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  1. Where was the laugh site and did you need any special permissions?
  2. Hi Taffarnold, i live in gt missenden, are you interested in meeting for some local flying?, Bill

    1. taffarnold


      Bill, absolutely. I do not have a field at the moment, so I tend to head back to Membury when I have an opportunity. Or keep the kit in the car to exploit rare moments if indulgence by my family. So an opportunity to fly a little closer to home would be great. I am in Northwood (just South of Watford) and have a local park that technically would be flyablw below 1000' but it is far from ideal and we get lots of helicopter traffic fairy low down. Where do you fly from?



  3. Handed mine over yesterday. Great to know it will be worked on by a fellow pilot.
  4. Thx everyone. I will have to get the tape measure out. Simon . Does it have to be boxed up? The cardboard box it came in didn't make the last move. I think I saw mentioned that you could wrap in cling film?
  5. Julie, what size/type of fat max Nic is that Julie, I think I need to buy something similar? Thx
  6. Simon - could you remind me how to get the PMC approved insurance, I should probably get something sorted before Spain - thx
  7. Simon - I assume the kit transfer includes paramotor and wing; does it also include a bag of other stuff (helmet, tools,headache etc)? I have a holdall with all my poorly sorted paraphernalia and will need to look at hold baggage if you are only moving the motor and wing (or packing it properly if there is a bag size limit) - also what is the plan for fuel? I have a plastic 5 ltr can I normally use - could that also go on the transport (empty obvs)?
  8. got it now - thx. can't see how to delete my previous post
  9. Dickie - can't seem to find yr number - perhaps you have taken it down for security? I am on 07472 631615, if you are able to chat
  10. Dickie, could I bag one of the spots? I am about 25 mins south of you? I can give you a call at a more sociable hour. Phil A
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