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  1. Thank you Jim! Fortunately I sold this engine a couple of months ago. For those interested in Polini motors... stay away from them! They are heavy, unreliable and difficult to tune and disassembly. The only advantage is that when they are correctly tuned they are very smooth and powerful. Regards
  2. I am selling my PAP paramotor with a Polini Thor 200 engine. About 190 hours of flight time. The piston and cylinder need to be replaced (link to PAP). There is a hole in the piston and the cylinder wall is a bit damaged. Parts I changed recently: Reed valve High Flow kit (fuel pump, airbox, carb, cylinder head) Fan Gaskets Harness is size Large. 125cm carbon prop + spare 130cm prop with a small hit. Asking 1800 GBP.
  3. Hi all, This post is addressed to the Admin but I'm curious to know what other users think about it. I find browsing on mobile devices very annoying and intrusive due to the sticky ads at the top. Even if I close them they appear over and over again... And they take about 20% of the vertical space (in a 6" phone). As a UX/UI designer let me tell you this is a big no no for usability. This forum doesn't have a large volume of visits, so the advertising revenue must be low, very low. Assuming 50K visits/month (I am being very generous) the revenue is less than 3GBP/month. Is it really worth it? There are better ways to monetize a website. Please take it as a constructive criticism. Gerard
  4. This carburetor is almost new. Less than 5 hours of use
  5. Hi again, I sent the carburetor to PAP so they can take a closer look. They adjusted the float height but yesterday I tried the engine and the carburetor keeps flooding (a lot) and stalling the engine. I wonder if the problem could be caused by the fuel pump...
  6. Hi all, I installed the HF kit for my Thor 200 (new carb, airbox, head cylinder, reed valve...). The problem I am experiencing is caused by the carburetor. The engine runs smooth but after a while (sometimes after few minutes, sometimes after increasing rpm) it overflows and floods the engine... In this video you can see the gasoline leaking not through the lower overflow tubes but from the valve pointing up: In the pic attached I marked the valve. I suspect it is related to the float height but after some adjustments nothing improves... Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks in advance
  7. Stay away from Polinis. The most unreliable engines out there!
  8. Hi there, After some adjustments to the carburetor of my Thor200, yesterday I made a 2h flight. The engine performed very well and the CHT in level flight never never exceeded 160ºC. Consumption was low. About 3,8 l/h. However, after inspecting the spark plug I am afraid it's running lean. What do you think? Thanks in advance
  9. View Advert Ozone Roadster 3 24m Selling my Ozone Roadster 3 24m in red, white and blue. Bought it this year and put 15 hours on it. Almost new. Excellent condition. No repairs, pores or scratches. Always stored indoor. The reason I am selling it is because I'll go for a more advanced wing, probably the Speedster. Asking 2850€ Regards Advertiser GerardTC Date 11/12/19 Price £2,400.00 Category Wings  
  10. Selling my Ozone Roadster 3 24m in red, white and blue. Bought it this year and put 15 hours on it. Almost new. Excellent condition. No repairs, pores or scratches. Always stored indoor. Comes with the original bags, stickers, repair kit and speed bar. The reason I am selling it is because I'll go for a more advanced wing, probably the Speedster. Asking 2700€ / £2300 More pics coming soon, Regards
  11. This is my very first wing. I did the course with a 28m non-reflex wing, but it's not comparable to the R3. Maybe I should go for the 22m R3. I am on a Thor 200 (32kg) and I've got plenty of power... my level flight is around 5000rpm.
  12. I have the R3 24. It's my first wing and I have about 20h on it. My all up weight is about 115 kg. Inflation and take off is quite easy (I have a 200cc engine ), even in nil wind. Trims are nice, with about 10km/h difference between trims in and trims out. My only concern is that it responds slow to brake inputs. To improve maneuverability and response I attached the tip steering lines to the main brakes. The results are noticeable but still feels a bit slow (in the turns) for me. Regards!
  13. Sorry for the delay, Only the Thor 200 with electrical starter has a regulator. Mine doesn't. Yesterday I tried the engine with the new stator on the ground. Fortunately it started at the first pull (after weeks grounded) and the RPM at idle stayed constant. About 2000 rpm +- 50. This weekend I'll see how it behaves in flight. Regards!
  14. You were right! Last day I couldn't start my engine. Checked the spark plug and the spark was very weak and inconsistent during the start pulls. A mechanic (who is also a pilot) tested the stator with a multimeter and confirmed it is fried...
  15. Thanks for your suggestion, After few tests I've finally found the correct adjustment for my carb. Hight jet: 140 Low jet: 42 Needle clip: middle position Air screw. 1+ 1/8 turn out. Engine runs very smooth on the medium range. No more jumps from 5000 rpm to +6000rpm. Tops at 7850. Drastic reduction in CH temp (20-30 ºC in medium range and 40-50 ºC in max range) However I still have some issues... Rough idle. Jumps constantly from 1400 to 2500 rpm. Not a problem when flying. I have some leaks from the spark plug. I've realized that I don't have the small washer that should be placed between the CH and the spark plug cooler (see pic 1). I've tried to replace it with the temp gauge but it still leaks. Does anyone have the thickness measurements of this washer? And should I remove the washer that all spark plugs have at the top (pic 2)? Thanks in advance
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