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  1. I did find the small one - very slow in pouring. So I upscaled and got a big Mr Funnel now (Yellow one). Flows great, but does take a lot of room up really and I use the wire thingy with rubber around the outside - works a treat attaching it to the cage. Think I'll get a D - for description Tony
  2. Hi asquaddie all sorted I am now a full member of Davidstow flying club, and will see you down at the field next week, will give you time and date later this week,. Ps Alank is also going to join the club ,and will be coming down next week,thank you for all your help and will see you very soon. Geoffw.     Geoff Walton.

    1. asquaddie


      All good news then, see you when i see you :-)


  3. Hi asquaddie I love flying down in Cornwall,and would be to fly from Davidstow, how do I become a member, and can I stay there over night in my camper van looks an amazing place to fly .many thanks geoffw.

    1. asquaddie


      Hi Geoff

      You have two choices.  £5 Per day (flying only) or £40 to become a member, for this you can fly mostly 365 days a year and you can stay overnight (wild camping). Also being a member you get any fly-ins for free.

      Please note there is no water or electric, only a toilet in the club house.

      Email John at info@DavidstowFlyingClub.org, mention you have spoken to me.

      He will email some forms.  Read and sign, pay your £40 and you're a member.

      I should meet you the first time you arrive, after that, the place is yours.


      WIP Website:    DavidstowFlyingClub.org


    2. toploader


      Sounds good. 

    3. geoffw


      Many thanks will do .geoffw.

  4. Walt - PM sent. Most information about Davidstow is on our WIP website 'DavidstowFlyingClubClub.org'. We have now, a social club with 15 PPG members and more Microlight guys, (with a couple of motorised hang gliders). It is still growing, with flying-ins and social events hoping to go ahead this year still. Tony
  5. Never seen one, but are they really good? Would be good to do a honest review on one when you get it. I've tried to go from a Parajet pistol grip to a Polini one, after 8 flights I am going back to the Parajet throttle again. . . .
  6. You're still welcome down Davidstow anytime don't forget. Tony
  7. Yes, hopefully, but I don't think it would feel the same.
  8. Good on you , I know how bad it can be with my wife being in the same job. What would your team be like, if a guy came into A&E, with a back injury who had fallen from height, playing on his paramotor. He needs to take a bed up for a few weeks and looked after by a team of doctors and nurses? I know he would be looked after somewhat, but what would their feelings be towards him?
  9. I'm 61 and feel like a Old Codger. Maybe a good start.
  10. Welcome back Dan and well said. My wife's a nurse too, not front line, but still doing her bit. I think if I mention to her I was going flying - she would put sugar in my tank.
  11. Agree, but if they are!!! There are no complaints surfacing yet, you would think it would get into some local news.
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