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  1. I can relate to watching the big birds soaring and wishing I could do that. A bit short of Eagles here in Devon, but plenty of gulls. Inch by inch I'm getting closer to being able to do what they do. only this morning I stole ice creams from two toddlers and mugged an old lady for her chips I have a pair of I-Boy gloves brand new still in the packet. Size large if of any help? Let me know where to send them
  2. Is it the same film crew as the UK Tip to Tip?
  3. OK, being a newbie I could use some help. If there were to be a Devon club, presumably a flying site would be required?. Could someone mail me a list of basic requirements etc so I can start looking around on my travels? I live less than 2 miles from the Dartmoor park boundary and will happily start putting feelers out
  4. There isn't one in Devon yet? Anyone working on that?
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