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  1. View Advert Wanted Simonini mini2 flywheel. Looking for Simonini mini2 flywheel, new or used. Advertiser sabusabu Date 16/02/20 Price £123.00 Category Other  
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    Looking for Simonini mini2 flywheel, new or used.


    Norwich - GB

  3. Please come to Mundesely, Vale road, when the wind is NE 10-to 15mh, you can meet Paraglider /paramotor pilots there.Or more details Message me any time.
  4. I've used ali frame, MS frame ,SS frame , titanium frame. Titanium frame is very easy to repair, just need little bit heating to shape it and find some one who weld it. There are many tig welders weld titanium now a days. When I crashed my titanium frame ,I just need two phone calls to find a titanium welder. So my 1st preference is titanium now.
  5. I use revolution 1 , I like it.
  6. Idle speed varies prop size, but normally 1800 is fine. Over 2000 is too much. If you lean the fuel speed increases. I've changed the pull cord position to over shoulder in one of my old machine .Yes it is better than the normal low position and I could start it in the air once!I've used 5 or 6 different solo210 motors ,still got one. If you don't have electric start,then start the engine ,warm up switch it off, lay the wing properly,connect the wing (or connect it after getting up) ,start the engine sit on the harness attach it get up(attach the wing if you have not done it ).This is the way I always use if I'm alone.
  7. I bought it for solo,now I know it's for Hirth F33.So anyone looking for hirth piston please mail me. Piston with rings for sale,Hirth F33 .sabusabu1@yahoo.co.uk
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