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  1. Excellent wing those , loved mine, lots of fun and kept me safe in all conditions
  2. The different sizes aren’t what you think there for , A. B. C. D , etc are for manufacturing tolerances , so the same motor as yours from same production process will probably have a slightly different bore or maybe slightly thicker cylinder coating the chap selecting the piston will have a choice of pistons to select from , A. B. C. D parts bin , where the pistons are kept, hope it helps .
  3. If it was mine I’d replace with the A size again , assuming its running ok now and coating on your cylinder is not worn away, which would be a whole new ball game .
  4. No need to worry about your money or Simon or paramotortraining .com .
  5. I’ve always got my spares from Vince Geoff, including a net set
  6. Hi , what problems have had with your eos, I had carb keep going out of whack problems for a while when new , other than that it’s been ok on the whole ,
  7. Selling my sirocco 2 , bit to big for my weight range, max 20 hrs airtime so like new . This is the actual wing Giles Fowler reviews on YouTube (golf foxtrot 22 ) have a quick look . £2100 Ono
  8. I’ve been trying to make a decision on what wing to get next , not that easy going bye hear say and tube vids and manufacturers bumf , my Sirocco2 /22 is to big so it’s for sale , at the moment It’s a driftair 18 will be the next wing but that will probably change .
  9. Never a good post to see , glad your ok ish, and not in hospital with more serious damage
  10. Evening, I recently had same noisy belt problem, not a moster but same set up and found that using a straight edge to line up the pulleys wasn’t the way to go , the grooves were a hairs breath out of line, I set mine manually while turning prop hub till it went quiet then set the tension ,
  11. Also , not left hand thread is it ? Probably got loctite on it it as well, so get a flame or paint stripper gun on it get hot , very hot
  12. I see what they meant now , what about the tool that is used for tightening grinding discs on grinders , Might be same never know ,
  13. Can you put a pic of pin spanner up when you you can please .
  14. Did you manage to press the pinion out the clutch bell
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