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  1. Do we bring over motors or boats this time!!!!
  2. I guess there was a reason - If you was down Cornwall you would need a rubber to steer the car. Good luck, hope you pass.
  3. 49 and just taking your test - where have you been man!!! O good luck too
  4. I lost one a few years back - if you have a spare one I would be grateful! Tony
  5. Alan - you doing fancy dress again for Christmas!!!!!!
  6. I like stating the obvious though:-) Bit shocked with France and Spain only having 1% !!
  7. Is Davidstow (near Camelford) too far for you??
  8. Don't forget you have Touristy South beaches Bodmin Moors which is dotted with old architectural North Coastal with the high rugged cliffs, smaller beaches
  9. Is there an easy way to tell when it expires?
  10. Sounds great. Hope the grass is cut this time.
  11. That's a good spot. How old is your machine?
  12. and mine is not Some days I just don't do it because of my back. After two or three days of continuous flying - I need a break. Most days I just have 5-6 Litres in the tank - keeps the wait down a bit. Maybe I need a Nitro too ... I think I am just waiting until my back (or knees) finally give up and I'll move onto a Peabee (if funds are available that is) Andy - Doesn't matter what we fly - at least we are still flying
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