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  1. Once passed, you are welcome to come and fly with us. We have a small group down in Tamworth, 20mins from you.
  2. Richard Leishman

    Training and BHPA

    Thanks Andy. My experience was the opposite of this, but I can only speak of what I experienced at my time of training. July 18 On the other hand, there are people that have no patience or interest in learning, they just want the quick answers to getting in the air, and once they go flying on their own, all the etiquette, procedures and checks go out the window. I'm in no way affiliated to Brad other than he trained me and that I have been back up to fly with him on a few occasions by the way
  3. Richard Leishman

    Training and BHPA

    Welcome. I am a relatively new pilot. I agree with Simon, train who you feel comfortable with and fits your training style. Personally, I trained with Brad Quinn and his training style worked well with me. Being in that circle, I have met and flown with many people who trained with him also. With regards to what AndyB says, while with Brad I trained alongside another student who had come from another UK school who was told he was ready for his first flight, but he clearly couldn't kite. I think it happens both ways, not because there are bad trainers, but more because there has to be some connection/synergy between the tutor/student. Sorry AndyB 😘 Remember, this is a fun sport and training should be fun also!
  4. Richard Leishman

    Bore Chasers Take-off and Landing Compilation

    Quality isn't too great as they are clips from the Insta360, but they work.
  5. Nice to see you all at Bore Chasers, I have put together a small compilation of launches and landing from the event. Let me know if you are in it! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVkxFoPUl5U
  6. Richard Leishman


    Lovely picture of me, Thank You!
  7. Richard Leishman


    Hi Guys, Sorry to bump an old thread but just thought I would give a little update on my progression. I started training with Brad Quinn at the end of July and I can not fault the guy at all. Split up due to weather, in total I had around 5 days of lessons on the field and 2 days in the classroom; through summer, a typical day being 6am-10am, siesta, 7pm-11pm. Training was at each individuals pace and my training felt almost one to one. I was taught to Brad's own syllabus which everything was focussed around safety first which he also tests you on multiple times. I bought my maverick and spyder through Brad which also saved me over a grand. Thanks, Richard
  8. Richard Leishman

    Looking for local flyers

    I am over in Tamworth if you fancy a beer.
  9. Richard Leishman

    Just took first flight and a wanted

    I am not too sure on the name Hann, but it was a swaying pendulum effect.
  10. Richard Leishman

    Just took first flight and a wanted

    I ended up buying a training harness from UKPPG as looking out the window over the field was eating me up. I do not feel 100% confident to go on flights on my own yet, will have a few more with my trainer. OMG i see what you mean! https://www.screwfix.com/p/jsp-spartan-3-point-harness/8452g
  11. Richard Leishman

    Just took first flight and a wanted

    Thank you Scott.
  12. Hi All, I took my first flight on Sunday evening, absolutely amazing. I have always wanted to do something like this but did not think it would happen due to myself being scared of heights. Around two years ago my mother started pestering me to do a hot air balloon ride as it is something she has always wanted to do. I reluctantly said yes and this took place around six months ago from Nottingham with Virgin Balloon Flights. Absolutely loved it and felt so safe in the air. Since then I have put my fear down to a fear of falling as I can not go 2 meters up a ladder without shatting myself! My first paramotor flight: I took off fine with the first run with a reverse; there was so much going on that I didn't get time to think about what I had just done until I got to just over 500ft. I levelled out and put the brakes up, took a look around and almost shat myself (fear of falling). My tutor lets me fly around but asked me to stay close to the field. After 15 minutes, he asks me to proceed to 1000ft where I circled the field a few times while he continued to talk to me about what I was experiencing and what to expect. He then talked me through performing a quick decent manoeuvre back down to 500ft which made me sick. On coming into land, I didn't listen to my tutor properly and were a little premature on my braking. One of the strange things I noticed is that when you have been so high, 3-4 meters off the ground feels like you are touching down. I ended up stalling at around 1 meter and elegantly dropped to my feet and then forward to my knees. Later on in the evening, I did some research about sickness, and I am going to try ginger root tablets next time I fly. Enough of that anyway. The real reason I am writing this. I get the impression they are like gold dust, but I am looking for an old harness that can be used for ground handling. It would be nice to have a harness so that I can play around with my ozone spyder and possibly let a friend or two feel what ground handling is like. If you have anything, please let me know. Thank you for your time and happy flying!
  13. Richard Leishman

    Take off and landing locations

    Thanks Andy, much appreciated.
  14. Richard Leishman

    Take off and landing locations

    Thanks Andy, The last thing I want to do is annoy people in my area by taking off without permission etc, I hear that quite a lot of farmers already have bad experiences with light aircrafts etc. I have heard of people offering to make a donation to the air ambulance service in exchange to use their land, this backs up what you have said about liability on the land. My plan would be to take off and then go off to fly somewhere else and come back later on to land.
  15. Richard Leishman

    Take off and landing locations

    Hi Tony, I have 7 days training booked with a paramotor training company up north which start on 28th June and I will ask my instructor but it is nice to get a feeling of what others do.