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  1. Your going to have to find a prop that works at those speeds ,sure someone has tried this with limited results, not a lot of thrust if I remember,
  2. You could fit prop directly to engine , but it would be the size they use on a model airplane , because you could be running 8000+ rpm ,so they fit different size pulleys , or gears to slow the prop speed down , then you can run bigger prop , this is a very very basic explanation,
  3. Good post , glad someone had a flight . I bet you learnt loads today you end up seeing rotor if that makes sense, trying to judge when to get in the field watching the sock or what ever is around to help see what’s going on ,
  4. Shame there heavy, do look pretty though .
  5. Same as , had much needed flying time on Friday , Cheers Simon , little col and the rest of the crew ,
  6. Top plate will be ok ,bottom you might need to relieve it a tad around the starter assembly
  7. Wanted to try a different thrust angle , see if launch was any different, as regards to climb out , might of not sure really 2 wings I have climb at different rates , the bolts are counter sunk heads , I didn’t use thread lock on the bolts going in to iso mounts , proper ball ache removing them with thread lock
  8. Here’s the measurements for my stand offs , Top are 55mm and bottom ones 46mm. Plus 30mm for iso mounts and another 6 mm for the lugs in between engine frame and iso mount , could of used 55 or 46 on all four , noise is about equal just different tone , vibration very little on each motor,
  9. There’s a minimum distance you can work to , that’s because the pull starter sticks out the front of the motor and needs to clear your harness , and not stick in your back , I turned up what I needed out of ally bar stock and kept the iso mounts short ,hence more rigid. Engine bore /stroke not to far from square so very little vibrations to start with . ill measure what I did tomorrow and get back to you , I don’t know the delta frame ,only pics so can’t say if my dimensions are the same .
  10. I did offer the eos up to Miniplane, tank was a issue is that why you mentioned soft tank .
  11. I’ve had no trouble with my belt , maybe clutched motors are a bit kinder to the belts , as Andy said they quick to sort out even on the field . I did buy a double width belt and sliced it in to two , two for price of one , but still on oem belt
  12. AC eos , because of lightness,
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