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  1. Thanks. I have read elsewhere about the weight, but good to know its reliable if I can lift it.
  2. I was considering a volution, but those weights are crazy. Is it really that heavy? Sorry to hijack thread, but I have been unable to find out the weight differences between the maverick, zenith and volution. Does anyone know what the difference is between the 3 (with the same engine obviously)
  3. Bumping a very old thread... Did the thor 130 turn out to be any good, and is it reliable? I have an option on a paramotor with this engine that's seems decent, but I can find very limited reviews or info on the engine. I am also not great mechanically, so would need something reliable.
  4. Thanks all. Maybe I'm overthinking it then. I just assumed you wouldn't be able to leave it in any bag. Although my old ground handling wing doesn't have a dewbag or mushroom bag. I'm not too fussed if that get a bit of mould on it, hopefully my proper one will and thats what I'm thinking about.. Looking at the pics of the Dudek Dewbag, that would be great if you can just leave it to dry in one of those. Thanks
  5. Nobody else? I cant be the only one struggling with this surely?
  6. Thanks. You must have a bigger dining room than I have though! I guess the other option is bunching it up into a rosette and hanging it off the garage ceiling by the risers. Presumably this would work if only the top was wet, but is the underside was somehow wet it would just pool into itself.
  7. P.S. whats the rough length and width of a paramotor wing?
  8. Hi all, Not sure if there is a prize for the wierdest post of the year. If so, here is my entry 😀 I'm trying to get some groundhandling practice, but everywhere is soaking wet. So even though I've only got a cheap groundhandling wind, I need to dry it out afterwards. Having done it so far by just spreading it out as much as possible in the living room, and suffering the obvious marital problems that occur with such a plan, my mind has gone into overdrive thinking of other solutions I can use in the garage. I cant be the first surely? Please post any novel ideas and pics of how you dry your wings here please? So far, I'm thinking: 1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Minky-Retractable-Washing-Drying-Space/dp/B0001A96H2 crossing backwards and forwards across the garage a few times. Not sure if I would have to drape the glider over it(is it so thin it could cause damage), or use clothes pegs on the trailing edge (would that also cause damage?) Has anyone dried their wing on a clothes line outside and did it cause damage 2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Original-SHEILA-MAID-Airer-Rail/dp/B00IUL3DRS Or similar. I think you would have to concertina the wing garage floor to ceiling across its back to front, if that makes sense. Not sure the gaps would be wide enough when you get to the leading edge profiles. Would be draped over almost in a IVVVI shape 3. A homemade version of 2. I'm wondering about replacing the metal ends of the above with 2 garage-width lengths of plywood hanging from the ceiling, with holes the diameter of 40mm plastic plumbing pipes cut into them. Then concertina the wing over these front to back as above. In all of the above cases, I've not really thought about the wires and risers. I'm assuming they could get in a right mess. Its such a common problem, someone out there must have a good way of doing this. Or do I just need to man up and tell the wife to deal with her cream carpet... Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks, that helps a lot. Definitely something to reconsider then.
  10. Might be worth considering again then. What machine is that on? Does it need to be something light or is it also OK on say a parajet V3?
  11. Is that 100Kg including kit or 100Kg plus kit? I really like the look of these but at 85-90Kgs out of bed in the morning I deduced from reading around that it would be a no-go.
  12. Another one I found on YT. Looks like it was a DVD at some point, so not sure what the situation is with copyright. That said, its been on there since 2017 so plenty of time to have been taken down. Pretty sure its the guy from skyschool.
  13. I found this the other day and think it is worth a watch:
  14. What's the deal with insurance and/or compensation when in checked baggage? Are there limits on compensation? Looks amazing otherwise.
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