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  1. Is there a contact number? Quite fancy that idea as I'm free tomorrow Edit - actually scratch that, think I'll go north, looking at the wind
  2. Don’t believe so as it’s not PowerFlarm, as stipulated in the Equipment in Scope section
  3. I’m really surprised you need to set timers at 6 for nil wind take offs. I’ve found nil winds a breeze with trimmers all in. You’ve got to be running a bit to get the airspeed up at that setting surely.
  4. Yikes, now that is one thirsty motor. Not seen a burn rate that high before. I would definitely be looking at alternatives. That I think is a given. Edit - the too pricey bit, not you being a skinflint
  5. Good point well made. Wasn't thinking that through. Doh!
  6. Considering I "tighten up" flying over wooded areas, I think I might have a problem coping with that much water. Nice flight though.
  7. I should've clarified I have the pocket osmo, and that is small enough to not seem to be affected but given its sensor and lens are pretty similar to phone specs, there is arguably little to be gained for stills, although it's a lot easier to hold. Videos are noticeably better though.
  8. That is pretty phenomenal and no, I don't come close. However at 3l/hr I'm happy with the trade in simplicity and lightness, noting I have the other advantages. One downside I'll have to concede is flight running cost/hr. 2.2ltr/hr @ £1.10/ltr vs 3ltr/hr @ £4.00/ltr could soon sway the balance. Aspen isn't cheap!
  9. I've got all of that from my Atom 80 running Aspen fuel, plus it weighs a lot less.
  10. Definitely prefer cold to bumps. There have been a few flights where teeth have been chattering but I've declined to descend to warm up because of the bumps (but had to endure eventually, to land)
  11. Definitely helped by image stabilisation, either mechanical or software. Most upper-end phones have good OIS and then if you want to go next level, use a gimbal (I have a DJI one).
  12. A good explanation in this video by Mitch might help you. He explains it well.
  13. Yep, I use RASP too, though mainly to see what time I should think about landing by
  14. It’s always best to check with the manufacturers and see what they specify for each glider. For instance, if you look on the Dudek website, you’ll see that you could fly a 31 or a 34 Universal.
  15. Yep, ask a question about personal choice and you'll get a split decision. In the end the answer lies with you - do you prefer a throttle where the trigger is pivoted at the top or the bottom, ie do you want to use your trigger finger or ring finger, leaving the others for brakes. You won't know until you try so I suggest you play with the ones at your school to see with you prefer. The differences between the vittorazi / Polini are minor (I thought they were the same and didn't realise there was a choice from parajet, ie parajet supplied vittorazi motors with Polini throttle ). As the s
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