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  1. Ye! Thanks Alan and Geoff for using up all of the good weather! I did manage to get a good flight in though above the stunning Cornish coastline. Let's hope Simon works his magic with the weather when the summer fly-in gets the go ahead. See you then.
  2. Sounds like you need a Dudek Nucleon WRC 31. Fantastic wing. It just so happens I've got one for sale. Whats your weight? And you'd still have change out of your £1500 as well. Tim
  3. Has there been a conclusion to this thread that I have missed? The suspense is killing me.
  4. How are they looking Simon? I'm coming up for renewal again!
  5. Looking pretty good to me, especially without a training harness. you'll soon crack it. Had other arrangements today so not been up but keeping fingers crossed for Tuesday. Keep up the good work. Tim
  6. I'm sure they could bolt your Moster to it. Think I'll just bring my brolly , weather's looking pants.
  7. Hi Tony. Have you considered the Flylight Peebee ? Sub 70kg microlight that would suit you and your field Down to the ground.. Check it out on their Facebook page. I'm in Cornwall next week, I'll be in touch if I get a chance. Tim.
  8. Is anybody planning on going up on Sunday? It's looking good for an early morning fly with the balloons . Looks like a lot of restricted airspace but with it being nil wind they shouldn't drift too far into Bristol's CTR.
  9. Hi Rob, We're only about 15 minutes from you at Pitsford. Why don't you come along and have chat , the weathers looking good for Saturday at the moment. PM you number and I'll give you directions. Tim
  10. Just had a look at the regs and we don't tick all of the boxes but it would be interesting to know which trophies you are going for and your tactics for the event (if any). Will certainly be buzzing around if it's nice and will pop across and see you. Tim
  11. Hi There are a few of us that fly from an airstrip just south of Pitsford reservoir which is just outside Sywells airspace. If it's flyable then we're up, so hopefully it'll be good that weekend and we'll have to pop over and say hello. Just ask if you need any local info and we'll be happy to try and help. Tim
  12. Will be more than happy to make a contibution to the fly in , but I also think you deserve a cut for organising it. Well done and lets hope the weathers on our side. Thanks Tim
  13. Personally I'd rather be flying myself than watching other poeple flying around poles, so I say leave it as it is 10/11/12 June. Could you not have another one later in the year if it's a success. Besides I've had to do alot of grovelling to be allowed out that weekend and I'm away the weekend after. I think another vote is looming but maybe with fewer options than the last one and not all the same Tim
  14. Having trouble getting my head around the voting system but would love to come and camp over. Have chosen 2 anyway. Regards Tim
  15. My Corsair Black Devils a bit thirsty using about 5 litres an hour and only has a 9 litre tank so I’m struggling to get 2 hours flying time. With some ambitious cross countries planned for the coming months I was considering fitting a reserve tank. Working on the basis that my mother in laws piss smells more toxic than unleaded, I’m going to borrow two of her colostomy bags and use them as reserves which should double my flying time, might even make the coast if the winds in the right direction. Just a bit concerned that if it goes horribly wrong people might think that someone’s dropped a Napalm bomb. Can’t see any problems myself as long as I wash them out before giving them back to the mother in law. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Tim
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