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  1. I've gone from an Ozone Roadster 2 28m to a Nucleon XX 24 and am 85kg and right on 130kg all up, so top end for the Nucleon 24. The nucleon xx does need more A's to launch than the Ozone and I had to concentrate on forward launches a bit more at first than I did with the Ozone but it doesnt bother me at all now (cira 40 hours on the Nuc). Reverse launches are easy on both but extra 2d lines on brakes add some clutter when on the ground but its worth it in flight. The agility of the Nucleon in flight is on another planet compared to the Roadster. Nucleon has less/no oscillation compared to the Roadster. Landings are a lot faster on the Nuc but once you get used to the ground rush and swoop in and bleed the speed off its great fun and no issue. I havent tried dropping in to a landing slowly on the brakes (like a free flight paraglider) as I dont want to find out I've run out of flare authority! Fast landings give you so much more safety margin with all the flare authority should you need it anyway. These are my GPS recorded speeds (averaged over several runs in opposite directions) for both wings. Nucleon XX 24 (130kgAUW)(mph)trim in=26, trim out=32, trim+full bar=40.5 Roadster 2 28 (130kgAUW) (mph) trim in=23.5, out=27.2,trim+fullbar=33.7 Flying with others I am almost always in front with complaints they cant keep up so Id say your wing loading makes the biggest difference. The speed increase may not seem much on paper but now I can make good progress into 15-20mph headwinds aloft whereas before i felt like I was almost parked. From your weight the 22 looks like a better match according to the Dudek weight charts. I am really happy with my choice to change and think it was a good good progression for me. It does need more slightly more care/(skills?) when launching and landing but I love learning and improving my skills!
  2. Oh yeah, forgot its the F1 GP this weekend. Cant tell if these are all the Red Arrows or other display events but looking at that notam info map there are at least 10 Notams for air displays over next weekend all within 30miles of Cheltenham. 2 of them are directly north of Cheltenham on the Saturday and 1 near Severn Bridge South of us. Stay alert and keep your eyes on swivels people! Not sure what you could do if you saw a fast jet formation heading at you anyway!! I hope if they know of our presence they will give us some space. Don't know how realistic this is? Air display will take place FLYPAST WI 2NM RADIUS 515927N 0015448W (STANWAY, TODDINGTON, GLOUCESTERSHIRE). 2019-07-0202/AS1 LOWER: Surface, UPPER: 2,500 Feet AMSL FROM: 13 Jul 2019 14:00 GMT (15:00 BST) TO: 13 Jul 2019 15:00 GMT (16:00 BST) Air display will take place FLYPAST WI 2NM RADIUS 520331N 0014415W (EBRINGTON, GLOUCESTERSHIRE). 2019-07-0189/AS1 LOWER: Surface, UPPER: 2,600 Feet AMSL FROM: 13 Jul 2019 13:55 GMT (14:55 BST) TO: 13 Jul 2019 14:55 GMT (15:55 BST) Air display will take place FLYPAST WI 2NM RADIUS 512416N 0024909W (YATTON, N SOMERSET). 2019-07-0196/AS1 LOWER: Surface, UPPER: 2,100 Feet AMSL FROM: 13 Jul 2019 14:05 GMT (15:05 BST) TO: 14 Jul 2019 12:30 GMT (13:30 BST) SCHEDULE: 13 1405-1510, 14 1130-1230
  3. Enjoying some great flying conditions at the moment but keeping a close eye on the NOTAM's and seeing a lot of Air Display traffic around the country most weekends. Maybe its just not showing up yet, but are we registering a NOTAM for the PMC summer fly-in next weekend in Cheltenham? https://notaminfo.com/ukmap The Red Arrows are great, but I wouldn't want to see them too close up!
  4. Can't wait for Bore Chasers in just over 2 weeks and firmly got my fingers crossed for weather as good as we had last autumn! I am bringing a non-pilot with me who is very keen to experience PPG and I noticed a lot of tandem activity going on last time. Do tandem flights need to be booked/requested in advance or can you just rock up and put a name down? Any idea on rough cost also? Thanks Paul
  5. Looking for around £2300 ono. lll be at Bore Chasers if anyone is interested.
  6. Ozone Roadster 2. 28m. Purchased new July 2018 so only 8 months old. 28 flying hours all documented. No ground handling or hard use and always packed away dry so almost new condition.Superb easy launching wing that's very stable and confidence inspiring but with a decent turn of speed on trim and bar. I've loved and looked after this wing, always keeping it in Ozone saucisse bag (included) but Ive lost a lot of weight so now have changed to a smaller one. Comes with all booklets, stickers and doc as new.Any inspection welcome (Cardiff).
  7. not Yeah I've read similar advice from manufactures that it shouldn't be required and I'm not advocating anyone copies me (although it did solve an issue for me where i was getting some slip at peak revs even when correctly tensioned with the manufactures tool). I'm just offering the OP a possible explanation as to how a belt makes the sound he questioned.
  8. Mine sounds exactly like that when I put a bit of "belt dressing" spray on it. It remains slightly tacky and stops belt slip at lower tensions. The factory may well have used some.
  9. Id be really interested to hear what you think once you've flown it. especially your all up weight and motor, efficiency, speed range of wing slow/trims/bar etc and how it launches and lands.
  10. You'll know when the main spring breaks because there is no resistance at all and the engine does not turn over when you pull the starter. I think the description of it as a "flash" starter which somehow stores up energy then releases it at the end is misleading. There is no way the design of mine could ever do that. Its just really a shock absorber or springy cushion that smooths out the pull and stops any kickback snapping your fingers! Depending on its hours, you may want to check your decompression holes are clear in the barrel through to the exhaust port are clear as that could change the way is pulls over if they get blocked. (Assuming its the same as my Polini 190)
  11. Not quite Swindon, but forecasts not great here in South Wales either. I still managed 3 flights in great conditions sometimes early morning or late evening. I could have been more if the clutch hadn't failed on Polini 190 and I had to order parts.
  12. Did you get any of my DM and WhatsApp replies and photos?
  13. Hi Geoff, I have one you can have for £100 if you pay postage. Its V old (early 90's) but I think it may have never been used before I got it earlier this year so its still very crispy and almost new condition. I found it invaluable in getting my ground handling skills up to scratch and saved a load of time in training. I also have a ground handling harness (modified safety harness) and carabiners you can have for £20 if you want to to complete the package. Ill get you some pictures tonight if you are interested, Cheers Paul
  14. Hi Saiwha, I am currently training with Steve at Axis and he is indeed a good guy. You only need to do the EP portion of the BHPA Paragliding certification which covers all the basics including ground handling and your first free flights (hops) which takes a few days and cant be much different than what you would have to do anywhere. My original intention was to do the EP and then get straight onto Paramotors, but I really enjoyed the free flight so am now doing both CP (Free flight) and PPG. It turns out we are blessed with loads of great paragliding sites locally (I'm in Cardiff) and it seems a waste not to be able to take advantage of them as well as having the option to explore with a motor. I've got a paramotor day booked in with Steve tomorrow so hope to be flying solo in the near future. Give me a shout when you get in the air and we could hook up as I havent seen any PMC clubs on the map in our area. Cheers Paul
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