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  1. About time we all had a meet up for a few beers
  2. Well done Pat that looks awesome!
  3. Well done Patrick.You should have hung around for a second flight on Saturday.After waiting ages for the thermals to drop off I took off into the worst conditions I have flown in .On the ground it looked all good but once in the air it was terrible ,was getting bumped around all over the place.Just rode it out and came into land pretty quickly.Good job some of the newbees failed their launches as they wouldn't have enjoyed their 1 st flights. Shame I couldn't make Sunday I would have joined you on the flight to Reading.Maybe next time
  4. It was a beautiful morning here in Caversham today.A friend of mine was up in his balloon.Wish I had taken the morning off work and gone for my first solo away from the Membury nest.
  5. Packed up! Not going to use it tomorrow then.
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