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  1. Dave - travel to Cornwall - more than welcome at Davidstow
  2. Not a problem. If you like taking off on Concrete then Davidstow is the place to be
  3. Dave Enjoy the Oxford area - sorry no coastal paths to follow Tony
  4. Seems like it happens more frequently than we think! Maybe worth sticking a spare in the tool kit. Then it would be a simple landing (we hope), swap it over and off we go again - may even get a cup of tea and wee stop if you're lucky. Tony
  5. How strange! I had a Parajet one and needed to replace it. I was given a Polini one to try and buy if I liked it. Well, after 10 flights I purchased a second hand Parajet throttle again and love it. Just think it is sturdy and fits well in your hand. Cruise control does not get in the way and I have never used it to date. As Steve said - best to experiment different types.
  6. DavidstowFlyingClub.org If you need any other info - just ask Tony
  7. Or just get a Parajet V3 frame Solid and comes apart in only 4 clicks.
  8. Alan

    Sorry about the up-evil you had on Sunday.  We was told that the police saw 24 mobile homes over the wend. Normal number is 4-6.

    Hope you journey back was OK and you get it fixed ASP.

    I've been ill from Sunday with food poisoning and just really got up today so trying to catch up with things.

    I have not spoken to John yet, so not sure what is going on.  He knows someone with a field very close, so maybe that could be an option.  Just for some, it would be hard to get your motor back on the airfield.  Not all of us are posh and have the luxuries of the extra equipment.

    Is it OK to use you little right-up and put it as a Post on our website please?

    All the best and hope to see you all soon


    1. alan_k


      No problem Tony, there were valid points and sensible discussions on both sides. Hope you are OK now.

      I did wonder about the number 24 that Julie mentioned, I can't believe that all those were parked along the tree line. We went for a walk towards the reservoir on Saturday afternoon and saw loads of vans on the start to the moor so I can believe there were a lot about but not all within the airfield 'boundary'. Not surprising there were a lot last weekend as the weather was so good.

      Please go ahead and put the write-up on your website, we hope to be back soon. The motorhome is booked into the gearbox specialist on Monday 👍

    2. asquaddie



      Yes, I totally agree.  I see from 0 - 5 vehicles around the reservoir area normally - never in 6 year has there been more than a dozen.

      Only dog walkings normally park along the tree line, so they never stay overnight.

      I was not on the meeting, but I know Julie is responsible for more than the area of the airfield - so they might of meant that!.

      I know that Mark (the PC) done the counting, so you can't really call him a liar.

      Tim mentioned that Sunday evening (as he was packing up) a price car and fire engine was going round the airfield kicking off motorhomes again.  The fire brigade was staying that it was a fire risk, because of the peat!!!

      Thanks for saying yes for the website and still feeling weak and sh!ting like a good'n :-)

      Hope the damage on the van is not too much 


    3. asquaddie


      Forgot to mention that John has sourced a camp site only 3 miles from the airfield which we are looking into.

      I know it is not the same, but it can be doable.


  9. Alan and Geoff - Great to meet you all down our end of the country. Yes, weather was lovely most of the time, but was getting worse as the week went on. Poor Tim came down on Sunday - had one flight and now the weather has changed, most probably until Friday. Then it was plan B for them and they are now touring round the Cornwall seeing all the sites - so not that bad really. Awesome you both had a good few flights in, seeingn the North coast and the moors, but still plenty more to see. Sorry Geoff if you had a cold dinner. If anybody else is planning to come to Davidstow, pleas
  10. Good morning Tony's,will be down at Davidstow air field for about 10.45 today.  Many thanks geoff Walton. 

  11. I did find the small one - very slow in pouring. So I upscaled and got a big Mr Funnel now (Yellow one). Flows great, but does take a lot of room up really and I use the wire thingy with rubber around the outside - works a treat attaching it to the cage. Think I'll get a D - for description Tony
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