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  1. Hi , There are a few pilots there ,you're welcome to join us we done beautiful long distance XC , I was flying from that farm in Braintree with Alex , having a airfield near your house is better, see you soon Stef
  2. Hi Rus , were in Essex are you , go with Alex Anderson for training .
  3. Hi Simon, is very good what you want to do I'm interested if it can be scheduled in sept at flyin meeting Cheers.
  4. Hi Liam, which are of Kent you looking for?
  5. Hi Patrick, yes the air field is waiting for you ? do your training and you are welcome . see you soon Stef
  6. New flying site at the border with london city airport.
  7. Hi Neilzy, Thanks for your fast response, did you know other flying site around Pitsea -Thurrock , I would like to fly from different sites ,every time when I have the chance. Thank you
  8. Hi guys , I'am looking for a flying site around Hertford -Potters, Bar-Welham Green , and I would like some information about Botany bay -paramotoring site near M25. I found the location on Notam map ,I try to contact them but with no result . Thank you
  9. Nadyel Dan

    Nadyel Dan

  10. Hi Robert, I live in Harlow and I try to find a place near to me . Thanks Stef
  11. Hi Simon, I hope i will meet you in the future ,till then fly high. Thank you Stef
  12. Hi , I'm interested to meet pilots around Harlow and surrounding area, I will like to find a land for flying around my are.thanks Stef
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