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  1. Welcome back Dan and well said. My wife's a nurse too, not front line, but still doing her bit. I think if I mention to her I was going flying - she would put sugar in my tank.
  2. Agree, but if they are!!! There are no complaints surfacing yet, you would think it would get into some local news.
  3. Well - what is the truth!!!! Has anybody actually flown yet in the past few days????
  4. Again - kind offer. I had mine done by Oscar and the dirty water left behind was unbelievable really. Not had a chance to test it out yet, only on the ground and it sounds gggrrreeeat.
  5. I have just been up the airfield and it was bloody lovely. I was just walking the dog, but looking up and checking out the wind Back of my mind is staying - what is the different - walking the dog on the airfield, which I am aloud to do or flying 2000 feet in the air, which I am not aloud to do at a licensed airfield. I am not going to, because of accidents etc and the main reason, my wife being a nurse working all the hours of the day, with me sitting at home.
  6. Problem is it is not very well hard to hide - is it!!! If ALL aviation is banned - we have no choice. Is flying a Cessna classed as exercise or even a Peabee (sorry Giles )
  7. Must be a bit harder core in Cornwall. We have two teenagers constantly flying and on the other hand we have over sixties Also, late seventies / eighties flying microlights - scary
  8. It's OK, Simon has asked it to change for the Friday before. So, should be OK
  9. Same here. I was flying on my own at Davidstow for about 3 years - now we have 14 PPG members, only 5 - 6 regulars here, but still a big growth in the last 2-3 years.
  10. Matt 10 flights in a week is pretty dam good - well done. You should keep a record, good for motor maintenance (ha! ha!)
  11. Honest Cornish statement with no word of a pasty. Can't wait to meet you and take you further into your dreams. Tony
  12. Why don't you get some bifocal safety glasses. would help to keep the wind out your eyes and be able to read items on your flight desk. You can get them from Fleabay for a few quid. Old codgers like me need things like that. Tony
  13. Best option is to take a video of your wing flipping! Thousand words and all that
  14. Just pick a good day and come to Davidstow Airfield. Mostly laminate (depending on direction) winds and a bloody big flat airfield to land on. Once you've done a few on there you're be good to go
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