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  1. Welcome to the Paramotor Club And thanks for taking the time to register If you have not already seen it. The Agama seems to be the go to option for most. SW
  2. Try Paul Haxby (who is your closest active instructor that I am aware of http://www.axbsports.com/about.html Welcome to the Paramotor Club. SW
  3. Hi George, welcome to the Paramotor Club Not sure where you are in the world but if you are joining the British Forces, you will soon find (after training) that you will have LOADS of time off There are also quite a few existing members of the armed forces who fly Paramotors here in the UK Good luck with both the military training and the Paramotor training! SW
  4. -4c I am fairly sure it will have been frozen SW
  5. I does tickle me watching someone talking about the (part x) which is 3g lighter than the next lightest part and so on (all while munching on a pasty and chips (or similar) lol Welcome to the Paramotor Club and thanks for sharing your projects here SW
  6. Today I got this from a friend who is in the Police in Somerset. "I’ve had to investigate a pair of low flying paramotors near Langport. I’ve seen the video of them and can’t even tell the wing colours....... Ultimately they were flying legally but very low and hedge hopping, and caused a mini “stampede” with his dairy herd, that’s the bit that made him complain. I think I pacified him enough by turning up and explained the laws to him, so he is a bit happier. He has asked me to respectfully put a message out for pilots to be extra careful when low flying to prevent a recurrence. Any chan
  7. Check out our site www.paramotortraining.com We have a site Near Swindon and one at Davidstow in Cornwall. Welcome to the Paramotor Club! SW
  8. PS, thats a NO for waxing the lines. SW
  9. Hi Holly, This link will take you to a page with a few books and DVD's while also supporting the club https://www.paramotorclub.org/store/category/5-books-and-dvds/ SW
  10. until

    200 max is the venue limitation. SW
  11. I am selling a well used but well cared for Parajet Zenith with the Moster engine from 2016. Comes with a full set of (spare) new spars and some hoop sections. It has a large harness. Super reliable, nice powerful machine. Viewing is recommended. £3500 is what it's worth Contact me on 07983 428 453 for pics / info / or a viewing. SW
  12. Not sure where you are but we have a 24 here you are more than welcome to test fly SW
  13. Massive thanks to all those who sent me a PM (as requested on the post) I will be sending out some messages to those that did over the coming day's with further information / and some information that I will need from you as a part of this process. There is one part of the security forms that I am going to fill in for those who are picked, which may filter some of you out so if you have sent me a PM and have a criminal record pretty please let me know now (by PM). Only those with a clean record will get past the checks and it will cost both time and money for us to find that out lat
  14. I suspect that there will be a ground based EV which carries more than one battery to allow for an almost permanent charge cycle BUT that IS a guess. I don't think for a second that we now have a motor that can produce 22bhp from a standard 9V for 8 hours or a standard 9V battery that can run a 22bhp motor for a day that's for sure This will be a logistical expedition rather than a 'how long can I fly for without a piss (or pissing myself), type expedition' It will be very much 'normal' IMO but I am still super happy that things are heading in that direction. (its just better, nice
  15. Great intro lol Welcome to the Paramotor Club and thanks for the support. SW
  16. Awesome guys!! I honestly think this is a worthy adventure and also something in the UK which involves a Paramotor and is super positive and most likely to be the single largest exposure of our sport / toys to the UK general public since the Bear Grylls Everest thing which was not a happy vibe expedition / edit. Keeping this positive and showing our support as a community is I think a humble offering in return for the all round good I think it will be doing Again, thanks guys.. SW
  17. As you will I am sure soon notice, Sacha Dench is dusting off her kit and flying around the coast of the UK on an Electric Paramotor! The PMC are supporting this event in whatever way we can. ( I will be helping with some ground support on the Electric bike ) The link below has a cool little video explaining what's happening and why, on the page is also the chance to donate / get involved. It would be ace if we could collectively support this as I think that it will do masses of good for the sport in the UK sending out a super positive message to I suspect EVERYONE in the country
  18. Heated garage!! (starting to think you could be a closet snob! lol ) Even at this time of year my garage is somewhere from 6c - 8c in the morning SW
  19. The subject wont come up during your mortgage application and will have no effect on the result. As above, separate the two things. Buildings insurance however can some times be a term of the lender. SW
  20. Buy some Aspen and store it with that in the carb https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274568267425 (can also be purchased from most mower repair type places) It will protect all the rubbers and such and it will start in the spring with no dramas SW
  21. Welcome to the Paramotor Club! We currently have a couple of annoying blips with the software (fix one thing and it causes another thing) lol Well done for finding your way in!! SW
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