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  1. Hi all, I'm better today. My hands and lower arm took the electrical blast. Had it gone across my chest it would be a different story I wouldn't be telling. Lots of factors lead to the incident. Long story short, low level sun, paralax, dark wires, high visual work load and a small land field and engine vibration all added to it. I'm not saying it wasn't my fault but accidents are not normally the result of just one thing. But a least I'm here so others can learn from my misfortune.
  2. Hi Christoffel, Thanks for viewing my thread. If I get any more launching problems I will probably try the stick A' line assists that you have used. I think it was more operator error rather than the trike. I have the larger rear view mirror which I will be mounting tomorrow. 'Everyday is a school day' Giles
  3. A big thank you to all those who helped me trial my Paratrike at the fly-in. The launching gave me a lot to think about and after a little post event diagnosis I have worked out what I was doing wrong. The learning points were, A line assists may not be as helpful as I first thought. They do assist the inflation but there is no feedback to the pilot where the wing is going as it raises up. I am fitting a second mirror on the cross bar to give a lower view of the wing as it inflates. The link below was also helpful. http://www.trikebuggy.com/video/expertvillage/17.htm Additionally I was not holding enough power to keep the tension in the lines which resulted in the wing rolling off the top. I will go away and try the new learning points. 'Everyday is a school day'
  4. I don't think anyone noticed my escapades, I like to be subtle and under the radar.
  5. It was to start off the picture dumping. No Hijacking here
  6. The sun definitely came out for the evening flying. Awesome.
  7. Some epic flying, good company and perfect skies. What a weekend.
  8. I have brought some fuel for mine so you can have a taxi around in it. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated. Nothing is perfect first time and If I ever built another, removing any problematic design flaws would be advantageous. You might have to kick me on Friday night or Saturday as I don't know many peoples faces. Not long now till the fly in.
  9. Aerofix have called, wing serviced and registration going on tomorrow. I should have it back by Friday, just before the fly in. The weather has been amazing and I have had no wing......grrh. Fingers crossed the weather will hold for the flying training too.
  10. Yes I do, thanks for the correction. I have been spending too much time studying for the ground exams and had Mag Var in my head from the Nav exam. Not long now till the fly-in.
  11. More work being conducted this weekend. I have abandoned the full instrument panel and opted for specifically located items. The Engine (CHT and RPM) are being located low down on the buggy frame so I can easily remove them when the motor is removed. The Flytech 4005 is providing the Altimeter, VSI and ASI and I have found that by strapping the compass to the neck of the buggy has the least amount of magnetic influence. All that is left to carry out a compass swing to identify the full level of magnetic variation. My wing is off being serviced and having the registration put on. My Ground exams are in progress and I am soo close to starting my flying conversion. I will update with pictures soon.
  12. I have a Goldstar headset, plugged it into my ICON A2 last night, did a radio test with the local ATC and it works fine. This was one of the reasons I bought an ICOM A2 on Ebay instead of getting a more modern radio. The range and distance on the A2 is fine and the Goldstar was very clear too. Giles
  13. ADEves, Nice, there seems to be a good collection out there. Regards Giles
  14. It was Colin's little number that started the disk brake trend on kite buggy's!!! Hey Colin, "once a mover, always a mover" It takes weeks to learn how to drop bags that well!!! Is your trike coming to the fly in. We could have a drag race. Only kidding Simon. I'm looking forward to it.
  15. Hi Pete, Seems like you get less time off than I do. I ended up taking leave and shutting my self in the workshop with radio 2 for nearly 4 days. The other half let me out occasionally, or threw biscuits and cups of tea at me through the hatch. I think the engine and flight instruments are just as expensive/complicated as the main structure. Simon, I like your quad, striking colour, slightly more conservative than your orange Vdub Transporter . All I need is 4 hours to then start hours building, then complete the final 11hours and then I am hot to trot. Come on English weather be an Indian summer this year.
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