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  1. thanks everyone for your kind words and not being judgmental. I am still embarrassed that I did it. I am usually pretty safety conscious. I don't think people will stop starting their motors on the deck as it is easier. but my message might just make them think. (check your throttle) if it saves someone from hurting themselves. then I don't mind being embarrassed.
  2. thanks for your reply. I did have the throttle in my hand and I did have my finger near the stop button but it happened so quick that my reactions wasn't fast enough to stop the damage.
  3. I would like to tell you about an avoidable accident that I had at the bore chasers flyin. I had previously checked my paramotor and it was fine. As I hadn’t flown this paramotor before, I had run it on my back and walked around the field to get an idea of the power and stuff. Everything was fine. After laying my wing out and getting prepared for my flight I started the motor on the floor to warm it up again. Big mistake. It immediately went into full throttle. It slammed into me as I tried to duck behind the seat. My right shoulder jammed against the cage. The propeller shredded the netting and sliced through the support spars. Then slammed into my arm. The propeller shattered and flew off. This happened in just a few seconds. I managed to turn the machine off and stood up not knowing what to expect. My arm was completely numb. I was very very very lucky. Apart from a very bruised arm and some cuts I got away with it. I was amazed. I could have so easily lost fingers, even my arm. I had many small nicks to my face and neck where small bits had hit me. If they were any bigger I could have lost my life. I am not telling you this to stop anyone starting their paramotor on the floor as I don’t think it will make any difference. All I ask is please please bear this in mind when you start your motor and be careful. I was at the flyin. I had expert help within less than a minute due to the brilliant organisation from Simon Westmore. A first aider treated me straight away and patched up my cuts. I was then taken to hospital who eventualy told me I hadn’t broken anything. When I got back, my kit had been brought back and stashed in my tent. Thanks Cas. We inspected the throttle later and found it sticking. It had been fine before, so check your throttles before starting every time. Just think. If I was on my own or just with one other person. Things would have been much worse.
  4. As a novice I am still going through the many options out there. As the titanium frames are said to be 50% lighter than stainless steel. Is the material very thin? If an impact like a bad landing does it bend so it could be straightened like stainless or does it buckle or fracture. I did read somewhere that if you have a titanium frame you will possibly have to know someone that can weld it.
  5. Thanks for the info. Weight is a big issue for me. I was looking at the titanium 19kg jobs but have been put off with talk that the cage is not strong enough and can get prop strike on powered forward launch.
  6. Hi. I've been looking at the British made tag paramotor with the Minard 180. Does anyone own one and what are they like with thrust. Weight. Fuel. Spares e.t.c.
  7. I'm not sure if I have this logic right. If there is a lot of infringements to the controled air space as it is. Then increasing the area of controled airspace should in itself increase the possibility of infringements. ?????
  8. I agree HANN it's worryin. But hopefully either they won't expand the airspace or they will put it at a decent height so we won't be put out too much.
  9. Thanks simon. As there is so many numpties out there infringing controlled air space I suppose its inevitable.
  10. in the Southampton area they have introduced a class U airspace. it says its "Solent Collaborative Airspace Trial sq 0011 listen to 120.225". I cant find any reference to this airspace. does anyone know what it means ?
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