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  1. cas_whitmore

    Ohh Shit

    Got there in the end . Well done 👍
  2. cas_whitmore

    Moster 185 200+hour exhaust ring.

    Seems you have to lubricate your ring every now and again 😁🙈
  3. cas_whitmore

    EOS 150

    Nice review, I’ve 100 booster purchased new , and it’s always bitch to start first time when cold , I thought I’d try fitting a choke affair ‘ made no difference. I’ve tried easy start spray before any priming , nothing , zilch ‘ I’m with you on spark energy or lack of energy, after first Start though it fires instantly one finger pull ‘ so far only thing that made a big difference to first start was moving the start cord pulley higher up the frame . Also used a old A line off of my wing which allowed me to put many more turns on the starter drum . ‘Also removed the s/s backers off of reeds after reading your mishap . Cas .
  4. cas_whitmore

    Tornado 280 paramotor engine from Air Conception

    Friend of mine tried my AC130 . He fly’s pap top80 ‘ he didn’t realise my motor was direct drive
  5. cas_whitmore

    Barrys field ‘ Guildford

    Good to meet up again guys , needed that flight 👌
  6. cas_whitmore

    Barrys field ‘ Guildford

    Szabi probably tomorrow afternoon at Barry’s (Saturday)
  7. cas_whitmore

    Barrys field ‘ Guildford

    Yep still available. More the merrier szabi’ that’s Barry’s words . Cas .
  8. cas_whitmore

    Solar panels

    Hi Andy , I’ve had a few roller coaster rides over those horrible things .
  9. cas_whitmore

    Hello - newbie alert !

    Good man 😁
  10. cas_whitmore

    18kg Suitcase Nitro

    Got there in the end Vince, well done now go book a flying holiday somewhere 😁
  11. cas_whitmore

    Pumping brakes

    Not guilty 😁
  12. cas_whitmore

    Searon Digital Tachos

    Definitely worth a punt at that price , we all love a gizmo to add to our hobby’s
  13. cas_whitmore

    18kg Suitcase Nitro

    Looks good vince , I’ve been using a pap travel bag set up’ still bulky though . Like your idea
  14. cas_whitmore

    Risers flying high

    Lol ‘ what happened there ‘ timing chain let go
  15. cas_whitmore

    Merry Christmas! & Bore chasers dates!! :-)

    Bore chaser weekend, forget Easter weekend 😁 Cas .