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  1. I suspect that the cold temperature is keeping the head cooler than normal hence the oily deposits on the bottom of the plug. You mentioned that you had replaced the head, what was the reason? If the engine is starting easily and accelerating to full power without hesitating when warmed up, the low jet is almost certainly set correctly, and as you say the high jet is fixed so carb would seem to be ok. With a few exceptions fuel/carb problems (filter dirty, diaphrams worn out, primer valves failing) usually cause a weak mixture which can cause engine damage. A rich mixture won't damage the en
  2. Going on the colour of the plug electode, the mixture is spot on. You do seem to have a small build up of carbon around the bottom of the plug, what oil are you using?
  3. I am not familiar with this set up so wondering, does the central part with the 4 holes unscrew from inside the small gear? If so the pipe wrench solution won't work.
  4. MathewClay, check your pm.
  5. Just to expand what Mark said, the 2.42 is the ratio between the diameter of the large pulley to the diameter of the small pulley so it does not have units. It means that the engine will rotate 2.42 times to get the prop to rotate once, hence reduction.
  6. I think that as posted 130 is the prop diameter but pign is the pinion size (diameter of the small pulley). I found this link which may help you, or someone else here to nail down exactly what you need. https://www.southwestairsports.com/ppgtechinfo/simonini/simonini_mini2_plus/service_manuals/MINI2PLUSENGLISH.pdf Extract: REDUCTION RATIO AVAIABLE 1:226 Crown gear 129 mm / Pinion 57mm 1:230 Crown gear 129 mm / Pinion 56 mm 1:234 Crown gear 129 mm / Pinion 55 mm 1:242 Crown gear 129 mm / Pinion 53 mm 1:3 Crown gear 138 mm / Pinion 44 mm From the i
  7. My Atom 80 is well past 11 hours and has no sign of similar discolouring. Could that part of the exhaust been exposed to intense UV light (e.g. welding)? I notice that the orange nut/bolt marker above the silencer in the top picture has also changed colour.
  8. Not the same part of the frame/harness but illustrates the principle.
  9. It is normal for the chrome plating on exhausts to develop colouring, with heating, over time. Colours range from orange/bronze to blue.
  10. Thanks, I will order some to play around with.
  11. Brilliant, that is really worth knowing. Could you post the part number for the netting, there are several pigeon nets listed on the Hucks site.
  12. I know you will call me a pedantic old git but, how do you keep the pop from spilling at 0G?
  13. I agree with the two previous posters, the problem lies with the inlet needle and its seat. I think you have wear such that the needle seats and seals at times but does not at other times. I would replace them and retest.
  14. This may help. CAA Quarter Mil Chart Legend.pdf
  15. I am not sure if the advice has changed but the Vittorazi Manual on the Parajet website has the oil/fuel ratios below.
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