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  1. chrsfrwll


    Turbulence won't disappear. Jolts will still be felt but harder at increased speed. Reflex mode just increases resistance to collapse and so piloting work is reduced when controlling stability. So unpleasant feelings in turbulence will still exist but you can be happy in the knowledge of being very resistant to turbulence induced collapses.
  2. chrsfrwll

    John O'Groats To Lands End

    BBC news article on the subject (He did it)
  3. chrsfrwll

    3rd Party PPG Insurance - AXA Returns

    That's insurance companies for you. However, as you found, they should pay (after a fight) if it was specified. You might have to pick and choose the companies though. I used to be an insurance broker, so know the stunts they try and pull.
  4. chrsfrwll

    3rd Party PPG Insurance - AXA Returns

    Household insurance as a specified item.
  5. chrsfrwll

    Residual evening thermals - A cautionary tale

    According to his YouTube channel it was a Sky Flux. Comments suggest a 50 degree wind shear at 200/300 feet with 5kt below and 19+ above.
  6. chrsfrwll

    3rd Party PPG Insurance - AXA Returns

    Or a specific date in the future, if so stipulated on your application form 😊
  7. chrsfrwll


    Ah but if you set up friends they have the necessary info to link you to them, pull all the relevant meta data to link you all together and get very nice profiles. [skulks off with tin foil hat on]
  8. chrsfrwll


    @grumble56 couldn't agree more. I sometimes struggle with not using WhatsApp and/or FB Messenger, as they've successfully hoodwinked the masses into using it. Signal is the only one I'll use.
  9. Linked from Reddit, here's another good example of why we (should) start our motors on our backs.
  10. I'm not aware of any but I'm sure there'd be something on Facebook. That place seems to have something for just about anything. I also recall seeing somebody after gear on Reddit a couple of weeks back but where I'm not sure. Sorry can't be of more help.
  11. chrsfrwll

    Icarus X

    Just seen this on Twitter. Someone died during the event? Sad news. https://twitter.com/icarustrophy/status/1142674160017170433?s=12
  12. chrsfrwll

    Easy radio set up for a 2m radio

    No worries, I'll leave the dress wearing to you.
  13. chrsfrwll

    Easy radio set up for a 2m radio

    My thoughts.... My helmet isn't quite as exclusive as I thought. 😁
  14. chrsfrwll


    From the CAA's guide to VFR High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas (HIRTA) HIRTA are areas of defined dimensions within which there is radio energy of an intensity that may cause interference or damage to communications or navigation equipment and may be injurious to health. Pilots should be aware that these transmissions can give false indications on navigation and systems monitoring equipment; GPS is particularly vulnerable. Details of the major sites are listed at UK AIP section ENR 5.3 and are depicted on UK CAA Aeronautical Charts. Reference to specific HIRTAs can be found in the ENR section 5-3-2-1/2 of the AIP. I personally wouldn't, though it is only advisory (except for military, where I think it's mandatory). Given the RF energy being pumped out though, would you really want to risk it?
  15. chrsfrwll


    Keep out if you want kids, or, do you know how a microwave oven works 🤣