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  1. Definitely in 👍we’ll done for getting it back Simon.
  2. Did reply to this , seems to have vanished? Check the studs mine was loose at 10 hrs , they didn’t wait for ten hrs , the symptoms you are describing are the same as I had prior to finding a loose head stud causing a compression leak , motor run fine once you got it started ,hot or cold pig to start .a small leak will also stop the easy start spring winding tight and flicking your motor over , interesting stuff , hope this all helps . cas .
  3. Yes make sure it gets in to the motor , if you flood it don’t worry about it , motor is horizontal it’ll blow the excess out off the exhaust, eventually ! Can you check the head studs, don’t assume there tight only take 10 mins , also what frame is it in . cas.
  4. Hi , it’s a eos 100 booster . only time my booster motor gave me mind altering frustration with starting, was due to slack head stud , I noticed a hint of black residue at the head joint ,that was after the 3rd time I’d nipped them up as per the torque figure , this time they won’t relax loose anymore . cas.
  5. Had a flight today same start routine , good as gold just add that mine has no choke . Is yours a brand new motor.
  6. Sunday might come good at some point during the day down sarth 🙏
  7. Me to , managed to get a quick flight in this evening, good to get my off the planet
  8. Forget choke , get fuel up to carb with diaphragm pressed and one more squeeze for luck , put on your back and start pulling with a touch of throttle . cas.
  9. Like to try this . Stu would any version fenix 3 work , or do I need a particular one . Cas .
  10. Just add some real time info also , 70kg AC frame EOS 100 , rapp 24 , 2D steering makes it fun round hay bales in any field, but to get any where seems I’ll have to start using bar , which I don’t do , my mates have universals and a nucxx plus a spider also a synthesis 2 I’m all ways back of the bus because it just wants to climb when you get in to the revs , even leaning forward hanging on the A,s . Forgot to say the above is with trims out .
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