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  1. I’ll admit that since I started flying I don’t tend to ground handle for the sake of it, thus limiting the chances of my wing getting soaking wet, and if the same for a lot here possibly why you haven’t had many answers. If the ground is wet, I lay out my wing at point of take off, fly, land and try and drop wing neatly and then gather up and put away in its mushroom bag. Those bags are nicely vented such that if left in a warm room water will eventually evaporate and escape. (It does help having a newer wing though) However I do recall Colin saying that he dried out the school wings over doors and stair banisters. I think his words were “anywhere there is space”!
  2. It was great there today, if a little wet underfoot. Good for honing spot-landing skills, avoiding all the puddles.
  3. I've a Parajet Maverick and Dudek Universal 1.1 28m. Oh and with a 17l tank, which more often than not is pretty full.
  4. I'm 85kg (naked weight) at the moment and having no problems getting off the ground with one, even in nil wind.
  5. I use FLARM but fortunately haven’t had to attest to how effective it is v an RAF jet. I will say I think it’s petty useless for GA as from what I’ve read/heard/experienced the best option there is ADSB. I've had some pretty close planes fly by, even with my FLARM on. However ADSB requires an FRTOL, which makes it less likely to be used widely. I'm in the process of getting mine though, with a view to equipping ADSB. Interesting that the ATC you spoke to actively monitor FLARM. I'd imagine that's because of gliders rather than paragliders, as it isn't widely used in our discipline. Gives comfort though.
  6. Great news, as I missed last year’s
  7. You’ll need a radio licence before you can use one of those.
  8. Get a copy of this book, it covers a lot of good stuff
  9. After fantastic customer service from the folks at Parajet yesterday, where they replaced my starter pulley system, I was able to fit in a short flight this morning, before the weather turns nasty for the foreseeable. Now back to weather watching.
  10. Managed a short flight this morning (thanks Ben for the photo) before starter failure cut the day short. Hopefully it'll be OK again tomorrow.
  11. Tomorrow's looking like a day to call in a sickie...
  12. Is this based on IP address or are you doing a stealth track à la Facebook 🤔😁
  13. That's the radar which is configured in settings. Must admit, I too have found it to be a bit elusive but if you're around next weekend at the fly-in we can compare.
  14. Paul, I've done over 150 miles XC with it now and not once has the radar actually pinged a contact, even though I've been buzzed left right and centre by GA and rotary. After a bit more research it seems that the 5 probably has little relevance in respect of GA. For that the next step is ADS-B, but use of that isn't straightforward either, as it turns out a radio licence is required. Although I'm taking steps to get an FRTOL, which would cover it, an interim might just be to get a strobe and / or keeping a good eye out. Or in other words, no change to current situation.
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