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  1. I've been told that's what EOS does: subbed out the exhaust to some Japanese company that makes exhausts for 2 cycle dirt bikes and stuff. Seems the appropriate approach to a specialty part like that. If skymax has a new version in the pipe, that's interesting. I wonder if there was a problem with the one I've seen pics of, or if they improved performance or mfg cost, or what. Well we'll see what they say when they announce it. Maybe. Since you didn't say anything about estimated release date, I'll assume they're mum on that for the moment. (Re the confusion, you posted what looks like a vitto trade show pic, so I thought you were speaking of a new version from vitto. Ah!)
  2. I'm still confused. You asked Skymax about vittorazzi making a new versions of the Vitto Ti exhaust, and Skymax said Vitto has a new version under test?
  3. Um, wait a sec. You spoke to... Skymax or Vittorazzi?
  4. Well they have had one in the past, botched it (apparently their idea of life cycle testing is less than 30 hours, as so many failed at that age), might possibly be making another run at it. Even if they are, and it happens within a year, I predict they'l charge a lot for it. The skymax is a current product and not too pricey. But more than I'm willing to gamble w/o user experience.
  5. Yes, you're correct on all points. I've not seen user feedback anywhere regarding the skymax Ti exhaust, but am enticed by the weight shaved, hence me soliciting such experiences. (I'm really struggling with even "light" school motors, so looking for ways to make my life easier at grunt time, without making it harder at wrench time.)
  6. Well if I were to go with that Ti exhaust, it'd automatically make the vitto original exhaust an on-hand spare, wouldn't it? So durability counts, and Ti is weldable if it's not overstressed to begin with, so not even much down time. But it'd be nice to know if it's likely to last, perform reasonably, and not hurt the engine.
  7. Does anyone here have any first or second hand experience with the Skymax titanium exhaust for the moster? Durability, any effect on perceived thrust or noise, any adverse effects on the engine, etc? It looks (from the marketing info, but you know about relying on marketing info) as if it'd shave a bit of weight off the vitto steel exhausts, and I can handle the cost, but I hate to seriously consider any expenditure without user experience data. Thanks!
  8. Huh, how did I miss that one? Thanks! So I gather some of the design changes are as of, um, march '19 IIRC? That's more recent than I realized, and explains some of the opinions I've encountered; they mostly, I think, predate that. Anyway, that's interesting, thanks again!
  9. Every little bit of data helps, and also helps assuage the frustration while I sit here watching weather forecasts and... sitting here watching weather forecasts, and... sitting here some more watching weather forecasts, and... Well you get the idea.
  10. Okay, I see this, and Paul has given his thoughts quite coherently. So at this point, the impression I get is the 150 should deliver performance roughly comparable to a nitro 200, but with less vibration, is that fair? Do you have any stats, even just top of the head impressions, comparing general reliability or service life of those two? The advice to get hands-on if possible is sound; I may or may not be able to manage that with all models, esp fly one for test, just mapping out the terrain at this point. Atom is too small for me, so it's looking like the main contenders are nitro, 150 and maybe moster (though I don't like the extra weight, I may at some point decide I need the extra power. It'd be premature to decide something like that at this point, though.) With nitro ofc I don't get a choice of harness, frame etc, so that's a mild down side there. I've not heard anything horrible about the seat, hoop etc, but I do like choice...
  11. Our vitals are not that dissimilar, and I'm not sayin' any more than that! That's an interesting endorsement of the 150; I infer that you compared it against the main competitors: nitro 200 and moster? I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts. The Wasp looks like a nicely made frame, and that total weight is very attractive. I do have an irrational reaction to any netting pattern that leaves large gaps. It doesn't matter if they're "in safe spots", I see that and it's just nails on chalkboard time. Maybe it's unfair, but, well, you should have faith in your gear, and if something about it freaks you out, you won't. But. There are other frames in the same general class which all seem to garner some positive reviews. Two I've noticed are the skymax star and the fly products (?) Eclipse. All lightweight, all or mostly titanium. Can you (or anyone) offer any thoughts or impressions on those two or anything similar, preferably based on hands-on? I recall hearing gossip to the effect the nitro's hoop is a bit squishy, don't know if that's true or not... So many questions, thanks for entertaining them!
  12. Curiosity question to you-all who use EOS engines, either the 100 or 150... What's your pilot weight, and what do you think of the performance of your motor working against your weight, please? (I love hands-on, direct from source data!) Any other relevant data, such as unusual altitude or anything? Thanks!
  13. Ok, that's encouraging, thanks!
  14. Thanks for that. How available are parts for EOS engines?
  15. Thanks, I'll take a look. Though I will admit I've heard a moderate amount of chatter along the lines that EOS motors need a little design work yet. Those people's comments weren't very specific, so I don't know how much weight to put on them.
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