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  1. LOL, I agree about more flying fields needed. Enough rapeseed oil to run a car for a year can be grown on just over 2 acres. Each individual is allowed by law to make 2500 litres of diesel for their own use a year before they have to declare it or pay fuel duty etc. The by products can be used as heating oil and organic fertiliser My plan is to make my kit available for all those who want to make their own, but haven't got the kit and space to do it. This is part of my long running drive to stop giving a significant amount of my hard earned to those crooks and conmen in Westminster.
  2. After a year or so of planning and researching, I've just bought a Bio Diesel plant. Don't be surprised if you see my car towing a trailer with a collection tank sneaking around your local chippy! Seriously, If anyone has a few acres here and there suitable for growing oilseed rape, let me know. We can do a deal on fuel? Donations of vegetable oil will be gratefully received once I've got it up and running
  3. erm, I have a book that contains a section on juggling firesticks WHILE unicycling? Any good?
  4. I'm in Beers/whisky on you this time Simon
  5. they're on special offer in Boots Mike. You could also buy some cream for saddle rash there too
  6. Certainly an interesting proposition. Until I was made redundant last year, 90% of the business I was doing was leased. There are some good leasing companies out there, but there are some downright sharks too! I'd be interested to see more details
  7. well, it's July 29th, and I'm stuck in a westcountry field in the pissin rain. Some things never change
  8. I'm a bit pissed off right now. By removing myself from the list, It's just cost me £1.50 to opt out of a service I didn't ask for in the first place! I'm a tight bastard, so I will be working out a way of claiming back the £1.50 because it is an unfair charge. I will also be claiming £40 per hour for the time it takes. I'll keep you posted
  9. you could also argue that the comment of "Unfreindly" contributes nothing to the description of the transaction, which is the purpose of the FB system. However, in this case my favourite would be suggesting to Ebay that they have failed to police their own rules by not upholding your instructions about a UK only sale. They refunded your FVF, but did they also refund the listing fee? I think not. They (Ebay) are in breach of contract.
  10. Simon, If the title of the film is "The Great Misadventure" you can watch it on Youtube in segments. Just trype in Burke & Wills
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