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  1. GerardTC

    Ozone Roadster 3

    The modification is very simple. Just untie the tip line, pull it out from the ring and connect it to the brake handle with a bowline.
  2. GerardTC

    Ozone Roadster 3

    For all the Roadster pilots, I found my R3 24 to be a bit slow in turning and response. Last day I attached the wingtip handles to the brakes. The difference is very noticeable! Now it feels more agile and reactive. The downside is that the brake pressure is higher, but nothing exaggerated. Regards
  3. GerardTC

    Thor 200. Problem with RPM

    Hi there, Today I changed the pilot and main jets. Previous combination was 48-142 and the new one is 45-140, more appropriate to the altitude and temperature I use to fly (300-700m, 15-25ºC) However there's still more margin of adjustment by tightening or loosening the air screw. Can someone tell me how it works? Counter clockwise makes the mixture leaner? Thanks in advance!
  4. GerardTC

    Thor 200. Problem with RPM

    Hi Simon! Thanks for your reply. I have a temp gauge and I constantly watch it to avoid over heating. In level flight (despite the problem with rpm) I get around 170-190 ºC. At higher rpm I never let it go over 230ºC.
  5. GerardTC

    Thor 200. Problem with RPM

    Hi there, I am new to this forum, although I've been reading you for quite some time. I am experiencing some issues with my Polini Thor 200. When flying between 5100 and 5400 rpm the thrust is never constant. This only happens at this rpm range, so it's very annoying keeping level flight. I guess the carburetor (PWK) has something to do with it. Any of you have experienced this issue with your paramotor? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.