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  1. I agree Geoff wife and me stopped off at Jamaica Inn for some breakfast on Sunday that would have been an epic fly out for breakfast/lunch can’t wait for the summer flyin. Was good to put a face to the name as well, and well the Hanwags were the nuts my feet were warm and dry and sooooo comfy. See you at the next one Neilzy
  2. Do we have a non flying wife/partner who could maybe drive as I’m sure my wife would like to be at Jamaica inn etc to see us land and partition in breakfast/lunch just a thought
  3. So I’ve treated myself to a nice pair of Hanwags and struggling to find the right fit. I’m usually a size UK 10 but found them to tight so promptly swapped for a UK 10.5 but finding as tight was expecting a more significant feel etc so do I get a 11 or a 11.5 I appreciate that as new boots they going to be tight but how much should I expect them to give what’s the thoughts people.
  4. Maybe worth checking the fuel tank breather
  5. until

    Simon is this the start of a teaser campaign!!!!!!
  6. I agree with Andy get your training done it will give you the motivation plus once you involved with the community and have a better understanding of what you need there will be kit out there for you at a reasonable price but get ya training done first I’d have a bet once you’ve trained and fly you will find kit
  7. until

    Motorhome booked, holiday booked not missing this one for sure “How many sleeps to go”
  8. FootFlight Paramotor’s Alex Anderson really good bloke. On the Internet
  9. Look for a Dudek Synth 34 super wing to learn on and cheap now super safe and stable wing
  10. I weigh 125kg and the Nitro 200 has no probs handling my weight unless you super fit I’d stay away from the Thor 200/250 they weigh so much it’s crippling having them on your back. The tornado has the power and the lightweight but as said the Nitro is plenty powerful smooth strong for us big fella’s it a game changer best motor out there after suffering heavy motors for years when the Nitro came along it changed everything for me. Neilzy
  11. Just found some footage of this motor and wing but can’t upload it anyone interested I can email it
  12. Also looking to sell my NAC helmet with MicroAvionics MP100 headset with. Yasua MT 270 2m Radio offers ???
  13. I flew a FT and yes I agree with Simon it’s not the best system with a flick you have the potential to be free from the harness which is a scary thing. As much as I loved my FT I would always pop a cable tie through the quick release lever a thin cable tie which with a really good jerk would snap it’s much safer.
  14. I have Kiess waistcoat XL and Keiss inner gloves for sale used once it has Kiess Battery and temp control included and works well battery holds up for at least one hour at full temp which is lovely and warm longer on lower settings. Also have a really well made IDE Flying suit with EC Extreme Logo in back very comfy and well made XXL offers I cant upload images but can email or txt pictures if needed Neilzy
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