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  1. Strange my van looks like the only red vehicle there 😁 can’t wait
  2. Agree with Alan , good write up , and I enjoy chatting answering questions, do find a lot of newbies reluctant to ask though , cas.
  3. Guildford if you don’t mind the travel time . field known as Barry’s , use it as much as you want , there’s a few rules to stick by and you’d need to make contact with owner Barry . you'll need a vario , but he’ll explain to Do’s and don’t’ s , nice place to fly , 07884 261108 . cas .
  4. Is there much weight to it , re prop balance
  5. That’s good ,very good in fact 👍
  6. There probably all over it , if they see your post
  7. Yep that’s it , Tygon tube is the go to make , but seems most of it on sale is fake crap , I’ve had no issues with freeline tube .
  8. Strange , wonder if they’ve used the same tube on the units being put together 😬 I get my tubing from kart supplies on ebay . Forget the make , but it’s clear with a red line running along its length.
  9. Very happy with my 100 booster ,
  10. If it’s air from below the new pipe that goes in your tank , you’ve only got the barbed brass / ally joint , could you run a length of tube from carb in to tank filler , with no joints anywhere, then start adding your clunk /pipe / tank joint, / filter / then primer ,
  11. Kiwi you’ve also got the fuel inlet valve in the carb , that stops fuel draining back to the tank, should hold fuel in the line for a good while, if pipe connectors are air tight
  12. I’ve left the primer bulb out of one of my motors , blow through breather pipe to prime , it’s one less thing to go wrong at the wrong time . sounds like your having fun though 👍
  13. Sounds like you found the problem , well done 👍
  14. Personal experience with primer bulbs , yes they can play up , my Miniplane has had one for a couple years waiting for it to fail but still good condition, fitted one to my AC eos , it lasted half dozen flights , valve inside started to randomly stick closed stopping carb sucking fuel or restricted fuel flow ,
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