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  1. Yeah I haven't touched the knot from the factory. I'm sure that changing the knot will fix it, I'm just wondering what everyone else does in this regard. Do they use TEA or offset carabiner loops.
  2. Clive spent two hours getting the harness adjusted just perfect only a few weeks ago! So choices are Put left riser in upper loop and right right riser in lower loop on carabiners Move the knot down an inch or so Asymmetric trimmers - feels wrong to me, but maybe a short-term fix or in-flight adjustment if it's not quite right when out on an XC I will go to the field later and just test it out. I think I will do it in the order above. Thanks!
  3. After getting my new wing I haven't adjusted it yet for straight and level flight when cruising trimmed out on XCs. In my last XC if I trim out and cruise in level flight the motor turns to the right slightly. Even when compensating with weight shift, it doesn't correct it. If I use my TEA line to correct, it then turns to the left. I had to pull on the left tip steering toggle down to my ears for most of the flight, which got annoying. So I guess I have two options to fix this: 1) Adjust the TEA knot so that when it's engaged I will be flying straight when cruising 2) Try the u
  4. I have a 28m and I lost some weight recently so a 25.5 is probably more my size...
  5. I bought a UK topographical air chart but I don't know how to read it properly. Are there are any online resources that show this? My Google search didn't come up with much, but I did find this http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/aip/vfrcharts/downloads/QUARTER_LEGEND_A4.pdf I have SHEET 8 ENGLAND SOUTH Edition 24 (2020) 1:250,000 For example I can see a region that says this in purple with a dashed line around it: LUTON LTA D 4500'-5500' 129.550 (0013). Does this mean Class D airspace between 4500-5500 feet? Can I fly my paramotor under 4500'? What does 129.550 mean?
  6. This was my first fly-in and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great laid back atmosphere, everyone really friendly. Just great sitting by the fire pit in my moon chair chatting about paramotoring. Fireworks were spectacular! How do people without a facebook account access the photos? Would love to browse through.
  7. Day 11 19:00 - 21:30 3rd June 2018 Total training time: 9½ days Arrived at the field about 18:30 and started setting up with a few other guys. Weather was quite humid and warm around 22C, light wind dropping down to nil wind by 20:00. Plan was to ask Steve to talk me up over the radios and then he'd join me. We had problems with starting the bulldog up as it kept cutting out due to air in the fuel lines, once we had it running sweet, the throttle cable was sticking a little bit. On closer examination it was decided to err on the side of caution and get a new throttle cable and
  8. I've narrowed it down to either a tow bar shelf or a trailer now. I have a garage I can put the trailer in so it's not a big deal. I will be attaching it to a small car, Ford Fiesta which should be able to pull a paramotor on a box trailer just fine. Doesn't seem to be a huge market for box trailers in the UK that can it a paramotor snugly inside.
  9. Loving the quality videos, hope to fly with you soon!
  10. Just had my first flight and now need to decide on whether to buy a small van as a third vehicle or get a tow bar fitted to my VW Sharan and buy a small trailer. What do you guys use to get your motor and wing to the field? What are the pros and cons? I've also seen some people fit a shelf onto the tow bar and strap the motor to that, but I only think that's suitable for short distance driving, and dirt from roads would cover the engine.
  11. Amazing feeling isn't it? Looks like you got some decent altitude. Nice I had my first flight last week too - check it out in my blog. There's a video there of my first flight on the GoPro.
  12. Day 10 (6 in Spain). 07:00 - 09:00. 12 May 2018 Total training time: 9 days Writing this in Barcelona airport while waiting for my flight back. Arrived at the field to very gloomy overcast conditions with a light local wind from the mountains. Forecast for light drizzle from 11:00. Intention is to do one practise jump and then go up. I did the first practise jump perfectly, and felt ready to go! Launch for the first flight was also perfect with no issues at all. Got into the air really easily and was talked though on the headset by the instructor as to what to do. I di
  13. Day 9 (5 in Spain). 07:00 - 09:30. 11 May 2018 Total training time: 8 days Arrived at the field with the wind blowing the opposite direction. Nice clear day but with meterological wind, not local wind from the mountains. My instructor explained that perhaps the mountains had cloud cover overnight so the cold air did not flow from mountain to the beach, and also the higher altitude winds were stronger from the opposite direction. This meant we had limited time because as the sun warmed the mountainsides, more wind would be sucked inland and it was already coming from the beach. W
  14. Day 8 (4 in Spain). 07:00 - 12:00. 10 May 2018 Total training time: 7½ days Continuing on from yesterday with engine on back, but this time getting the throttle to full power and then cutting the engine just before take-off point. On this run I got maybe 2 seconds of air maybe 1 ft off the ground. It was a great feeling and much easier with the engine doing most of the work. Finally my days of running the entire length of the field with the wing are over! I did another run, but this time held full throttle for much longer. I started to get airborne and then stopped the
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