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  1. until

    First PMC FlyIn in 7 years that I can't make. Have fun! GaryH
  2. Yum - Beer and pasties!!! Can't wait. GaryH
  3. Si, I don't drink so I don't want to bring alcohol! (BTW already at Membury so it'll not be long). GaryH
  4. Hi, I've just found that one of the captive/sewn in plastic buckles on my harness has broken off and is missing. My V3 Parajet harness is 5 years old and has a few of these. The missing buckle is for the leg board adjustment. I've managed to botch a non adjustable repair. Any ideas on a replacement as I don't like the idea of having to undo and resew the harness loop? GaryH
  5. There I was in my 3M lakeside mansion with my 20 yr old wife as we were about to get "busy" when there was an almighty sound from the air above! Again and again it came round. So close I could see a small face on the pilots glove.
  6. until

    Already 120 going and limit reached in 2 days! Guess I'm not going then.
  7. Got my trike in the air on Friday. After a couple of failed launches, I shortened my a-assists by putting 4 knots in them, but I never rechecked the length. Only 4 small knots eh! Nil wind take-off with no drama until about 50 feet off the deck. Realised I was having difficulty getting altitude. A-assists really tight and I could not get them off. About 200 feet tried two more times to release them. With difficulty gained a bit more height and tried turning, but wing not reacting until I put big brake in and even then it was a struggle. All the time I was rolling side to side as the wing was
  8. Do you find it "self steers" enough that you don't need the foot steering and only use the wing brakes?
  9. As Steve says any forecast is just a guide. I generally use www.windy.com (looks cool and does wind estimation at heights) and WeatherPro app. If they both "line up" more or less then I get a good idea, but always check on site.
  10. until

    Would have loved to sledge down that banking!
  11. Got mine last year. Before purchase repeated emails to PJ asking about length, width (with and without rear wheels), height and weight. Only reply I eventually got was that it was around 30kg. When I weighed it it was 40kg!
  12. If its got the electric start option cover the air intake with your hand while starting.
  13. Neilzy, Me up to?? Nothing... Wasn't me. I wasn't even there!! It was some other big kid that did it and ran away.
  14. Cheers guys. I'll have a re-think. My master plan was as below.
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