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  1. Reckon it'd be worth picking up a pair of these? http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Bluetooth Radio Ear Defenders/Pr409983001#moreinfo Probably not good for 2-way comms, but maybe not bad for 1-way and a helmet to suit?
  2. Someone appeared to be having fun in the sun over Kendal Castle this afternoon! Have a photo on my iPhone too big to upload here, apperently...
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  4. Hi Al, Sorry to hear you can't make use of this any more. Is it still for sale? If so, would it be suitable for a complete newbie at around 95kg, and what would I need to know about 4-stroke (i.e. versus 2-stroke)? Thanks! DJ
  5. Not far off the cost of a ticket these days! for anyone interested...
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