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  1. I can't compare against the Seed because I've not seen one, but I bought a similar kiting-only wing a WindPlay (Everest brand, seems to be an Air Conception brand) for $750 shipped from Eric Dufour at paratours, and am quite happy with it. It's a perky little thing at 12 meters, likes to really pop up in light wind, will test your reflexes (I have a way to go before I'm fully in control of it in variable wind). Just another option there. Oh, I just looked at the site, they have different patterns now than the one I bought, and a choice of colors. That's neat. Here's a link: http://www.paratour.com/content/Everest_Windplay.php
  2. Thanks a bunch guys, that's exactly the encouragement/confirmation I was looking for. I'm older and slower than my classmates, have stopped faceplanting during tows, but want to give myself every advantage I can initially, esp in nil wind, which is the situation a lot of the time in my area. If I outgrow the hybrid after a little while and make it the fallback wing for nil wind days but switch to something else when I have a little breeze to help launch, that's perfectly okay! :) (But with few people familiar with a hybrid and none available locally to try out, asking for peoples' experiences is the only available alternative to just cutting a check and hoping for the best.)
  3. So you've triggered my curiosity; what other wings have you flown?
  4. Cool, that's kindof what I'd expect from the ad copy, but you never know about ad copy. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Does anyone have hands on experience with the Apco hybrid? Their marketing emphasizes very slow launch and land speeds (and pretty slow flight too, which I don't consider a problem), but every brand has a wing or three they describe as "ridiculously easy launch", so who knows? My instructor has opinions only on wings he knows (of course) and that's not one of them. In the best of all worlds, I'll stumble across someone who's familiar not only with the hybrid, but also the spyder 3, another model I'm considering. Thanks!
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