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  1. Isn't there a discount for PMC's full members, Simon?
  2. Hi Simon! I am in favour of them as I cannot see a negative side to it. Why don't you do it as well and bring the stuff you sell on your shop? When one side has something for sale and another is interested in buying it, that is called business transaction. It's good for both sides. Just my opinion anyway. See you there!
  3. If confirmed, we will be there, Simon. Thanks!
  4. I was there and enjoyed it all immensely. It was my first time there. The place is beautiful and the atmosphere FUNtastic. Well done to everyone involved in the organisation of the event. You have my admiration. Thank you!
  5. I keep asking myself, why most of the well known wing manufacturers (Dudek, Ozone, Paramania, to name a few), do not make wings with colours at the bottom of the wing, like ITV, Adventure, MACPARA, Niviuk and a few other companies do. As we see the sky from the ground (blue on a nice day or white/grey on a cloudy/dull day), seeing a wing, becomes a difficult task. With it, safety, considering that other crafts are also sharing the same vast space we use, I personally, would feel a lot more comfortable to be flying a craft that is bright in colours and vivid enough so that pilots of much faster machines (like planes, microlights, helicopters or even ......................UFOs), could see us from a safer distance, as well as giving the chances for us to recognize our friends, from a distance, when there are a good number of wings in the air. I am sure, people on the ground (fliers or not), would have an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful graphic designs of our beloved crafts too. If anyone here (mainly dealers), can put that question to the manufacturers that produce wings with a white bottom, I would appreciate. Ideally, I would like to have a wing which at the top, contrasts very well with the ground (green fields mostly) and at the bottom contrasting with the sky above us. As for the wing manufacturers, they would get more exposure to their products and their brand, making it more attractive to their customers eyes. Thanks. Cesar
  6. cesarm

    Black hawk

    Hi mate! I have got a Blackhawk MZ100 and as far as I know, the chassis and frame are identical the Black Devil 172. It is quite easy to do any repair and make the parts you may need in case of damage. Netting is very easy to fit. Chassis made of mild steel tube so easy and simple to get it repaired too. If the engine on the 172 is offset in hight like mine, makes it very forgiven on bad landings (skidding). If you are experienced, that is not a great advantage but if you are starting, it definitely is. The Black devil 172 is not a current design of engine but sold so many that you should not have problems buying spares or props for it. Parajets own engines are partially based on that engine, as far as I know so it cannot be that bad. Its powerful enough for any pilots weight. (if it is good for the americans, you probably can do tandem with it easily). If you decide to buy it and need any help at all, with frame and chassis parts or repair, feel free to get in touch. I hope this helps. Take care and fly safe!!! Cesar.
  7. Hi Tim! I am part of a group of pilots that fly from Ditchford (Nene Valley Water ski place) under a mile from where you live. I flew past Irchester last week and do so all the time. You are more than welcome to come over and chat to the guys and get some different opinions, to help making a decision on what is the answer for you to get into this incredible sport/hobby. By the way, I am not offering training or selling equipment (occasionally someone there, is upgrading and as a consequence, selling his/her old gear as per normal). We are all beginners as far as I am concerned. Some with just over 20 flights, others with more than 150 and some somewhere in between. My opinion? Get as much information as possible and make your own conclusions. There are plenty of helpful people out there. Welcome to paramotoring!!! Take care. Cesar.
  8. Hi Simon! This is Cesar (Edson's brother). I may have the right person for the job. I just don't know if he is going to be available. I just sent him a text message to get in touch with me urgently so I can explain what it is. In case he is interested, I will put him in contact with you. Take care!
  9. Hi again Nigel! I will let you know when he's gone. Lol. The problem is that he had some problems before so he is a bit strange. Anyway! Hope to see you sometime soon. Take care! Cesar.
  10. Hi Nigel! It was quite nice to have had you visit to Ditchford, last Monday. I am sorry we didn't have a lot of time to give you there as we were almost ready to take off. We went to Grafham Waters, in the little village of Perry. What a great flight it was. Hope to meet you two again. Take care! Cesar.
  11. Hi Stu! I come from the karting world and as a kart mechanic, I do recommend you to use the very best oil (as well as petrol. I only buy super unleaded) you can afford. I use only Putoline RS 959. It is expensive at £19.95 for one litre but in the end, you get what you pay for. It is designed for GP bikes, which rev like hell. This particular oil also has additives in its formulation. Putoline has an extensive range of 2T oil. No doubt that Castrol is also very good (I would go for fully synthetic but it wouldn't harm to contact the manufacturer of your engine and listen to what they recommend as the best option. Very near you, there is the Tilbury Kart Track and if they are still operating, they should have a few different makes of good oil for sale there. Whatever you decide, I wish you good luck and lots of flights. Take care! Cesar.
  12. Hi WZH! I have a Sting 140 and I am just under 90Kg. My take off weight is about 128Kg. I even thought to try the Sting 120 but now I am after a reflex wing. I personally, think you will be too light under the 140. I love flying it in light wind conditions but I get thrown around a lot in strong winds. Also, the Sting 140, is quite a slow if compared with the reflexes or high performance models. Even after I get a reflex one, I am not planning to get rid of my Sting 140 (mine comes with the name "PAP Motion"). Why don't you get in touch with Powerplay themselves and ask what they would recommend you to do regarding size, in relation to what you intend to use it for? I am sure they will be pleased to advise you on that. They must have tested those wings so much so they will have every answer you can wish for. Anyway! Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a lot of fun flying. Take care! Cesar
  13. Hi mate! These are some of them but there are loads of options. If you can tell me what part of Brazil you want, I may be able to help you further. By the way, I was born in Sao Paulo. Any questions about that country, feel free to ask. I will do my best. Ohh! Some key words for you: Wind = vento Weather = tempo Weather forecast = previsao do tempo Temperature = temperatura (easy one) Flying = voar Take off = levantar voo or decolar Landing = aterrissar http://www.tempoagora.com.br/previsaodotempo.../brasi.. jornaldotempo.uol.com.br/ http://www.climatempo.com.br/brasil.php br.weather.com/ I hope it helps. Take care! Cesar Meneghetti.
  14. Hi everyone! I listen to Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, U2, Loreena McKennitt, ELP, Vangelis, Dave Gilmour and more. On my setup, the radio (airband), overrides the iPod. The engine, is always heard in the background, no matter what. It works well for me. Whatever your choice, enjoy your flying and try your very best, to stay safe.
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