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  1. As above electric start version she’s a 2011 model and as delivered from baileys to my workshop in 2011 , friend owned it never got to used it , so needs treating as brand new , running in, ect looking at around £2200 . cheers Cas .
  2. Steve Thomas, you and your mates are a credit to this country, bloody well done mate ,
  3. I got 5mtrs of starter cord from AJ garden machinery, think it was 8 quid posted , proper stuff , they have different diameters to chose from .
  4. Hi , electric start ( not pull start ) Bailey V4 200 2011 manufactured , swing arm version frame , never been used so will need running in , comes with frame bag carbon prop and Bailey manual , harness is medium size id say battery’s will need replacement, they are still available though . I’ll gets a few pics on here tomorrow. £2750 . cheers for looking .
  5. Been flying from this location since 2015 , if there’s ever six pilots there at one time , that’s busy , but there’s a flyin at the moment with 50 ish pilots who probably have never been there, was never going to end well .
  6. Definitely call Barry , one of the marshals can do a walk round and re advise the pilots , I suggest you do it sooner than latter though
  7. As above , pics or vid , if you’re got the time to to watch them please get your phone out
  8. Hi , pictures or vid would really help , no pilot will hold there hands up to a complaint, the local pilots know the rules , all that can be done is talk to them educate them let them know there wrecking it for the local pilots , so pic or vid are needed to try and see what wings they have , and go from there
  9. Does it have a foam filter in the air box , Not a moster but mine has one
  10. Looks like a older H & E 120 to me
  11. Brilliant, do enjoy your updates rich lol
  12. Mine field for sure , for me it’s got to be light weight , and can I get spares ordered via a message from phone at the field should it go wrong for you . im currently using eos 150 wasp and a eos 100 motor in a AC frame . Miniplane and pap top 80 had them and there also great little set ups and tick the above boxes . Can only vouch for what I’ve had though , Probably no help what’s so ever , but hope it is .
  13. That was horrible to watch rich , glad you’re ok , Blame cm
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