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  1. asquaddie

    Few Days in Cornwall

    Yer - so many people
  2. I don’t normally post about me flying, but what a lovely few days. Friday evening, watching the sun setting just hovering around 4000 feet. Saturday morning meeting Neil and his wife, just before a morning flight whispering about the coastal clouds. Saturday evening two PPG’ers, father and son. Just dropped in to say hi. The son, being old enough to be my grandson. Then watching the new club's Thruster (spit) landing after a 7 hrs flight from up north with a few club members present. This was just before a flight watching the sun setting just off the North Cornwall Coast. What a few days of sun can bring to life to the great north coast of Cornwall.
  3. asquaddie

    Cold weather flying

    Not much fun until after 1730 ish tonight. 100% dark clouds. TO in complete nil wind and cam back in 8 mph bumpy air - very weird for Davidstow, and the wind was coming from the coast!! Better tomorrow we hope
  4. asquaddie

    Away for the Winter

    Due to past events, I'll left my machine a few times for 6 - 12 months unused. All I did was empty the fuel tank, take out the spark plug and put a few drops of oil in the hole. Then plug with some rag. Then you have plenty of fuel for the lawn mower etc Afterwards, fresh fuel and maybe new spark plug - starts like the lawn mower
  5. asquaddie

    What would you do .....

    Andy That's another twist to the prop Need to think about that one!!!
  6. asquaddie

    What would you do .....

    Cheers Steve. Checked my epoxy and it looks very old. So to be safe I've just ordered some 'Instant' type. Should be here by Wednesday and then I'll have a play I think it happen when I took my motor out the van, but I might be wrong and it happen over the weekend. I polished the prop before I went and never noticed then.
  7. asquaddie

    What would you do .....

    I have some old stuff in my tool box - not sure what type it is. I'll have a play tomorrow. Cheers
  8. asquaddie

    What would you do .....

    Alan I presume you use the normal 'Araldite' type epoxy? The one you mix the two together? Feel a right newbie here, but I guess it is a thing guys do not want to do a lot
  9. asquaddie

    What would you do .....

    OK cheers Never repaired one before. I'm guessing this will be a good, easy one to test my skills on WILL IT ?? Just not sure how to keep a good curve on the edge still !!! Knowing my luck I'll put so much epoxy on I'll need to put a lead weight on the other side to balance it ......
  10. What would you do...... After a shed load of hours on this prop I was taking it out of the van after the Flyin and it caught on the top of the van. I did give it a yank so guess lucky not to snap !! Leave it alone - will it vibrate? Would it be out of balance now Fill in with? Dent the after side?
  11. asquaddie


    I've been looking at a sub 70kg for the past year - just waiting for my back to finally give in When the time comes I'll look at them both and twith the past history too. To be honest I would like to just keep on PPG'ing soooo much better
  12. asquaddie


    Sorry, yes I remember now. It was at the last PMC Fly-In Nice guy and lovely machine...
  13. asquaddie


    I thought you get 6 hours free training when you buy one?
  14. asquaddie

    Hello everyone, new here

    Why don't you start 'unboxing' and 'training' videos? Would be great to see how you get on.
  15. asquaddie

    Hello everyone, new here

    Awesome choice.