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  1. Hello. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on learning all about paramotoring? I live in Milton Keynes and was informed that you were fairly local?
    Kind regards


  2. Well indeed mate. Always been interested but only now really have the time and money to pursue it properly. It's either Paramotoring or Pilot's licence that I'm going to go for! Would rather do the paramotoring though, keep seeing people fly by and am filled with envy! Has anyone on here tried those courses in Spain? FlySpain or whatever they're called?
  3. Hi All. Just wondering, is there anywhere near Milton Keynes I could learn?
  4. Hi All. Always been interested in Paramotoring, have never managed to get round to doing it. Can someone advise me on getting trained etc and perhaps give me a few general tips please? Thanks in advance. Andy.
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