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  1. I did a power conversion as I was already an experienced paraglider pilot. While training I tried a paramotor with a Thor 130. With fuel probably near 30kg. I struggled with the ground handling (probably too used to my free flying) & I began to wonder whether taking up paramotoring was a mistake! I then tried another paramotor with the Top 80 nearer the 20kg weight & what a difference! I really do think you should try the Atom 80. Talking to your instructor who should be able to offer you the best advice as they will know first hand your ability & what motor/wing combination suits you best. One of the instructors where I trained was well over 90kg body weight & over 6ft & he regularly flew the paramotor with the Top 80 no problem. There really is a lot of factors involved to what size motor you go for. That’s why I think it’s important to get your training done before you commit to buying gear & if possible, try different machines at the school to find out what’s right for you. Justin
  2. I’m about 85kg body weight & fly with a Top 80 in a Miniplane & an Ozone Spyder 26 (80-140kg weight range) reflex paramotor wing. Great combination! It gets me off the ground no problem. I’ve never really measured fuel consumption. Not really bothered too much about it. You will have no problem with the Atom 80. I think it’s got a slight edge in power over the Top 80. If they are using the Atom 80 where you are going to train, even better. Try it out & see how you get on with it BEFORE you buy. For general flying & learning on it should be perfect. If you want shorter take offs from smaller fields & a stronger climb out then consider going bigger. A few pilots at my local field have the EOS 150 in a Wasp frame & it seems a great motor. Lightweight & powerful. Worth considering if extra power is your desire. Best of luck with your training & take your time choosing the right motor & wing. Justin
  3. I believe it’s going to called the Spyder 3 to keep it in line with the Roadster 3. Ozone did the same with the Swift free flight paraglider which was a lightweight Rush 2. When the Rush 4 was launched, it followed by the lightweight version, Swift 4. The Rush 3 & Swift 2 were essentially the same glider but one in a lightweight version & the numbers 2 & 3 caused some confusion, hence the change.
  4. Hi, I’ve just bought a 125cm E-prop for my Miniplane Top 80 but my original prop covers that I used on my Miniplane carbon prop are too tight. Can anyone recommend some good prop covers that fit the E-prop scimitar design that have a slightly wider cord? Cheers, Justin
  5. Thanks to the answers Vince. I was just curious about the Nitro for future thought. I completed my power conversion at the end of last summer, now all set up for this season with an Ozone Spyder & Miniplane Top 80. I’ve kept the Nitro in mind as a good motor to evolve from the Miniplane for when I consider a faster wing & a better climb rate. The Nitro seems the natural progression considering weight & power. Looking forward to clocking up some hours this season. Justin
  6. Hi, Is Air Conception likely to discontinue the Nitro 200 now that the Tornado 280 is available, as they did with the Ultimate 130, not all that long after the Nitro 200 was introduced? Justin
  7. The V3 is certainly the strongest option. I trained on one with Airways & the strength & build quality is excellent. They have a good selection of engines to fit the V3 too so I would give them a call to discuss your preferences. They really are helpful when it comes to advice. Good luck with your training & choice of Paramotor.
  8. I bought one of these for my Miniplane. Has anyone fitted one of these to a Miniplane throttle cable? I was planning to fix mine to the actual throttle handle body with the included double sided adhesive pad but not sure if that’s the best place or not. I did see a YouTube video where they fixed it to the throttle cableon a Blackhawk, right next to the throttle handle via zip ties but I’d prefer it on the handle itself as mentioned above. Its a nice compact unit which looks quality for the price. Cheers, Justin
  9. Hi, I’m looking for a good value for money tachometer for my Miniplane. Easy to fit, small & good value for money. There’s loads on the market but has anyone got recommendations? Justin
  10. Sounds easy enough. Is that a recognised system or is it what you have created yourself? I’m sure it would work on the Miniplane. I must take a look. Thanks for all the information, it really does make a difference when you can pack it all into the boot of your car. At present I have to remove the parcel shelf & drop the rear seat down. It would be so much easier in a transport bag! Justin
  11. That looks brilliant! I’ve never heard of quick release arms. It would be good if Miniplane do them. I shall investigate. How does the quick release system work? Thanks, Justin
  12. Ah thanks for that Casper! It looks as though the Air Conceptions active arms drop down lower than on the Miniplane. I will have to measure the distance from the front of the active arms to the prop hub. I see the depth of the bag is 50cm. It would be interesting to know this measurement on the Air Conception if anyone has this? Justin
  13. Hi all, Has anyone got any experience with the SOL paramotor bag? http://www.solparagliders.com.br/detalhe.php?id=10 I have a Miniplane but I have to remove the cage & prop for transport & storage so I’m looking for a suitable bag to store/protect/transport my paramotor in. This looks the part but my main concern is whether the Miniplane would fit with the ABM active arms in place? If it’s not suitable can anyone suggest a bag that would suit the Miniplane with just the prop & cage removed? Cheers, Justin
  14. Another point to consider with sizes is whether you intend the free fly the wing. If so, it’s worth being within the EN rating for free flight. That’s obviously all up weight with a free flight harness & equipment, not the motor. Justin
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