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  1. Thanks everyone. Sounds like I might get away with an 80 then. As you say, I do like the idea of smooth/quiet/smooth over noise and grunt, but obviously did t want to struggle either. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. Perhaps I have over complicated the question by putting the fuel burn specs in. I am primarily trying to work out which engines are suitable for my weight, and which I should consider in terms of reliability etc. Good shout on bailey, dont want to be stuck with something unsupported. I mainly just want straight and level A to B and maybe some low level. Is atom likely.to be any good based on my weight?
  3. I'm around 85-90kgs and looking at what machine to buy. I'll be a beginner. I'm training next year, but if a decent used machine turns up I'm tempted to buy one now. The place I'm going to learn to fly at uses atom 80s, and they reckon they are plenty for my weight. I also like the sound of a quieter motor. Is anyone else of this weight flying on an Atom 80, and if so how do you find it? Or am I over what the engine would be comfortable with? Ideally I'd rather stay away from the moster as from what I understand they are thirsty, noisy and probably too much power for a beginner of my weight. And I keep hearing about cracked exhausts! Are there any other good options for engine? Not decided if I am going to buy new or used yet (possibly a combination of both). If I go with used, I'll obviously have even less choice, which might not actually be a bad thing! I'm also not very mechanically minded, so need something thats easy to look after and doesn't need too much tinkering. And would prefer something that wasn't too niche and without backup. I started putting together a list of engines and specs. Anyone care to advise which to consider and which to avoid? Or is it really a split between atom and moster? Thanks in advance
  4. Are any of them active members on here, or do you have contact details for any of them?
  5. Thanks, that's helpful. Once I complete first part of training I will keep an eye out. Sounds like any of the three with a moster will be suitable, so may just come down to what is available on the market at the time.
  6. The 645 is available new for not much over that, and is probably better spec now. Its has an altimeter and is same form factor as fenix, so think it would work if Stu could enable it. I can confirm from limited testing in my bike it seems to work fine on my 935. Good stuff. Thanks
  7. I had a go at this tonight, but unfortunately the wind had dropped too much. Got it up in the air a couple of times but wasnt enough wind to keep it there. Unless my field wasnt open enough of course. Will try in the morning. Quick question though. My wing is old and doesn't have split As. Do I just hold the middle A wires directly, or do I hold all As? Thanks
  8. Thanks, watched that and a couple of others. Looks too windy for a few days, will see if it drops towards dusk but either way will definitely not clip in.
  9. Thats really not good. And I can see how you would be mighty hacked off with helping out someone else's customers when they aren't ready. Just to add a bit of balance, there is at least one (non-BHPA) school in the UK I know of, who it turns out is just as well known, and that school is still trading. I spoke to someone the other week who just walked away and forgot about the money due to safety concerns and is now looking for another instructor. So it isn't presumably just an 'abroad vs UK' thing. That said, I can see how if someone in the UK is 80% ready they can just keep going. At the end of a course abroad if someone is 80%, then there must be a greater temptation to just pass them. Its not right, but I can see how that would be the commercial reality. Hopefully the BHPA will do something about it anyway, as they maintain the standards of the schools whether abroad or in UK. If it is caused by the limited time perhaps they need to do some kind of partnership scheme where people can 'hours build' abroad and complete at home. Thats not an unusual way of doing things in other forms of aviation. It would also allow some kind of monitoring as to the standard people were coming out of various schools at. If someone attends only one school, there is no real scrutiny over the standard of their trainees. I just know for myself and others I've spoken to, it can be very difficult to manage training in the UK around other committments, especially if the nearest school is some distance away. Training abroad can end up being the only option. I'm not sure what the answer is though. Speaking as a beginner, it can be very difficult to know who is good and who isn't.
  10. Is that down to the instructors or just the time limits? Is it true of BHPA schools also, in which case to they all not have to follow the same syllabus whether in uk or spain? For the record, I am signed up for a week in spain to do BHPA elementary paragliding. From then I will either do another week to do paramotor CP, or do something here. It's really tricky, as people dont want to name and shame bad instructors for various reasons, which I understand. Unfortunately the uk weather, work, kids, on-call, travel time etc makes training in uk really impractical for some.
  11. Sorry, typo, I did mean Ds. Honest! Thanks
  12. Thanks. So all of the above is not clipped in, and with both As in one hand and both Bs in the other? Facing the wing? There is a bit on the aviator vid for this. What wind speed do I need to be in? Feel happier without clipping in as didn't want to get dragged by not knowing what I was doing. Thanks
  13. I have this dilemma. Training in 3 weeks in spain, got a ground handling wing last weekend. Watched the aviator ppg vid twice. Do I go have a play, or do i leave well alone? As you say, it's a learning bad habits thing vs getting a head start training and also getting the muscles used to it. What's people's recommendation?
  14. Thanks. Downloaded to my 935 and seems to be working. Will have a better look when I get chance, but as you say I may be limited until I am in the air.
  15. Thanks. Should be ok. The 935 is a fenix 5 in a plastic case. The 945 is the same for the later fenix 5 with music. It should be more or less same hardware, so I would try including both. Happy to test 935, but it would be on the ground as not yet got my wings. Thanks
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