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  1. until

    I'm having same problem Alan, I've fired up the laptop and managed to do it that way.
  2. Shall we not chip in and hire Stu as a guide lol
  3. Yes Andy it was that trip I’m sure it will be back on I think Dan likes to go out there around end of March so if all falls into place will try again then lol.
  4. Cheers Lee yeah times are tough and was so disappointed with the demise of the Italy trip but hey ho hopefully Dan will sort another next year. Chatting with Henry may even sort a boys trip ourselves next year
  5. Room for a couple more could be tempted
  6. Lee has to be done lol did you manage to get back up and dry off or was it a recovery and the walk of shame !!!! Neilzy
  7. Sounds so like a old sparring partner I used to have from many’s years back lol surly not !!!!!!!!
  8. Will be a great way to celebrate the end of all this shite. We’ve been told By the powers to be UK lock down is imminent. And we have to prepare for certain eventualities such as emergency power distribution. keep safe everyone hopefully see you at the end.
  9. I fly a Reportair after always flying a Synth the first thing is you will be surprised how much smaller you can drop in size I went from a 34 to a 28 and could possibly fly a 26 if I stopped eating the pies. I have been flying since around 2007 and most of it was with a Synth have flown a few others. What I will say is the Reportair is all I’m ever going to need it’s fast enough, will turn quick should I feel the need to, and it’s also stable and very easy to launch. Neilzy
  10. Arrrg I know Simon it’s a poor show and we so disappointed but I’m away the week before and then again the week after so have to play catch up very annoying.
  11. So unfortunately I’m working and won’t be able to make the Bore this year. So I’m about to delete my attendance so should be a place up for grabs. Have a good one it’s a great event. Neilzy
  12. Alex at Footflight Paramotor in Rayne not far from you highly recommended
  13. Alex Anderson of Foot Flight is your man excellent fella
  14. I agree Geoff wife and me stopped off at Jamaica Inn for some breakfast on Sunday that would have been an epic fly out for breakfast/lunch can’t wait for the summer flyin. Was good to put a face to the name as well, and well the Hanwags were the nuts my feet were warm and dry and sooooo comfy. See you at the next one Neilzy
  15. Do we have a non flying wife/partner who could maybe drive as I’m sure my wife would like to be at Jamaica inn etc to see us land and partition in breakfast/lunch just a thought
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