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  1. If you're asking me, I'm just going on "finest example" but re OP, don't think there is such a thing.
  2. The best? Aspen 2 though that isn't an oil but rather alkylate petrol premixed at 50:1 with a premium quality biodegradable 2-stroke oil. Alkylate petrol is significantly purer than traditional petrol. Harmful aromatic hydrocarbons are close to zero and it burns significantly cleaner, leaving no residue.
  3. Nice one Andy. The ATZ I got my radio to communicate with has been closed ever since I got my FRTOL, so never needed to use mine yet!
  4. Here’s a short clip of Mike taking his new V-King out for the first time. As he found out, rather sooner than he expected, that thing just wants to fly. IMG_0104.MP4
  5. Nice one. He does a good day doesn't he.
  6. Kept that quiet Looks a very interesting piece of kit. Any details on price of unit, price of separate batteries, recharge times, and effect of cold on flight times for winter flying (well, autumn and spring too, lol). 70 minutes beats OpenPPG hands down.
  7. Ah another benefit of flying with the Atom 80; never needing to worry about torque steer offset.
  8. May I suggest Andy Moon at Planespeak. He does just that for paramotor pilots.
  9. Ah, ok. However, as I mentioned above, the SkyEcho isn't a transponder, it's a transceiver. It'll only transmit the standard VFR Squawk code 7000 and in a different Downlink Format field from other aircraft transponders and can't be interrogated. However it would be recognized by ATC as orginating from an EC device, so you may get away with it. But yes, need a radio, do a course to get your FRTOL, and also an OFCOM licence. You also need to get an ICAO hex code. Call sign is some what arbitrary in our cases, as we're not registered, but you'll need one when communicating with ATC and if you have one in your SkyEcho (there's a field for it when setting up) it'd be good if it was the same as the one you used over the radio!
  10. I was talking about what was needed to use SkyEcho, in response to Alan calling it a transponder, which it’s not. However the the OP mentioned he can fly in his local controlled airspace in Ireland subject to him having a transponder and radio.
  11. Not sure how relevant but under CAP1391 portable ADSB transmit is currently only approved for use in the U.K.
  12. With pedant mode fully engaged (), technically that's not a transponder but rather an ADS-B transceiver. Also you can't change the code, should ATC so desire. However it is portable, has a good battery life and will let those with ADS-B in see you. Falls within the remit of Electronic Conspicuity the CAA have been banging on about for a while. You also need to preprogram it with an ICAO Hex address you'll need to apply for (as well as your call sign). Plus you'll need an OFCOM licence for it in addition to your FRTOL. (this is a road I have gone down )
  13. On my Dudek wings (Universal and Solo) I have trimmers all the way closed / fully in for take off and landing. Not had a problem yet.
  14. That they are and there's a cracking example of a 28m one for sale in the classifieds section if anyone is interested...
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