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  1. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    fed him with £25.
  2. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    A friend of a friend told me about a welder close by. The best in the South West..... He sounded very knowledgeable and welded the exhaust as below. All looks good, just wondering if there is a second skin and was it intact!!! Richard - Your first photo looks the same - I guess that was just tig welded too.
  3. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Not sure what I am saying to be honest. It just looks like two folded pieces on top, so I was guessing it must be a double layer!!! Thanks for that.
  4. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Richard Sorry to say, your motor looks really poorly. Thank you for the photos, now mine doesn't look so bad. The positive side for me is I've caught it early on, so hoping for a quick fix (motor and I) Tony
  5. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Lufthansi, Thanks for the video. Not sure how long I take to warm up the engine, to be honest, but I know that I do warm it up (maybe not for 3 mins on idle). Nice video to watch afterward's Tony
  6. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust

    Need another few opinions, please? Is this the start of the dreaded Moster 185+ cracking exhaust syndrome or just the outer shell (ha! ha!) What's the fix Tony
  7. asquaddie

    Moster 185 Exhaust bracket Failure

    Do you think the cause was over tightening of the nut?
  8. asquaddie

    Using reserve in non-emergency

    Anybody set off their airbags in their car - just to test them?
  9. asquaddie

    DT Propeller Moster185

    It will be good to see the difference between the two. Especially when the wooden one is only 95 euros!!
  10. asquaddie

    Weather Pro app update.

    XC Weather is my go2.
  11. asquaddie

    PMC Insurance

    Yes, just renewed mine a few weeks ago.
  12. asquaddie

    Training and BHPA

    Nice one. lol
  13. asquaddie

    Airband Radio in UK

    Cheers Alan, AGL is now 10 feet - still not an expert
  14. asquaddie

    Airband Radio in UK

    Sorry, Alan that went 100 ft straight over my head. Are 135.480 and 129.830 the same channels then? I think 129.825MHz changed to 129.830MHz in Jan 2019, because I was asked to update our website to reflect this.
  15. asquaddie

    Airband Radio in UK

    We have just changed to 129.830. Are there two different frequencies now, one Microlights and one for PPG? Just asking