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  1. Hi there my phone number is 07729783989 feel free to give me call for your tandem :-) clive
  2. Hello All Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us this coming weekend ... Ive had a few booking for ther trial lesson/tandem flight already , if you would like a taster do please let me know asap ... Also available is a second qualified Tandem pilot for those looking for a chance to fly along side a Friend# or a parnter.. .. My moblie 07729783989 more info on cmparamotors.com Many Thanks clive@cmparamotors.com Clive #teamorca4
  3. until

    Fantastic weekend with like minded people looking forward to it
  4. Hi All I got 5 packs of 10 smokes that I’m bringing to the flyin .... If anyone wants any pls contact me as I will need to order more .. 07729783989 packs of 10 are i£30 with stock I have.. new stock will be £35
  5. Hi there.

    I am 42 and live in Kettering looking for training and maybe a taster flight or day. Can you help?

    Look forward to hearing from you :)



    1. CMParamotors


      Hi Daz 

      I have sent you a email :-)  we can help no problem 


    2. Darren Christian Hibbert

      Darren Christian Hibbert

      Don't seem to have received it.

      My email is computermechanic@virginmedia.com 


      Thanks :)

  6. Hi Scot we can supply all props 07729783989 Thank you Clive
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