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  1. CMParamotors

    Bore Chasers Apr 2019 - Tandems

    Hi there my phone number is 07729783989 feel free to give me call for your tandem :-) clive
  2. Hello All Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us this coming weekend ... Ive had a few booking for ther trial lesson/tandem flight already , if you would like a taster do please let me know asap ... Also available is a second qualified Tandem pilot for those looking for a chance to fly along side a Friend# or a parnter.. .. My moblie 07729783989 more info on cmparamotors.com Many Thanks clive@cmparamotors.com Clive #teamorca4
  3. CMParamotors

    Bore Chasers 2018 Paramotor Club Fly-in


    Fantastic weekend with like minded people looking forward to it
  4. Thank you 07729 783989
  5. Hi All I got 5 packs of 10 smokes that I’m bringing to the flyin .... If anyone wants any pls contact me as I will need to order more .. 07729783989 packs of 10 are i£30 with stock I have.. new stock will be £35
  6. CMParamotors

    Total Newbie

    Thank you
  7. CMParamotors

    Total Newbie (Northants)

  8. CMParamotors

    Total Newbie (Northants)

    Very much look forward to seeing you CLIVE
  9. Hi there.

    I am 42 and live in Kettering looking for training and maybe a taster flight or day. Can you help?

    Look forward to hearing from you :)



    1. CMParamotors


      Hi Daz 

      I have sent you a email :-)  we can help no problem 


    2. Darren Christian Hibbert

      Darren Christian Hibbert

      Don't seem to have received it.

      My email is computermechanic@virginmedia.com 


      Thanks :)

  10. CMParamotors

    Bailey V3 180 prop wanted.

    Hi Scot we can supply all props 07729783989 Thank you Clive
  11. Here is Marcus fliyinh
  12. Fantastic read ... Thanks steve
  13. CMParamotors

    Photos from bore

    Ty dude
  14. CMParamotors

    Photos from bore

    Just a few photos of a good weekend Clive