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  1. About time we all had a meet up for a few beers
  2. So I needed a new spring for my starter, phone PJ monday arrived Wednesday hows that for customer service! Fitted and ready to fly!
  3. Had a look at the website all looks good except for your spelling!!!
  4. I do both dude .Pretty good downhiller average runner.Whats involved Simon?
  5. I have been using this throttle since my third flight really like it.For take off your hands areless cluttered which makes it slightly easier.In flight its comfy and responsive.I haven't used the cruise control yet so cant comment on that. A couple things to bear in mind.You need to keep you throttle finger outside of brakes as you can inadvertently switch off the engine.You may need to make a few extra straps to hold the cable on your arm to stop it moving around. I find it an excellent piece of kit that has been well thought out.
  6. Very moving! Not your average ppg film.Makes you think about all those very young men who gave their lives for our freedom. Looks like a nice place to fly. Might have to take a trip there and fly that coastline myself!
  7. Thanks Whitters. I know that road. I occasionally kitesurf at Gwithian when down your way. Hope to meet up with you in the summer. Chris
  8. Just to let you know they have an early bird price if anyone is planning to go to this event, saves a tenner! Check their website for all the details.
  9. All the best for a speedy recovery Pete.
  10. I am having my annual family holiday in St Ives Cornwall in August. I was planning on taking my kit with me. Does anyone know of any friendly farmers or take off sites around that area would be a lovely area to fly. Please help.
  11. I am off to St Ives in Cornwall for my family summer holiday later this year. I am going to take my kit with me. Does anyone know any paramotor friendly farmers in and around that area with a field I could use.
  12. I am off to St Ives in Cornwall for my family summer holiday later this year. I am going to take my kit with me. Does anyone know any paramotor friendly farmers in and around that area with a field I could use.
  13. Excellent! Nice and close to beach so if it's too windy to fly I can go kitesurfing instead.
  14. bubba1


    I have one and had 4 flights since fitting it. I find take off that much easier as my hands are that much freer. But you do have to be careful how you hold the brake handle as I found out. You must keep that finger outside of the brake as you may inadvertently switch the engine off.
  15. I haven't flown for a little while and was really looking forward to getting into the air. I arrived at my field just after sunrise this morning.There was hardly any breeze so was expecting a lovely smooth flight.Many failed launches followed,thought I had managed to nail these forward launches. Eventually after 7 attempts, a bit of a rest and few cups of coffee I managed to get airborne,thats when my real troubles started! I found that I was continually having to put in left brake.I thought this to be a little strange as my motor torques to the left.I looked down to find my right carbiner had caught up on my j bar,shit!So with much effort I was able to free it up,thank god for that . So on I went cruising around in rather lumpy conditions enjoying the view.As I was over a mates place I decided to come in a bit lower and buzz his field.I was down to about 200 ft pulled a tight right hand turn and as I did so I inadvertently pushed the stop button,at that point I shat myself no time to try and restart [pull start]!Shit which direction is the wind coming from,I was going down wind so had to pull a quick 180.Thankfully its quite a big field, but as I came in to land on my arse my wing almost went into a barb wire, fence,all witnessed by my mate. Thankfully nothing damaged just gave my left hip a bit of a bang. So I can now tick off an engine out from my list.Very scary !!!! Thank god I was over a very large field.Everything happened so quickly from engine off to landing was about 15 seconds!!!!
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