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  1. Evening, I recently had same noisy belt problem, not a moster but same set up and found that using a straight edge to line up the pulleys wasn’t the way to go , the grooves were a hairs breath out of line, I set mine manually while turning prop hub till it went quiet then set the tension ,
  2. Also , not left hand thread is it ? Probably got loctite on it it as well, so get a flame or paint stripper gun on it get hot , very hot
  3. I see what they meant now , what about the tool that is used for tightening grinding discs on grinders , Might be same never know ,
  4. Can you put a pic of pin spanner up when you you can please .
  5. Did you manage to press the pinion out the clutch bell
  6. Makes a change from the norm, worth watching
  7. Do you mean 75 length mark
  8. Can’t be that many options of prop that particular motor, I ain’t looked though ,
  9. If there’s no clutch , can’t you mark the two pulleys @12.00 position, turn your prop One complete turn see how many’s time drive pulley turns, say 2.7 to 1 turn Of large pulley , it worked for choosing diffs For different gearing,
  10. Holes there, no pin though might have a touch of cyno on them
  11. Thought It looked modular , didn’t won’t to force it apart though
  12. The plug has Anderson power on it , ?
  13. The battery I have is knackered , I’ll take heat shrink off have a look , just so it’s clear , don’t use lead acid car battery charger , your battery is gel filled, not liquid electrolyte ( rain water)
  14. If you’ve a charger with the lcd display , scroll through the battery options, life. Lipo , nimhs, Nicad , PB
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