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    Dan Jones

  2. Can't make this but hope to visit you guys some day! Hope the event goes well
  3. Just popping in to say a quick hello to everyone. I've been lurking on the forums for a while but I guess I should have said hello sooner! Been hooked on paramotoring for the past year but have only just started my official training on 5th Jan 2019. I'm rebuilding a Solo 210 and i'm documenting the lot. If you want to follow along my YouTube channel is here: https://bit.ly/2RSpRNb See you up in the air! Dan
  4. Here we go. My brother and me started our venture to become paramotor pilots about a year ago, yes the title of this post is "Let The Training Begin", allow me to explain. We first found out about paramotoring because a certain video was trending, yes the well known Tucker Gott flying to McDonald's video. Some may roll their eyes at this others a nod in Tuckers direction regardless, I was inspired, what wasn't to love? Take off from your local park, grab a bite to eat and then fly home. From that point I've obsessively watched videos from various sources on YouTube and read a hell of a lot of post online about the sport. Back to the training... At the time of discovery we got a bit eager and bought a very cheap Solo 210 home-brew of a paramotor, which we're still renovating, our friend bought a old clapped out APCO Thrust for ground handling. We literally started at ground zero. We knew nothing. We had no instruction, bar what I had been watching online, hell we didn't even know how to get the wing out of the bag it came in. We filmed it all. Everything related to our paramotor journey in the last year we've filmed and it's on my YouTube channel for you to all have a good laugh at. However, as of 5th January 2019 we had our first official lesson of which you'll find the video below. If you feel inclined to watch our journey from the beginning, which is amusing at points if i do say so myself, then you can find my channel here: https://bit.ly/2RSpRNb Here's my intro video to our official paramotor training. I hope you enjoy the video and any likes or subscribes would be truly appreciated, see you up in the air.
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