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  1. until

    Uncomfortably stiff in anticipation.
  2. Usually in whatsapp groups. Find some people and get added.
  3. Episode 1! HOURS of footage to go through.. 2-3 more vids to come.. Thanks for the assistance Simon! https://youtu.be/T7JUUnSDI1k
  4. Bottle of nice wine it it for the first guy to register my wing!
  5. If we're looking like running late, I'll be turning for Arlingham by Wednesday.
  6. To be fair, after six months of planning, I'm looking forward to relaxing at the Bore!
  7. Don't worry Simon, I'm currently writing ad-reads to do in the sky.. all sponsors etc get a spot, yours is first. To be fair, I've mentioned everyone pretty much equally so far, apart from Micro Avionics as I went there in a video. This is all new to me..... With regards the airfields themselves... I recognise and respect every person that ever worked out of them and am proud to be from an RAF family and to raise money for the RAFA. I also know how important it is that the history needs remembering... With that said, I am also VERY happy that we no longer 'need' all these airfields to defend our country, or to attack other countries from. The advancement of the human race depends on us stopping killing each other. An ex-military airfield that is now used for farming to feed people, or renewable solar/wind energy generation, or a base for small companies, or for fun civvy aviation like us is a good thing in my eyes. At one time we unfortunately needed them. Now we don't. I'll be doing my bit for the remembering history part, got a fair amount of info on the people that worked on them.
  8. IT'S A GO!!! We're leaving for Humberside tomorrow! Giles Fowler and Paul Mockford, ably supported by fellow pilots Katie Pagett and Andy Greaves, attempt to fly over 40+ former or current RAF airfields over two days, landing to refuel at a couple of operational ones.. A 263 mile navigation and endurance marathon starting at the former RAF Goxhill in Humberside and finishing at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. Join us as we battle the weather, the sinuous route and the busiest military airspace in the UK. It's a flying history lesson! You can track both pilots, and the crew in the van, on the map at this link: Tracking Map link: https://devfwd.com/rafa40/ We'll be updating the Facebook Page as and when we can: Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RAFA40paramotor/ Please donate to the RAF Association at this link: JustGiving Page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rafa40 Expect to see a full video on Paul's YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/PARANOOB FULL ROUTE: DAY 1 – Meet at RAF Halton, transfer paramotors and kit to support vehicle, drive 170 miles to Goxhill, Humberside. The first day will allow the team to preposition near the first departure airfield, RAF Goxhill, and check over the paramotors and the essential equipment needed for the 260 mile journey. Preparation and final checks are essential and nothing is being left to chance. DAY 2 - An early start and the flights could mean Paul and Giles are in the air for up to 7 hours over the first 3 legs. Leg 1 RAF GOXHILL RAF NORTH KILLINGHOLME RAF ELSHAM WOLDS RAF KIRMINGTON (Humberside Airport) RAF HIBALDSTOW RAF KIRTON-IN-LINDSEY RAF BLYTON (optional) RAF HEMSWELL RAF STURGATE RAF SCAMPTON Leg 2 RAF WIGSLEY RAF SWINDERBY RAF WADDINGTON RAF METHERINGHAM (optional) RAF DIGBY RAF CRANWELL RAF BARKSTON HEATH RAF SALTBY Leg 3 RAF NORTH WITHAM RAF COTTESMORE RAF NORTH LUFFENHAM RAF WITTERING (optional) RAF KINGS CLIFFE RAF SPANHOE RAF DEENETHORPE RAF GRAFTON UNDERWOOD RAF DESBOROUGH (optional) RAF HARRINGTON (optional) RAF SYWELL DAY 3 - Leg 4 RAF PODINGTON RAF THURLEIGH RAF CARDINGTON (optional) RAF CRANFIELD RAF SILVERSTONE RAF TURWESTON Leg 5 RAF HINTON-IN-THE-HEDGES RAF BARFORD ST JOHN RAF ENSTONE RAF UPPER HEYFORD RAF FINMERE RAF BICESTER Leg 6 RAF WESTON-ON-THE-GREEN (optional) RAF OAKLEY RAF THAME RAF WESTCOTT RAF WING RAF CHEDDINGTON RAF HALTON DAY 4 - Drive home, victorious.
  9. Thank you Simon! REALLY pleased! The channel is (in my head) aimed at anyone behind me on the journey, and constantly inspired by the help and encouragement I get from those further along, so aligning with a training school is perfect. Looking forward to more adventures, flying with more pilots and helping to get more people into the sport! See you all at the fly-ins!
  10. Last entry in this training blog.. Thanks for reading/watching. I hope some have found some help, as I did reading these before my training started. Now I know how to fly, it's time to learn how to fly. Make sure you're subscribed to the YouTube channel if you want to see more...
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