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  1. You know that feeling when you're snug under the covers and it's too early to get up? That. Looks like an evening flight is out too - still gusting strongly here.
  2. Reported a gathering in a farm field? Sheesh, some people go out of their way.
  3. Nice one. I woke at 4am this morning, thinking I was going to go for a dawn flight. Ha! Next thing I know it’s 8:30 and I’m still in bed. Will have to wait and see whether I can fit in a sunset one instead
  4. It was 10/12 gusting 20/25, cold air and bright warm sun here. Those thermals would have been the icing in the cake. Way beyond anything I wanted to try, so gave it a miss. I’m pinning my hopes on Wednesday morning. Planning an early start to catch the sunrise, if the forecast holds good.
  5. Ah, well, if you're talking non-paramotor then that opens it up a bit. Not sure I can pin it down but flying my hang glider & sharing a thermal with a red kite way back in the early 90's when they were a protected species and not as common as muck as they are now. Going round and round eyeballing each other has a special memory. Or perhaps sharing a thermal with a mate, chasing each other up to 12500' during the British Open in Ager, arguing over the radio about whether or not we should be on oxygen also brings a smile. That flight in particular was good because although I didn't complete the task, I did land near a bar and spent the time waiting for the retrieve crew drinking (free) cold beer.
  6. I used this one. Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction.
  7. Thermal updraft velocity predictions for tomorrow 11:00am - 400ft/min. Definitely want to have early flight and get down before that lot are kicking off.
  8. Hang gliding and paragliding have to my mind been considered sports. Weren’t they thinking of including them in the Olympics? Certainly considered a “dangerous sport” when looking for insurance.
  9. Just introduce myself, say I'm a paramotor pilot and hoping to use their field to launch and land from. If you get a "no", just move on. The first one I approached I offered to donate some money to his charity (he gave me the ok), the second I offered to donate his favourite tipple (he gave me the ok), the third said no before I got to offer anything and the fourth I didn't offer anything and he gave me the ok too.
  10. The man from the field, he say yes. Field of dreams
  11. Found two fields, nicely cut recently. Tracked down the farmer but he was out, though spoke with his mother. Now waiting a call back...
  12. Did a 50 miles XC to see the White Horses of Wiltshire last year. Checked off seven, only missing out on the last one, Westbury, because the army were active down there and after ringing up Brize Norton I decided to give that area a miss. That was pretty memorable, especially as my return home was around midday and the thermals were kicking off. Took a partial collapse that scared me a bit, so was glad to get on the ground. I've a mate that lives in Rock and plan to go fly down there too.
  13. This thread is unraveling
  14. I'm assuming THIS is the one you're referring to. Looks suss, with little detail, lacking photos and suspiciously low price
  15. Definitely a split decision
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