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  1. My settings: 1090ES Transmit: enable Receiver Mode: UAT ICAO Address: your code Callsign: I use my initials and wing size. Means you can track your flight on FlightRadar FLARM ID: blank Ownership Filter: both blank Emitter Category: Glide VFR Squawk: 7000 ADSB In: blank VSO: 15 Aircraft length:L<15m Aircraft width: W<23m Lateral offset: Centre Longitudinal Offset: 0 SDA: 0 Hope this helps
  2. Use this guide for the radio licence. Click to OFCOM In SkyDemon you will need to create a new aircraft and edit the parameters to suit your paramotor. All you really need is cruising speed at one altitude but you can go OTT and change climb and descent and fuel burn if you want as well.
  3. What exactly are you stuck on? The set up is pretty well explained in the manual. Log into the SkyEcho's admin page and change the variables as required. Leave default unless specifically changing something. Of the top of my head you need to change the following : You want transmit enabled, 1090ES receive if you're using it with SkyDemon Put your hex code in the hex spot Call sign is irrelevant as you don't have one but if you're using a radio as well you can put whatever you're using. Squawk is 7000 (conspicuity) Vso is glider stall speed For sizes, keep as small as possible and use Centre for GPS offset. I think that covers most of the configuration options. SkyDemon you need to set up to receive your SkyEcho as it will then use that for location instead of your phone's GPS
  4. The current info from Vittorazi is that their engines are tuned for E5 95RON and use of higher ethanol/lower RON invalidates warranty. Guess the answer is use higher octane fuels with E5, if you want to keep your warranty, until Vittorazi change their tune. link to their website here
  5. Know this is an old thread but while browsing the 'net recently, came across his site, which bears a striking resemblance to this site's name and Simon's business name, along with his "affiliation" to an organisation, which is named very similarly to the BHPA, and claiming all sorts of wonderful things. Also watched some of his "promoted" videos, one of which has a tandem taking off and jumping over a laid out wing. All a bit suss.
  6. until

    Large grass field, fire pit, beer (though you'll probably have to pay extra for that) ...
  7. until

    Had to give up my space too.
  8. You could try EasyVFR. The basic version is free and I think it might accept a feed from the SkyEcho2. There is one review that mentions it taking info from PilotAware, so perhaps the capability is there. The full (subscription) version does. Trouble is, most of these apps have continuing updates for maps / airspace etc, for which there is obviously a cost, thus need for subscription. I believe the dev of FySkyhy has tried to integrate but without success. I spoke to one of the guys at UAvionix and he mentioned they had been in touch but not sure of the current state of play. There is the new app SkySafe. It's free, though there's an option to subscribe to higher tiers, and it highlights all ADSB, FLARM and OGN aircraft in the vicinity. Downside is it's receive only and cellular based, though this could be an advantage. Might cause an issue if you're using a SE2, as you'd be constantly alerted of your presence. Not tried the app but there may be a setting to override this. C.
  9. And therein lies the rub; to what standard? Originally the requirement was BHPA membership, which cut out a large swathe of people, and was the original unfair classification. Then the CAA changed it to BHPA Pilot rated, which took out another chunk. I'll be interested to see how they back-pedal now.
  10. Just treat it as a warm coat (with legs) and you wont go too far wrong.
  11. That looks a very muddy field. I wouldn't want to get my glider out for fear of getting it filthy!
  12. Nige, given the scheme is due to end on 28th Feb, if you're interested in this, it might be worth you getting in touch with the CAA yourself ECRebate@caa.co.uk Happy to report I've received my rebate for purchase of SkyEcho, but I applied in October, on the first day it became available.
  13. Ah but 1kg around the middle is much easier to carry than 1kg on the back
  14. It does look a bit rich but you’ve only just finished running the motor in. Clean the plug up and run it some more. Better rich than lean at this stage, especially if it’s running ok.
  15. Thing is, for most paramotoring here in the UK we don’t need really powerful engines but we do need reliability, and low fuel consumption is a given. Trikes aren’t big here, though there are a few, and there’s no way I’d want to foot launch a big lump like that. Reliability however; always welcome.
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