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  1. I keep being tempted to try one of these. But also keep hearing mixed things about them. Despite their faults, I do like how Vittorazzi have loads of tech videos, and loads of people up and down the country who can help if there are issues. As a non-techie, a Nitro would worry me if I had issues. What is the support model in the UK? Is there literally one place you could take it to for service and/or faults? Or are there plenty of people who could work on them? Is there anywhere with online videos and/or resources for them?
  2. No idea on the specs, but I've got an ozone angel 140 in there if that helps any. You might get something bigger in there but it will be tight.
  3. You mean travel insurance with paramotoring cover? Holidaysafe were cheap and pretty good to deal with and could add on paramotor pretty cheaply. Never had cause to claim though. All the public liability insurance would be with skyschool rather than yourself. You just need to know if you end up in hospital it is covered.
  4. What about fields with crops? Is it best to just avoid these completely, or can they be pretty good for long periods of the year once cut? One other issue I have found when looking is nearly anything that looks decent seems to have horses in the field next door? Are horses an issue or do they just ignore you?
  5. Is it possible to modify this so it doesn't count as 'exercise' By this, what I mean is, the flight/activity shows as hundreds if not thousands of calories, even though it isnt exercise as such. I could deal with that if it wasnt messing with my training status due to thinking I can now run 20 miles in under an hour thanks
  6. The superlite is 27.5kg. I got rid as I wasn't happy with the support from Bailey, which seems to be a common theme if you ask around. Whilst he is currently trading, I got the impression he isn't interested any more and I had doubts about parts and support going forward, so decided to cut my losses. Pity, as it was a nice machine with good features on top of the engine. I don't understand why he doesn't just sell the business to someone else. Although once the EOS quattro comes out the niche market has gone anyway.
  7. Has anyone gone from a moster to nitro, or vice versa, and able to give a direct comparison and list of pros and cons? Plenty of comments out there, but generally people love what they have, so would be good to hear what people who have had both think, and which they prefer. Even better if comparing a maverick to a AC machine.
  8. My personal experience is that if you train abroad on a fixed time period (1 or 2 weeks) you'll get signed off anyway whether you have done enough or not. There seems to be a lot of evidence to support that, including a quite blunt thread on here a year or so ago. There are clearly too many commercial pressures to sign everyone off at the end of the week. In the UK, you get signed off when you are ready, and move at your own pace. DISCLAIMER: As with everything, I'm sure there are good schools and bad schools everywhere. The UK is clearly the better/safer option IMO, but it can be a logistical challenge for a lot of people, even without the weather. It can literally take years. I think there is a real market for training schools that offer a combination of both options. Even though I can see it must be difficult to cover off both options with one school, surely it must be possible with partnerships. I'm far from an expert but I'd say running a groundhandling/hops school out in Spain then returning to the UK to do your actual flying would be ideal. Surely the UK schools must know people who'd be happy to move out to Spain and run a GH school on their behalf? Then when they get back to the UK they can just rattle through the flights, completing what you need to get signed off.
  9. Yes, the bit I was referring to was at 6:15, and the road mainly. And actually it may have been better if I'd just phrased it as a general question rather than specific to your flight, as its something I've been wondering anyway. Is it sensible to double back on yourself and gain height to avoid the first hedge, fence, road etc you may encounter on takeoff, or does nobody do that? I understood the takeoff was the riskiest part of any flight (on both paramotors and bigger aircraft?) so I didn't know if it was sensible to gain height before attempting to clear any immediate obstacles? Or do people just take the risk? Once we have some height, as you say its a bit easier to have a few 'outs', its more that initial climb I always wonder about. Anyway, no critisism intended, I'm just a noob trying to stay safe and ask the right questions to people who have more experience than me.
  10. Nicely done. Only question I'd have is given you'd already had engine trouble should you not have circled that field to gain height? There were a couple of points on the way out that could have been nasty if you'd had a repeat. Not a criticism, just a genuine question as a noob myself. I literally LOLed at your comment on landing
  11. I've looked at the Dudek website and I really cant see anything to choose between the Report Air and Solo. Speeds etc all look identical. From what I can see the only difference in theory is the RA has 2D steering and the solo doesn't. And as you've already said, the Solo has a wider weight range. So I still dont really understand why I should choose one over the other as long as I'm within the weight range and dont want to fly a trike? The Solo is 4 years newer? Does that make it safer, more efficient, easier to launch, more/easier something else or is the 2d steering on the RA worth having? Why do Dudek even sell both models when they appear so similar? There must be some difference my inexperienced eye is missing. Thanks
  12. Thanks. Not many, I only learned this year. I'd be 130-140 all up. Was just looking ahead to next year, and wondering if I can get away with either of these wings once I get to 20-25 hours, or if they would be too advanced. P.S. I find the ozone and dudek websites give little away re comparisons between wings. The dudek description even mentions the solo being similar to the universal, though my understanding is it suitable for more advanced pilots? Or is it as passively safe as a universal?
  13. Did you have a report air previously? If so how to they compare for speed, stability and passive safety? I'd like to get a few more hours on my A rated wing then try and skip the roadster/universal level and jump to a solo/report air. But at the same time don't want to get too ahead of myself. Is there a minimum no of hours before one should be considering a solo?
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