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  1. Yes I second Simon's thumbs up for EOS spares. Rob has spares in stock and can get them to you very quickly. He genuinely believes that after sales and support is a top priority and that was a major factor in my going with WASP and the EOS engine.
  2. Yes you're right, many years ago the first version EOS100's did have some issues but they have been resolved over time. The EOS150 has developed through a series of design upgrades up to the current highly refined 2020 model. EOS is always improving and innovating and I find that a real plus point. I have the 2018 model and it has proven to be flawless. To demonstrate EOS' commitment to the sport there is a 4-stroke (Quattro) approaching release and that will be a ppg game changer, offering smooth, linear power and maintaining the same light weight criteria. Everybody has brand loy
  3. I have no experience of the Maverick as I was guided foremost by weight and power. The best thing is to get them both on your back and see how they feel. That will tell you what suits you best according to your body build, fitness and what will match your flying needs. Spec sheets only tell you the bare technicalities but beyond that you need to know what feels "right" for you. I know Rob is more than happy to demo the rig and advise you ............ without pushing for sales! www.wasppg.com
  4. PLEASE don't buy anything until you have been trained. I did and I paid many times over in wasted time , money and failed launches!!! It's really frustrating not having your own gear but wait until you know what you need....not what someone will sell to you or looks "nice". We are all different and what suits pilot A may be totally unsuitable for pilot B. Hang in there and buy the right gear the first time.
  5. Check out the WASP Titanium with EOS150. That's my rig and I absolutely love it. At my age and fitness (ha!) level I needed the lightest but powerful setup I could find and this is the absolute best I found. www.wasppg.com
  6. Hi Magnus Have you considered the latest 2020 EOS150 instead of the older EOS100 Booster for just a little extra cost? Rob Ferrero at www.wasppg.com can give you all the help you need in fitting the engine, mounts etc. With that and cas_whitmore's help you will be up and away in no time with a lightweight and powerful engine. cheers, Paul
  7. Hi Justin For a little extra I would recommend going for the latest 2020 version EOS150 rather than the EOS100 booster. It is a superb motor with all the power and reliability you could want with incredibly low weight. Give Rob Ferrero a call at www.wasppg.com for details.
  8. Shotan

    Bizzare Lamels

    I was in exactly the same school with regards to tiny bits of plastic flapping like caught tiddlers in the net until I read your post. How can such flexible, loosely fixed items work against the power of torque? Logic and instinct says they can't but your post-cynical conclusion is very persuasive. My Wasp with EOS150, plus my immense bulk" doesn't give me any torque problems but if ever I manage to lose the flab perhaps I'll be sending off for a pack?
  9. Shotan


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