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  1. Just treat it as a warm coat (with legs) and you wont go too far wrong.
  2. That looks a very muddy field. I wouldn't want to get my glider out for fear of getting it filthy!
  3. Nige, given the scheme is due to end on 28th Feb, if you're interested in this, it might be worth you getting in touch with the CAA yourself ECRebate@caa.co.uk Happy to report I've received my rebate for purchase of SkyEcho, but I applied in October, on the first day it became available.
  4. Ah but 1kg around the middle is much easier to carry than 1kg on the back
  5. It does look a bit rich but you’ve only just finished running the motor in. Clean the plug up and run it some more. Better rich than lean at this stage, especially if it’s running ok.
  6. Thing is, for most paramotoring here in the UK we don’t need really powerful engines but we do need reliability, and low fuel consumption is a given. Trikes aren’t big here, though there are a few, and there’s no way I’d want to foot launch a big lump like that. Reliability however; always welcome.
  7. Have a breather tube into the tank, which you can blow down to pressurise the system and get fuel into the carb for the initial start, and you can dispense with those bulbs altogether.
  8. You were brave Andy clicking on a link from a new member with only 1 spam post. I looked up zero scooters via DuckDuckGo and found their top speed to be a more realistic 55kph. Still wouldn’t buy one though. As for Koawq and his link, not going there ...
  9. Nice one. Don’t fancy that muddy start though. My wing and Ozee are still nice and clean Thankfully I’ve access to a new field with some dry areas so I’m watching Christmas Day closely.
  10. A step I had tried but doesn't make a difference on my iPhone I look forward to the theme edits
  11. Yes Simon. I’m trying to show that I’m logged in but can’t get to my messages, alerts etc. the only way I can log in is by replying to a post which then gives me a link to log in. But even when logged in there is no way to navigate to messages, alerts etc
  12. And there is no option to go to my Account page even when logged in
  13. He’s not the only one Si. And going to the home page doesn’t make any difference. The only way I can log in when using a mobile is to reply to a post and then get a message to log in. I’ve cleared cache and everything. here’s a pic of all I see on the home page. There is no option to login
  14. Nice pictures. Must’ve been a sod to start with but well done keeping on top of the situation.
  15. More specifically it says “d) to visit a public outdoor place for the purposes of open air recreation—“ The law is pretty clear, it’s the GA community offering guidance against that is muddying the waters
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