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  1. cas_whitmore

    Using reserve in non-emergency

    Throw mine at the big fat repack at reading, was surprised how fast it opened and your right about the Velcro needed a fair old tug on the handle Cas .
  2. cas_whitmore

    Barrys at Guildford

    There’s quite few pilots use his field ‘ soon as weather comes good pop over ‘ evening flights probably better for you ‘ to get back in to it ‘ Cas .
  3. cas_whitmore

    Barrys at Guildford

    Barry ‘ (land owner) wants as many pilots flying there regularly as possible so if your local or want to camp there the weekend give him a call ‘ even bhpa pilots are welcome 😬 barry 0788 4261108 ps’trikes / quads also cas ‘ see you there .
  4. cas_whitmore


    Lol ‘ got to wonder 😂
  5. cas_whitmore

    When the kill switch doesn't work

    I fitted primer bulb on the frame ‘ just behind harness pocket ‘ give a few pumps and it floods the motor ‘ haven’t tried it at WOT though . cas .
  6. cas_whitmore

    Special Tool

    Looks good all of a sudden 👍
  7. cas_whitmore

    EOS 100/150 Questions, Seeking Advice on a Purchase

    Hi, I’ve run a 100 booster since last November fitted in a air conception frame , I did have first start of the day problems ‘ carb adjustments and starter cord top pulley location . Not a lover of the flash/easy start system eos use . But I’ve never had trouble flying it and super smooth throttle plenty of power for me @70kgs on rapport air 24 . cas .
  8. cas_whitmore

    Help with identifying Engine

    Maybe find a engineer friend to fit decomp to the head ‘
  9. cas_whitmore

    Help with identifying Engine

    Odd ‘ I’ve fitted a button de comp’ chainsaw type to a cylinder head in the past ‘ last resort thing but work fine ‘
  10. cas_whitmore

    Learjet at the Bore

    Forgot about that’ that was me Lee ‘ white Learjet thin blue strip down the fuselage ‘ ye it shot past and not much above me’ I new someone was above and to my right . Thought one of us might get some turbulence / wake ‘ and did take hand full of riser in each hand and held on but was fine ‘ would of been good on gopro though . cas .
  11. cas_whitmore

    Help with identifying Engine

    Never had a solo , might have a blocked comp’ bye pass hole above exhaust port , lots of motors have this system . Hole is about 3 or 4 mm dia’’
  12. cas_whitmore

    Help with identifying Engine

    Looks like ‘ solo 210 ? Cas .
  13. cas_whitmore

    My Paramotoring Goal for 2019!!

    Hi Andy ‘ as the evening get longer 2 or 3 times a week if weather is good ‘ as Simon said definitely try to visit membury As you’ll see people at different stages of training and first flights ect. Cas .