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  1. LookingUp

    Carburetor wanted

    From chatting to Rowena I think there is just extra protection on it from dust, maybe that's what the blue gasket is? If you do try it let me know whether it works and will try it too?
  2. LookingUp

    Carburetor wanted

    I think that might be the wg9 or wg10 This is wg8
  3. LookingUp

    Carburetor wanted

    Wonder if the wg10 will work as a substitute? That's what is currently being used on the radne raket engine.
  4. LookingUp

    Carburetor wanted

    They are fitted to Husqvarna 3120 saw. They are extortionately priced from he/miniplane/polini. Rowena was £95 when they had it in stock.
  5. LookingUp

    Carburetor wanted

    As fitted to H&E r90 and r120, (& Blackhawk equiv) Radne raked 120 Top 80 Polini Thor 130 Probably others also...
  6. LookingUp

    Carburetor wanted

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone, particularly those in the trade, has a walbro wg8 carburetor for sale. Preferably new, and not crazily priced. I've tried Rowena who don't have and seemingly are unable to get as it's now a Husqvarna only part. Will try some of the Husky dealers if unsuccessfull. Rowena had given me a price a few weeks ago and had one in stock but it's now gone. My existing one is causing me annoyance. Running inconsistently, difficult starting warm and hard to get good at idle plus top end. Cheers in advance. Steven
  7. LookingUp

    Pull start for h&e r120

    A few days ago my pull start assembly decided to come apart, I think some plastic broke and tool out some of the metal basket. I've contacted H&E who tell me they do have the part but the price is pretty high for a standard pull start. They have also told me it is known as a 'classic' starter. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a generic one that fits. I have tried a couple of the local lawnmower guys without success. Fixings - there is 4 holes spaced 81mm apart and approx 113mm between opposites. In the picture it is part 80. (12 holes but only 4 used) Any help to save a bit of cash appreciated.
  8. LookingUp

    Some new Walbro tec 'Spiral Diaphragm' Retrofittable

    Are they available for any of the regular paramotor Carbs?
  9. LookingUp

    Walbro wg8 advice needed

    That's what I had assumed but wanted to confirm. It should be free to rock on the pin (I ended up having to loosen the lever where it slides onto pin) Thanks for the reply.
  10. LookingUp

    Walbro wg8 advice needed

    Part number 48 and 50.
  11. LookingUp

    Walbro wg8 advice needed

    I've been having some difficulties with my motor. It is a he r120 with wg8 carb. I was unable to get it to idle and after switching off it would pour petrol out into intake. I have stripped the carb and cleaned and I am replacing parts with kit k12-wg. I noticed when disassembling, the metering lever was firm on the pin and required some force to move it. I assumed this being tight was the reason for over fuelling. Should the lever be free moving on the pin? Should the screw that holds the pin down allow the shaft to rotate? I can't find any answers on the walbro manual so would appreciate a little advice.
  12. LookingUp

    Wanted - full kit

    No longer looking.. On a side note, is there no 'community' in Northern Ireland. Or is it the case that in typical NIrish fashion everyone stays in their own wee clics?
  13. LookingUp

    Is a 23m revo2 big enough?

    Oh and my part of the UK is Northern Ireland.
  14. LookingUp

    Is a 23m revo2 big enough?

    In my case, the roadster2 came up and was a good deal. The second hand revo2 happened to be on continent and while was less expensive, had more hours and history. Coupled with the fact there was a language barrier meant I wasn't so happy to go ahead with purchase. I've no reason to doubt they are both good wings.
  15. LookingUp

    Is a 23m revo2 big enough?

    There arent any dealers for any PPG equipment in my part of the UK. I have read many reviews and listened to many people's experiences so feel comfortable having made the purchase. When I come to change I may well invest in travel to mainland to test wings before purchase. Time just has not permitted it to date.