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  1. cas_whitmore

    EOS 100 Booster, prop bracket broken, remove clutch hub ?

    Also check for any play in the prop hub , I found the bearing nearest the prop had spun on the shaft , also check to see if circlip has been fitted to the rear of large prop pulley mine wasn’t, the bearings are not branded I replace mine with skf items and know have zero play at the prop tip ,
  2. cas_whitmore

    EOS 100 Booster, prop bracket broken, remove clutch hub ?

    I did notice that the head of the new counter sunk head screw was ever so slightly off centre so the head was forced side ways, so the Counter sunk hole was not dead centre to casing bolt hole , I made the counter sink a bit bigger in the bracket to give the bolt head some wiggle room , hopefully help relieve any lateral stress on the other bolts , been ok so far . cas .
  3. cas_whitmore

    Death - Brazil - Morning they had been due to get married

    Doesn’t look like any hang point I’ve seen before
  4. I’ve routed the fuel tube on the frame harness pocket area so I can pinch it shut when / if I can get to a safe height, but on my Miniplane it has a factory choke pull thingy in easy reach
  5. cas_whitmore

    Equipment found in Barry's Field

    Don’t think it’s me , have to check my stuff
  6. cas_whitmore

    Would you "upgrade" from a Nitro 200 to Parajet Maverick?

    Definitely get a mav ‘ how much for your nitro 😁 cas .
  7. cas_whitmore

    Help identifying this Top 80 carb

  8. cas_whitmore

    Barrys Guildford

    Is someone missing some gear , he won’t say what , but he didn’t run it over with the tractor mower? Cas .
  9. cas_whitmore

    What are we about?

    For sale section on here ‘ word will get around
  10. cas_whitmore

    What are we about?

    Without knowing condition and any problems with it , I guess put it out there for offers . It’d be a good base for a back up motor . cas.
  11. cas_whitmore

    CRF450 F1 engine?

  12. cas_whitmore

    What are we about?

    Ok got tighter pic of carb , he converted it to a float bowl gravity feed carb , might have problem with petrol foaming in the float bowl could make the motor run uneven and probably lean due to the vibration I would think , but he may of found a fix for that, anyway it’s a perfect user friendly set up for a newbie . cas.
  13. cas_whitmore

    What are we about?

    If it’s a factory carb on your motor, can’t quite see it clearly on the phone) you don’t need it on there ‘ I can just see a filter on the bottom pipe from the bottle, so assume it had fuel at some point ‘ put a pic of the carb on here ‘ might of had a different motor fitted at some point, float bowl type carb ?
  14. cas_whitmore

    What are we about?

    Wonder why it’s got a separate diaphragm pump ‘ it’s drawing from the bottom of the bottle?
  15. cas_whitmore

    EOS 100 Booster, prop bracket broken, remove clutch hub ?

    I use a electric impact gun ‘ quick blip on the trigger spins it off ‘ I had one of the upper counter sunk bolts shear off ‘ managed to remove in situ” they also have lock tite on them ‘ I rested a big soldering iron on the case to soften the lock tite . cas .