure the best out come ,I think it will settle down you have guys think it's great to paramotor then it's not for them and sell up ebay ,you have you have the paramotor pilots and then the paraglider/paramotor pilots who want to extend there air time like me. We have to buy more kit so we can be seen by other aircraft it's not law but it will soon be law so after all that, is it worth it. I my self think it is ,if flying is all you do for sport and fun then you have to keep going but there comes a time when it's to much to keep going I still paraglider and that's my main flying but ...... So what's your thoughts for the future of paramotoring
  3. Hi guys any of you can point me in the right direction to the use of a field, fields in the crediton devon area any info would help
  4. Hi any of you guys ever used a fuel guage and what type ,and is it worth it I am looking at the flymaster m1 as I have flymaster instrument and they can talk to each other without wires. But the cost it does a lot is it worth it, also flarm anyone using the aircraft detecting systems and what sort. Covid is nearly over fingers crossed is there and groups of paramotor pilots in the exeter area to contact. Stay safe cheers steve
  5. Hi starting back at paramotoring already pilot rated paraglider pilot. Is there a club to join in the devon area Cheers steve
  6. hi ok i have a reaction tst and the speed bar lines have a long travel. longer then most glider speed bar lines . i have not flown my wing yet but i have staticaly set the travel of the lines in my hangar(garage) my findings were when the speed bar was applied the brummel hooks would hit the first pulley on my harness the only way out of this was to move the pulleys further down the harness and a bit forward then also attach another pulley to the front of the harness as well to make the travel smooth my harness is a supair for a pap paramotor there was a mod for it in one of the mags out there which was fastening a pulley on a loop of line but i chose to check out the harness pulley positions mark out the harness where i want them sewn and send the harness away to aerofix who did a fanstic job in positioning the pulleys , i can get full travel now with out pulley and brummel hook fouling
  7. i have used aerofix for nearly for years with no problems never used the loft steve
  8. hi after a great deal of brain bashing i have come up with the answer for the 12v battery and where to put it other than the harness pocket i have taken photos and will be happy to pass them on to others who need help. the fastening is above the engine cowl and on the frame behind the harness cheers steve
  9. H i there i have fitted a strob to my pap 1400 so there we have it now my problem is where do i put the 12v battery and in what, any one out there with the same kit or have had the same problem on another type of motor please let me know how you solved it cheers steve
  10. gliderman


    thanks guys i got a lot of info on batterys and strobes there cheers gliderman
  11. gliderman


    hi i have a pap 1400 and want to put a strobe on it i have been looking at the micro avionics strobe on ebay but also need a battery any one out there got any info on this unit and battery to run it cheers gliderman
  12. Hi just starting to get back into paramotoring from a long lay off already spoke to farmer dave and know him its a small world i am keen to meet all and sundray . join a club if needed i am a paraglider pilot pilot rating ,club coach but choose not to be anymore and winch rated . been gliding for 10 years plus mainly on dart moor. but weather and family work are been a pain to get out so decided to take up paramotoring again to double my are time cheers steve newstead you may know me?
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