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  1. asquaddie

    Proud Sponsors of Paranoob.

    Even though I've been flying for over 10 years. I signed up to Paul's channel from the start. It was funny (in a good way) watching Nigel (hands posing guesture) teaching him from the start to what he is doing now. He does show the sport in a safe and doable manner.
  2. asquaddie

    Searon Digital Tachos

    Cheers David It looks the same size, but I think it is a different make. To be honest I enjoy designing it myself and printing it out. The above design looks a lot more basic than mine, but more workable! lol I still fine it hard to see, so planning to move it onto the harness. Should be interesting to see how you get on with it - when it's flyable.... Tony
  3. asquaddie

    Parajet Cruise Knob

    Great - many thanks Jock and hope to see you at the summer fly-in
  4. asquaddie

    Parajet Cruise Knob

    lol I'll run 5k with you 😓, but I'll rather buy you a pint on the summer flyin . 😁 Cheers Jock
  5. asquaddie

    Parajet Cruise Knob

    Cheers Jock PM sent
  6. asquaddie

    Searon Digital Tachos

    When I fit mine, I think I would use it mostly logging the engine hours for servicing etc. Also, I'm guessing when the engine doesn't sound right you have a look at the temp gauge, but I guess it is a bit tooooo late then Tony
  7. asquaddie

    Parajet Cruise Knob

    Hi Dave, Yep, say here. Right now the sun is shinning and snow on the ground so it would be lovely, only problem is the wind is blowing 16 - 20 mph and not getting better. Let's hope, next time we meet up when you're over. Tony
  8. asquaddie

    Parajet Cruise Knob

    Jock - Many thanks.
  9. asquaddie

    Parajet Cruise Knob

    Dave I am in the same boat seat as you. Never used the cruise befpre and never want to be honest. I might just find out what type of screw to use and locite it in. To be honest the tape is doing good - I've used it like that for over a year now. Good idea with the bolt indicator paint Tony
  10. Guys Has anybody got a spare cruise control setup they can send me. One morning I just noticed the decor was hanging off in my hand. When I looked the complete cruise control knob and screw was missing. Now I have a few turns of black electrial tape around it and seems to be OK Cheers Tony
  11. asquaddie

    Searon Digital Tachos

    Correct, that's why I've never attempted this before. The parajet throttle is big enough as it is. Andy - you have just remember me..... another post time. Thanks
  12. asquaddie

    Searon Digital Tachos

    That's good, I thought it was my large belly getting in the way. Might try it on the harness too Cheers
  13. asquaddie

    Searon Digital Tachos

    I've thought the same thing and made one on my 3D printer for my V3. The only problem I found is when I attached it to the sing arm it was too far back and unreadable. Maybe different on other machines or I've got a large belly....
  14. asquaddie

    Merry Christmas! & Bore chasers dates!! :-)

    Might have to change my booked holiday to New Zealand for the fly-in - maybe I won't Enjoy all and hope the weather and prop gods are kind to you. Tony
  15. asquaddie

    Photo out the blue....

    Make sure we are in first. We have a New Zealand trip planned in April and a few campervan trips to be organised.