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  1. View Advert Flymecc Carbon GTS paramotor with SkyEngines 1.1s engine Flymecc Carbon GTS paramotor with SkyEngines 1.1s engine in showroom condition. Comes with two propellors (2-blade and 3-blade), Dudek Powerseat Comfort harness, display smoke machine, prop covers for 2-blade prop, radiator cover, and bag for hoop and spurs. Water-cooled 1.1s (110cc) engine from SkyEngines for smooth, reliable power. Side reserve pocket (reserve parachute not included) and side zipped pocket. Reserve can be mounted for left or right-hand deployment. Frame: Flymecc Carbon GTS Engine: Sky 110s Cooling: Water-cooled Max Power: 28HP Range: 4/6 hrs Max Pilot Weight: 130 Propeller diameter: 125cm Thrust: 65-72kgs (depending on propellor used) Drive: 1:4 Clutch: Yes Start: Pull Fuel Tank: 12 litres Colour: Carbon fibre and red Low fuel warning: Built-in to throttle handle Propellor: 2-blade fibreglass and 3-blade carbonfibre Harness: Upgraded to Dudek Powerseat Comfort (with Parajet branding) Harness size: M Display smoke machine: Smoke button on throttle handle Approx engine flight time: 50hrs Advertiser andre_74 Date 03/03/19 Price £4,000.00 Category Paramotors  
  2. Don't worry about the Bore @admin (Simon W)... We all go for the flying and the social anyway, so just change it to 'Boreless Chasers' for the spring and we'll all be there! ??
  3. Exactly. Better for it to over-rev without a prop on or whilst it’s on your back.
  4. andre_74


    Fuel left in a plastic container breaks down the plastic which, not only turns your tank yellow, but it degrades the fuel. You can read lots about this online. Buy a metal jerry can and a syphon (you can get a good/cheap one from Screwfix). Syphon your leftover fuel from your paramotor into the metal jerry can when packing your gear up. It takes about 2 minutes. Fuel lasts longer in a metal can because it does not get plastic contaminants over time. https://www.screwfix.com/p/laser-fuel-transfer-tool-8mm/
  5. @cas_whitmore some stats from RunwayHD...
  6. andre_74

    Greenham Common

    XC flight to Greenham Common. 55km round trip - 1hr35min and 5L fuel.
  7. We both used about 5L of fuel. Cruising with about half speed bar for me (Steve said he had nearly full speed bar on intermittently) and a slight cross-wind. It took about 30 mins to get there and about 25 to get back. Cruised around the Common for about 15-20 mins (and not in a gay way!! ?)
  8. Cheers @cas_whitmore ?? Yeah - pretty much from Steve’s place. Taking off in nil wind with 11L of fuel was pretty tough though! ?
  9. Did a nice 55km XC flight with @steve342 today to Greenham Common. A bit cold, but super smooth. ?
  10. andre_74

    Greenham Common

    XC flight with @steve342 1hr35 min, 55km, 5L fuel.
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