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  1. Unfortunately theres a couple of foreigners who launch from anywhere they can park up around that area , They Don’t give a shit about the air regs , or how low they fly , I haven’t haven’t seen them at the Guildford field for a while ,
  2. For me it’d be what ever was lightest , and parts availability,
  3. Membury up near junction 14 M4
  4. Only out of interest mind , were did you the extra holes
  5. I’ve used one for over year now , (booster version ) on the whole very good few little niggles but nothing serious, no engine outs yet and No cracked exhaust nothing has fell off . So ye go for it .
  6. Looking good so far , although that polycarbonate stuff makes me nervous always seems to brake in to knife shaped bits should worse happen, and you wouldn’t want it up your jackzy . cas .
  7. Always said Chris is the best bloke on here
  8. I started using a long streamer about 10 feet or so , barrier tape type stuff , get far more information of what’s coming through than the normal type sock , thermal or rotor etc.
  9. Wow , normally any copper I get get turned in to ingots, I couldn’t put that in the pot
  10. Can’t help you there , someone on here must of had a repair or mod’ on a harness
  11. Can see it now , you might right there wonder if it’s had a pair a grips on it at some point
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