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  1. Yes, a lot more of the recent ones do. I was thinking more of the ones from 2-3 years ago that are still knocking about at a bargain price. You are right about the product line though. 90 percent of the difference is just software. The higher end ones are allowed x data screens, the lower ones just get one etc etc. Good effort though, cant wait to try it out. Thanks
  2. Good work. Might be worth mentioning that not all garmin watches have a barometric altimeter. Even if you can use gps altitude on this, it would be worth paying a bit more for the real thing. Rule of thumb would be if it counts stairs it will have proper altimeter.
  3. I did. 15 flights required! BHPA club pilot is 5 I believe. Perhaps I was right and it isn't purely a UK vs Spain thing.
  4. Watching this with interest. Unfortunately UK weather doesn't lend itself well to aviation training. Been there done that. Especially if you have over an hours journey to a school, it becomes impossible. What you are suggesting seems to be the ideal scenario IMHO. Go to spain, crack as much ground handling etc as possible in an intensive manner, then finish off in the UK in a more timely manner. If thats something you genuinly want to do, I think you'd get a lot of interest. I'm sure you'd also be perfectly justified in thinking it isn't your problem and why should you sort someone elses mess out. Out of curiousity, what would your proposed charging mechanism be for this? Would it be based on how far you had already got? Would it be a heavy discount on the main course because all of the basics are done? Or would it be the same price as starting from scratch again? My preferred route would be a trainer 20 mins down the road, who does all evenings and weekends when the weather is good. But that just isn't an option for me. The elephant in the room is all the different Syllabus of course. I've personally found it frustrating that it isn't possible to see what level of experience you need to pass each one. BHPA dont publish theirs, neither do APPI or PMC. That makes comparisons impossible. For example, what is the minimum number of flights required to pass on each? Are there cross counties in each? Whoever you speak to seems to be slagging off the others and it makes it impossible for newbies to make an informed judgement. The further complication is the BHPA think they are the official governing body and can say everyone else's training is rubbish. We all know it isn't a regulated sport (yet) so obviously that cant be true. I realise I've drifted away from a UK vs Spain discussion into a syllabus discussion, but I do believe the segregation of the different ratings systems doesn't help matters when trying to choose a training path and/or continuing that training path afterwards. It is very difficult knowing what to do for the best as a beginner. Its commendable that you are willing to take other people's students on and its a great attitude for the sport. As toploader said above, it is good for the sport and stops people from walking away and/or killing themselves, but it strikes me there ought to be a more formal method to do this, and standardising of the syllabus would be helpful if possible. Hope I've not said anything too inflamatory, if I did it certainly wasn't my intention.
  5. Thanks. Thats exactly the scenario I'm hoping to avoid. Perhaps it isn't do-able, but thought I'd ask in case anyone has had any luck as my house insurance is due soon.
  6. Has anyone had any luck getting their paramotor insured on their house insurance as a valuable insured outside the home? I just checked with mine (Hastings Direct) and one of the exclusions is 'any craft' which also excludes drones etc. If you have had any luck, which insurer was it with? (will hopefully save me a little time ringing round them all and having to explain what a paramotor is over and over) Thanks
  7. http://papteam.com/paramotor_tinox/?lang=en Weights are on the bottom of this page for all engines. Watching your thread with interest.... my other thoughts are a AC nitro or miniplane. The latter sound very cheap to repair.
  8. Thanks for the super-quick responses Simon
  9. Thanks Simon, What fuel consumption would you estimate the same pilot would be on a moster? Also, is it quieter? I'm currently torn between an atom 80 (light, efficient, quiet) and a moster(heavy, not so efficient, noisy) based on wanting something reliable and mainstream, and there not seeming to be many options between these 2 options. The atom hasn't got as much power as I'd like, the moster has too much. So if the 150 is a viable alternative then I may look at that again. I'd been put off by the previous thread I found, but it was a while ago. Incidentally, did you sell the used one you were selling?
  10. How does the 150 compare with the moster for fuel economy, noise and power? And did they sort the early reliability issues - there was a lengthy thread on here. Is there any real reason to buy one instead of a moster? Thanks
  11. They have some info on their website now (maybe it was there when you posted this, but it wasn't when I looked a few weeks ago) Also an American site has a bit more info now. They do look decent value.
  12. Thanks, that helps a lot. Good video, using this is the one you mean. All sounds so obvious, dont understand why they are still being designed with large gaps.
  13. I am looking at various paramotors and keep coming back to this issue. Is there anything that can be done retrospectively whilst still allowing the cage to be disassembled? I am probably looking at a maverick or pap tinox. The maverick has smaller gaps. But also wondering if additional netting could be wrapped around the cage sections on the pap. Has anyone done this?
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