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Hi Terry  sorry mate insurance is though AXA  Versicherung AG in Austria  easy to setup, only place at the moment for 3rd party paramotoring insurance, not sure about a trke/quad,but they need your wing and serial number ,email them there so helpful. PS Did have insurance through the club but they stop offering the service not sure why. 

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've told 2 different insurers and they were fine with it. As long as you didn't do it when you took the policy out, they are fine. And one of them was royal London.

I also got them to put it in writing/email and a copy is on their system and in our documents box.

It complicates matters for new policies, but not existing.

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On 4/19/2022 at 5:11 PM, Terry Owens said:


How much does insurance cost for paramotoring both foot launch and trike/quad? Do I need to tell my life insurance company (Royal London) I intend flying soon?

Hi Terry,


if you are joining the flyin and a member to the paramotorclub.org you are able to use the club's insurance (only during the flyin)... If you asking about general PPG insurance then @geoffw is correct. 






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