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  1. True that. We'll see what I end up with. It's going to be light and will deliver loads of fun, I'm sure.
  2. Then it definitely qualifies as a bad idea. Too bad as I have a bad feeling about the EOS engine when it comes to reliability and maintenance. Maybe I've just been reading too much.
  3. Is mounting a Atom 80 on the AC frame a bad idea? Construction-wise and considering the inherent torque compensation of the frame and the motor not using belt drive. The motor needs to be mounted 35ish mm higher (top engine mounts). I would probably opt for a whole carbon fiber plate or two vertical plates.
  4. My plan was to have horizontal or vertical carbon fiber plates between the mounting points, with holes for the frame and the engine mounts. But looking at your pictures I can see that vertical plates are not an option. Would it be possible to have 2-2.5 inch wide horizontal plates between the mounting points? Or will some part of the engine be in the way?
  5. Excellent, thanks a bunch. I just have to figure out how to make a mounting bracket with an immerged bolt. The distance between the holes is not big enough to fit the bolt head, right? Seems like you have plenty space between engine and frame. Any particular reason for using different lengths for top and bottom?
  6. I'm from Sweden, so unfortunately no. Thank you.
  7. Yes, according to the technical drawing of the engine it needs at least 42mm clearance because of the pull starter. And I figure another 15-20mm, for good measure, would do it. But I only have the drawings and pictures to work with. The dealers for the engine and frame are both 250 miles from where I live. According to my calculations to vertically center the prop axel, the top engine mount needs to be mounted 2.5mm below the hole in the frame. Is that in accordance with your measurements? Also, how is noice and vibrations of the EOS compared to Top 80?
  8. Cas, would these do for mounting the the EOS 100 on the AC frame? To create the necessary distance from the frame. https://shop.aviatorppg.com/products/air-conception-xl-motor-mounts-delta-frame How long are the spacers that you use? They seem pretty long. Why move the engine so far from the frame? Because of the exhaust?
  9. Thank you! I've watched the video series before, but forgot about it. Yea, I'm very tempted to take on this project. But then I hesitate because I know myself. How do you make the spacers to distance the engine from the frame? Are these parts readily available in stores? I can get help to manufacture carbon plates for moving the mounting points. But I don't know how to distance the engine correctly from the frame. I just realized that it's the rigid frame that you can get modded for any engine. Not that it matters much for me. I prefer to keep it assembled anyways. But not having the option of taking it apart might end up being frustrating.
  10. In an attempt to sound knowledgeable and smart I'll answer "Yes". In reality it was more because of weight and practicality. But it does seem like the fuel tank and EOS geometry might not play nice. Yes, the actual implementation seems pretty straightforward. I might end up going this route. I'll make sure to test fly the Miniplane ABM first though.
  11. I'm starting to question myself about this very minor customization, just because of my limited technical know-how and lack of patience. It seems that I can get the Miniplane ABM with EOS mounts from the manufacturer, so I think that might be the better option for me.
  12. Custom in the sense that I was planning on putting an EOS engine on the Air conception delta frame. So not very custom. Although, I'm curious about the total weight of the Air conception machines. They claim very low weight everywhere, and the Miniplane is still just as light. The numbers don't add up. So a Miniplane ABM with EOS 100 and the AC soft fuel tank should make for a very light setup. 17.5ish kg.
  13. I've been flying for five years and haven't had to power launch yet, so that's not a problem. Ideally I would like my new engine to be light, comfortable and easy to maintain. Top 80 on ABM frame is on the list. It just nags me that I could get a motor that weigh almost 5 kg less with custom parts. But I'm also not very technical so there's that. I'm also on the fence about belt drive. It feels like yet another finicky thing that needs attention every now and then. Cas, if you had to choose one of your setups, which one would you keep?
  14. So you have both the AC race and Miniplane frame? How do they compare? Is it the ABM frame?
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