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    Thanks Steve. Looking forward to meeting you and other local pilots. We can exchange contact details if you like? Lloyd
  2. Airboz


    Hi Steve, It's never been our intention to fly from public places, the question being about where we can go for ground handling practice. We've done quite a bit of research already and are fair clued up with the law and regs re flying. Of course, we're always happy (and keen) to learn more and it would be great to meet you guys after we've had our training and really begin to learn to fly. Our training starts this weekend and we're aiming to have our first flights by the end of April. Thanks, Lloyd
  3. Airboz


    Hi all! Me and two friends based in East Kent are just getting into PPG and a Google search for flying sites in Kent brought me here. We had a taster day with Foot-Flight up in Essex and now we're hooked. We've each bought a retired wing for mastering our GH before we sign up for training and we're wondering where would be the best places for us to setup for practice? We were thinking local parks and playing fields but maybe this isn't such a good idea. It would also be good to meet local pilots too! Cheers, Lloyd